Looking at our new Nerf guns – Review

Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven’t been around for a while… Life seems to have got on top of me recently but I’m committed to getting back on track now.

What better place to start than one of our favourite things here on Toybuzz – Nerf Guns!

With December birthday, Christmas, New year and Easter we’ve added quite a few to our collection so what better time to take a look at our new additions…

First off we have the Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader

This one was an impulse purchase for his birthday by me, Not one he’d asked for. I just knew as soon as I saw it he’d love it. He really loves the Nerf guns with something unique about them, and also has a keen engineering eye. So this was a great fit for him as he loves seeing it light up, and the see through casing means you get to see all the circuitry underneath. A great gun with something different about it.

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Just got this amazingly cool new LED #Nerf gun for my youngest’s birthday. #NerfGhostOps

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IMG_0449Next for Christmas he’d asked for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Roughtcut He’d been over a friends house and played with this one in Nerf Wars and said it was so overpowered he had to have one. Overpowered as it shoots two Nerf  Darts at a time, plus you can shoot 8 Darts in a row without reloading. This gun comes out when he needs to do some serious fast shooting.


IMG_0451Our next purchase was an older gun, which we ended up getting second hand gun from Ebay. He’d had his eye on it for a while but unfortunately we couldn’t get hold of it anywhere else. It’s the Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break Blaster

Luckily it came and worked perfectly, and is another quite unique blaster. It works like a shot gun, and you pull the barrel down and load the Darts inside then click it back into place. It’s already on of his favourite guns.


IMG_0450 You might think that’s the end but no he’s to Nerf obsessed to end there. We were lucky enough to be sent the new Nerf N-Strike Elite Rukkus ics-8 By Hasbro. This one is another unique gun, as it has a pretty cool loading feature. The Clip starts at the top of the blaster, and works its way through the gun top to bottom. You don’t even need to take the clip out to reload, you just load the darts straight in. This is the gun for a fast and furious Nerf battle. Easy and quick to reload so the fun doesn’t have to stop.

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Two new Nerf purchases, the Fortnite blasters

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Last but not least him and his brother pooled together their money to purchase the two new Fortnite Nerf guns, the Fortnite SP-L Nerf Elite Blaster and the Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Motorized Blaster

So out of the two Jacob prefers the SP-L, He says its a great blaster. Really accurate shooting and a fun design.That’s not to say that the AR-L isn’t a great blaster, it’s just Thomas always gravitates to the bigger gun, as bigger must always be better to him. However Jacob can appreciate the greater accuracy of a smaller shooter.

Both are great additions to any Nerf collection, especially for Fortnite fans obviously.

And that’s the end of the roundup, I think you’ll agree we’ve had quite an impressive haul of Nerf recently. I don’t think we’re going to stop anytime soon though, as Nerf keeps innovating and making their blasters even better.


Crayola Scoot – Nintendo Switch Review

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 09.36.39Crayola Scoot is a really fun game we’ve been playing on the Nintendo Switch. It’s also available on PC, X Box one and PS4 so everyone can enjoy the colourful scooting fun.

The game is a simple concept, use your scooter to perform tricks around the skate park and colour the scenery as you go.

There are 4 different game modes to play. We have mostly be playing Color Frenzy. As you scoot around a trail of paint follows, and the bigger and better tricks you perform more paint is distributed. Each player has a different paint colour and the winner is the player with the most surface area covered in their colour a la Splatoon.

When you ride over your paint colour you get a boost of speed, enabling you to pull off trickier moves. There are also buttons you can activate by performing tricks over them which give you a fountain gush of your paint to cover more surface area.

Theres also Crazy Crayons which is like a capture the flag mode, except with crayons. Trick Run and Splat Tag.

The more points you score and matches you win, the quicker you level up. Once levelled up to the next milestone you get a boss battle, which is an invite from the next player above you in the leaderboard of the Colour Cup to a one on one Scoot battle. Win and you go onto the next stage and overtake the boss in the leaderboard. Reach the top and you win the Color Cup!

The Boss Battles are always the S.C.O.O.T game. In this you both take it in turns to perform the most tricks you can in a short amount of time. Each player has to beat their opponents trick score, you go back and forth until one player fails to get a better score and then they Light up one of their SCOOT Letters. The loser is the first player to light up all the letters and spell out SCOOT. I really love this mode it’s great fun, and you don’t have to wait for a boss battle to play as you can go to the arcade and play against the old bosses again anytime.

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 09.52.18

The Kids and I have had great fun playing Crayola Scoot. It’s a great little game. I used to love playing Tony Hawk skating on the Gamecube, and Crayola Scoot definitely reminds me of that in many ways. It’s brilliant to have a riding trick game to play again.


Disclosure: We received a review code for the game, however all opinions are my own

Nerf Laser Ops Pro – Review

unnamed-3Jacob our resident Nerf fanatic has been busy testing out the new Nerf Laser Ops guns for me this week.

We received the Alphapoint set of two blasters to review from the lovely people at Habro.

The new Laser Ops Pro range are our first Dart free guns from Nerf. I know Nerf have had a Laser Tag range before which you had to wear Vests, however the Laser Ops Pro guns are Battle Ready straight out of the box.

We’re reviewing the Alphapoint Pack of 2 Blasters, which is brilliant as we have two boys so they can run around and laser blast each other.

In the pack you get 2 Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint Blasters, and two rubber wrist straps which you place your phone in. After downloading the free App you can attach the phone to your wrist strap and start blasting. The App will keep score, let you upgrade your blaster, and let you know when you’ve been hit.

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One of the great benefits of being a laser gun is no darts flying around, plus unlimited ammo! Saying that I do wish there was a volume control as the laser sounds are really loud. Obviously outside its not as much of a problem, but inside with two blasting it gets very loud. I resorted to putting some tape over the speaker to dampen it down a bit which helped.

Its a great idea that even though you have the two blaster set theres a game for when only one of you wants to play. The one drawback is that its really hard to hold your wrist up in front of the blaster to play the game, and I could only manage one wave of drones before my arm was killing me.

The Alphapoint is also available as a single blaster which comes with a solo attachment for the end of the blaster, so you can easily attach your phone and play the game. I hope that the attachment is going to be available to buy separately as if you want to play the App game you really need one.

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Drone game from the Nerf Laser Ops app

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Theres one more option available which is the Laser Ops Deltaburst. This is a single blaster, but comes with the solo attachment, wrist attachment, plus a very nice gadgety screen which displays how much ammo and health you have remaining.

One last thing to mention is Batteries, Both guns take 4 batteries each. The good news is that they seem fine with rechargeable batteries. Which is great as not all toys like them, but these blasters have been working fine with them.

Jacob really enjoyed the change from the usual Nerf action with the Laser Ops Pro. He’s always out the conservatory playing with his wide range of Nerf guns every night, however picking up all the darts from the floor is something he doesn’t enjoy as much. So these blasters were great for him.

Another big plus for him was the fact that they have lots of cool lights with funky colours as you shoot. Great for dragging out playtime just that bit longer as he can still see what he’s shooting.




Nikko VelociTrax – Review

IMG_1582Jacob and I have been taking advantage of this beautiful weather to get outside and review a new gadget sent to us.

We were thrilled when we were asked by Toy State to become a brand ambassador for them, and our first review sample we were sent was the Nikko VelociTrax.

The Nikko VelociTrax is a remote control futuristic looking car or tank style vehicle. It looks really good. We both loved the colours, and Jacob loved the big track wheels as he has a thing for tanks.

To be honest we have bought him remote control cars before, I think we’ve had 2 in the 10 years he’s been born, and neither we got along with. They have always been a big hassle to charge, or too complicated to control.  However I had high hopes for the VelociTrax as the controls looked pretty simple: Plus as he’s older I thought he should have more patience to persevere and learn to handle the controls.

Right out the the box first thing it needs is charging. Luckily it only takes an hour to charge, and apart from that you only need 3 x AAA Batteries for the Controls.

Officially the run time on the charged battery is 20 minutes. We’ve hammered it for a good 30 minutes at a time and it hasn’t died on us yet. So I’d say 20 -30 minutes playtime would be about right.


The controls are easy enough to use, but driving and steering does take a bit of getting used to. Each side of the controls works one of the tracks.

It’s easy enough to start going forward in a straight line, but once you veer off slightly, it’s so hard to right again. We just saw it as part of the fun, you never know whats going to happen. 

On the box it’s advertised as a multi terrain vehicle. It’ll go over most things, we found it good even over grass, only the really long grass caused it problems. We were spinning it over tree roots, kicking up some dust on gravel pathways, flying over hilly bumps, Through puddles, up slopes. It really does great over most terrain. Plus it’s so robust that there is not a scratch on it even though we really put it through its paces.

The spinning element, is one we really enjoyed. It will perform 360 degree spins at incredibly high speed. So even if it does get stuck along the way it can spin itself out of trouble.

As you can see from the video the Nikko VelociTrax is insanely fast. Honestly one slight movement of the controls and it simply flies off. Thats’s possibly one caveat I would put on this toy, It’s not for indoor use in my opinion. It is so fast there is no way to control it indoors unless you have a massive room with nothing to knock over (which I do not!) It is however an absolute blast to play with outdoors. 

We have had a brilliant time getting to grips with the Nikko Velocitrax. The one thing that really struck me when we were out testing it, was the look of pure joy on my sons face. Everytime I looked over he just had a huge grin, enjoying every moment : and theres not much more of a recommendation from a moody 10 year old who acts more like a teenager than that.

Enjoying the sunshine with our new toy

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Thanks to ToyState for sending us the Nikko Velocitrax for review

Star Wars Force Link 2.0 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon with Han Solo Figure – Review

After all the fun of watching Solo – A Star Wars Story this week, we had incredible fun recreating all our favourite parts with the new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon from Hasbro.

First things first this toy is big. Its a big ship. So thats the first plus from the boys, when it comes to toys and vehicles its usually the bigger the better with my two.

Luckily even though its big theres hardly any assembly. Theres a few flaps and bits to clip on but not much. However there are a few fiddly stickers to negotiate.

Not having the best dexterity, and suffering from close up double vision at the moment my placement of the stickers was not great. I did my best and its not too bad. I really detest putting the fiddly stickers on toys. This is one job that I just wish would come already done.

Thankfully once the stickers and plastic flaps are attached your all ready to rumble, and I mean that literally. One of the big draws of the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is all the amazing lights, sounds and rumble effects you get whilst playing.

On lifting up the Millennium Falcon you get a realistic lift off noise, next whilst you whizz the ship around in the air you get whizzy flying sounds (honestly cooler than I made it sound). There are buttons on each side of the ship. The button on the left side will make blaster sounds, and lights down the ships side. Over on the right the button is a bit more complex,

  • First press sends the Millennium Falcon into Hyperdrive with lights and sounds
  • Second press activates the rumble pack, so you get accelerated lights and sounds plus rumble
  • Final third press makes you enter Hyperspeed, so more lights and sounds and then with a final flourish the blast panels at the back and the front fly off spectacularly.

As well as all the great lights and sounds, and the aforementioned surprise blast panels. Theres lots more to discover.

It comes with the Kessel version of the Han Solo Forcelink 2.0 action figure, which looks awesome in all black.

The front of the ship houses the removable escape craft with moveable cannons that Han can use to escape the bad guys. Theres also a secret smugglers hatch which houses a container of Coaxiam, that becomes visible when the blast panels blow away.

A massive part of the new Millennium Falcon is it’s Forcelink 2.0 connectivity via Bluetooth.

I didn’t personally have a chance to check the Forelink 2.0 out as it’s a separate add on but from what I’ve seen on Youtube it looks like a very cool addition. With the Forcelink 2.0 starter set you get the wearable Forcelink 2.0, and a Han Solo figure (different to the Han in this Millennium Falcon set as that one is the Kessel Han Solo)

When you scan over a Forcelink compatible action figure whilst wearing the Forcelink on your arm, the figure will activate authentic phrases and sounds from the movies. If you have multiple figures they can respond and interact with each other. When you use the Forcelink 2.0 App on your smartphone, you can level up the characters you own and unlock new phrases and sounds.

This all sounds really awesome and i’m sure kids everyone will get a real kick out of making Han and Chewie talk to each other, or getting Luke and Darth Vader to interact with sounds during an epic play session.

We have had some great fun playing with the brilliant Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, and highly recommend it to young Star Wars fans throughout the galaxy. Thanks so much to the Hasbro Toy Tribe for letting us review this product.

Unfortunately my camera has decided not to play and I couldn’t get any photos or video of us playing with our latest toy.

However another blogger from The Brick Castle who is also a member of the Hasbro Toy Tribe has kindly let me use her brilliant video review. So here it is:

Hearing Things – Review

Hearing Things is the new party game from Hasbro, and we’ve had a great time together trying it out for ourselves.

Following on from the amazing success of Pie Face and Speak Out, Hearing Things has a lot to live up to.

Hearing Things is a really simple concept for a game. Put on a pair of headphones and then try to guess what your partner is saying by reading their lips. Apparently the Whisper challenge is a big thing online and YouTube, so the kids were really excited to give the game a try.

The main element of the game is the special speech cancelling electronic headphones. Wearing them made me feel like when contestants go in the booth on Mr and Mrs and have to listen to music whilst their partner answers questions.

It’s not the same as that though, as these headphones are speech cancelling, not music playing or noise cancelling. What you get is a cacophony of different noises which bombard your brain, and make it harder to make out what your partner is saying so you are just reading their lips.

The headphones also have an inbuilt timer, which makes things easier. Press the start button and you get a very quick 60 seconds of gobbledygook with which to take your turn.

The game comes with one pair of the special headphones, and 150 cards with 600 phrases. Each player gets 60 seconds to wear the headphones and watch their partner reading out sentences from the cards. You get to keep the cards you correctly identify and the player with the most cards at the end is the winner.

The phrases on the cards are crazy too, so its not like you can easily guess what your partner is saying. You get things like ‘That jumper is too baggy’, or my favourite ‘Vegans do this carefully’.

Having two boisterous boys they do tend to have loud voices, so sometimes whilst playing we could indeed hear what was being said over the headphone noise, but we just had to tell them to whisper more and not be so loud and then it was fine.

We all had great fun playing this game together, we went in teams kids v parents but I can’t wait to get it out at big family gatherings and have bigger teams play against each other.

It’s definitely earned its place in our regular family game night rotation. Brilliant fun.

My Little Pony The Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle – Review

When I was younger I really really loved My Little Pony, so I just had to jump at the chance to review this new My Little Pony the Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle.

It’s the exact thing that would have made my 8yr old dreams come true. Sadly I never had a castle to go with my ponies, I don’t even know if they did castles for them then, so I’m making up for it now!

As you know I have two boys, and sadly although I know there’re a big thing, neither of mine are Bronies, so my dreams of playing My Little Pony with my children have never materialised.

However Thomas and I did put the castle together, as he liked the look of the big box it came in and says it looks pretty cool if you like that sort of thing. Well I do, It’s beautiful.

First impressions are very good. Box appeal is great. Your youngster is going to be so happy seeing this wrapped up either on their birthday or under the christmas tree.

It’s relatively easy to put together, the instructions are simple but the only thing I found odd was the colours of the pieces seem to be off. I’m busy looking for a purple piece, but it’s really blue. Need a big blue piece, but its actually yellow. So you need the box handy to keep looking back at the photo and finding what colour the piece should really be. It’s weird but not a massive deal.

Some pieces don’t slot together as easy as they should do, and need a jiggle about and good shove. I spent ages trying to get the sea shell thing on the lift, but it does go eventually. Maybe I’m just a weakling.

Ok so once it’s all built it looks pretty awesome. Theres lots of nooks and crannies with things to do. Theres a slide, three carousel type things including one disguised as a very friendly octopus.Theres a big sea shell which opens up for you to hide your treasures in. The set come with over 30 accessories like tea cups, food, jewellery, even a very cute rubber duckie swim ring, so theres lots for you to hide away or use for your games.

I love that the castle is actually two distinct castles in one with Canterlot at the top, and the change to Seaquestria castle at the bottom, with the lift in-between the two. Both stages of the castle are a fair size, so the two onto of each other make it over 73cm tall and very impressive.

The set also comes with Spike the Pufferfish and Queen Novo figures. The My Little Pony Wiki informs me that Queen Novo is a female Hippogriff-turned-seapony who appears as a supporting character and is Princess Skystar’s mother in My Little Pony The Movie.

Although I was a big My Little Pony fan when younger I haven’t kept up with the Friendship is Magic series. I might need to start watching that I think.

Ok so now for a few niggles that I have, well to be honest the only niggles i have. The carousels.

The one big wing type one on the side is obviously for Queen Novo and friends to give the impression that they are flying about underwater, considering they are half bird. However Queen Novo doesn’t work well on it at all.

After a lot of trial and error I can get Queen Novo the pony figure to sit on the carousel, although its not easy you really have to jam the fins into the gap. Still once I did get her on as she’s quite large and long due to the big mermaid fin, when you spin it just hits the lift on the other side. If your lucky it just stops dead, but if not she falls out again.

It’s think it’s just badly designed, I don’t think its me, although it could be just the way I’m doing it.

Probably other ponies who don’t have the big mermaid tail would be fine spining around, but unfortunately I don’t have any to test so can’t say for sure.

Next onto the octopus carousel, I just don’t see what its for other than to look cute. Possibly some of the other sets of figures fit on it, but Queen Novo is far to large, and the Fish just falls off.

Again in a recurring theme the carousel at the top of the castle is a problem too. For once its big enough and theres nothing in the way, the figures don’t go on it properly although it is the best of the bunch. Queen Novo just lays down on it, and the pufferfish again just flies off unless you turn it at the slowest speed possibly defeating the object.

The strange thing is that there are holes on it to hold the ponies on it, but no holes on Queen Novo or Spike the Pufferfish. I do remember that my old My Little Ponies did have holes in their hoofs to help them stand on things, so hopefully you could use other ponies with this set and have more luck.

It is annoying that the two included figures don’t have the holes though. I understand that on Queen Novo it would be difficult but surly Spike the Pufferfish could have had a hole underneath.

I feel I might be coming across as overly harsh, but if me as an adult is getting frustrated that I can’t get my ponies to ride the carousel, as a parent I see the tantrums from little ones coming a mile off. Maybe a younger child wouldn’t mind and would just enjoy that they twirl and fall off, but I’m just not sure.

To be fair though thats my only real gripe. Theres a slide for the ponies to enjoy, the lift goes up and down from Canterlot to Seaquestria, A throne for queen Novo to sit on, theres a skateboard thing for Queen Novo to ride the waves that works well. I like all the little accessories, the seafood dinner party pieces with iceland style prawn ring platter are especially fun.

All in all I do like the My Little Pony The Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle, It’s a big set which I can see younger boys and girls getting hours of play from. It’s something I would have loved to own when I was a little girl.





NBA Fidget Spinners – Review

Fidget Spinners have been the massive toy craze of the year for sure, and the hype’s not over yet.

My sons are still massively into their spinning wonders, and to be honest I am too. I just love them. They keep the boys entertained for ages, keep their hands busy, and are easy to take around in my handbag or your pocket.

My only gripe with them is the variations in quality. I know that most are cheap and only a couple of pounds, but some are £5 or even £10 and when you get to those prices you would like to think there would be some consistent level of quality.

We have found that some the very cheap spinners have been our best, well moulded and with a good spin. However some more expensive ones have had rusted bearings from straight out of the pack.

Rusted bearings does not a good fidget spinner make.

So when we got the opportunity to review some official NBA branded fidget spinners we were delighted. I was keen to find out if an official product would mean a better quality product, and am pleased to say thats just what we found.

The official NBA Fidget Spinners are available as 7 different teams

  • Boston Celtics
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • New York Knicks
  • San Antonio Spurs

The Teams spinner’s are available for £7.00 each from NBA Store EU

The first thing you’ll notice with these spinners is the superior packaging.

Them come in a lovely package with an official hologram, and you can just see the quality compared to cheaper spinners.If you were going to buy a fidget spinner as a gift these would be ideal as the extra quality of the packaging makes it much more of a gift.

Next onto the spinners themselves.

We like that they are lightweight, but not too light if you know what I mean. They just feel nice in the hand.

But the best part are the finger grips. The Teams logo’s look great whilst your spinner is going round, but it also feels great to spin too.

We’ve found that most of the fidget spinners we have collected have either flat grips, or concave. However these spinners are rounded outwards on both side, so they feel really nice between your fingers to spin, and they go really very well on a flat surface.

My Youngest Jacob absolutely loves these Spinners as they are so easy to get a massively long spin. They are definitely the best Fidget Spinners we’ve had out of a bunch of around 10.

At £7.00 they are perhaps more expensive than some Fidget Spinners, but by all means not excessively so. Personally I’ve bought £10 versions from the stalls in the town centre, and they haven’t had half as good a spin as the NBA Ones. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these Fidget Spinners to anyone who’s looking for a quality spinner, Plus if your a big NBA fan to boot then it’s a no brainer.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Review

Jacob my youngest, and my husband have been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild together for 2 weeks now.

This is Jacobs first Zelda game, but he was really hyped up after watching all the Youtubers doing playthroughs, so he was thrilled when we got a review code for the game from Nintendo.

Although they’re only about half way through we think, they are really loving the experience so far.

Initially Jacob and his dad were planning on having their own saves and playing through separately. However even with his prior knowledge Jacob found the game rather difficult on his own.

Actually I’m not sure if Jacob will be a bit upset I said it was too difficult for him, perhaps thats not strictly true. I think he just found the initial openness of the environment, and ‘I can do anything so what am I supposed to do’ a bit daunting.

So its been a good bonding exercise and worked out well, Jacob and his dad playing together. Ive enjoyed us all sitting in the front room and watching them explore Hyrule together, cooking recipes and working out tricky puzzles. It’s a great game to sit and watch someone play.

We’ve been testing out the Wii U version of the game as we don’t have a new Switch yet, but the game still looks and plays amazing. It will obviously look better on the Switch as it’s a newer console, but I can’t honestly see how as I think it looks beautiful. Definitely the best looking game we’ve played on the Wii U ever.

As always there are some great characters to be found lurking around Hyrule.  Jacob and I especially love Hetsu and his maracas

His happy dance is so funny, and I love his “Dah-na-na-na-naaaaaaaa!”.

I think still the best thing about Zelda are the puzzles. I know my husband has got frustrated a few times at some fiendish puzzles, but the satisfaction you get when you’ve actually figured it out and solved it soon makes up for it.

Another mainstay of Zelda games is the beautiful music and sound design, and Breath of the Wild certainly doesn’t disappoint. The game sounds beautiful. I love the background music, weather effects, dialogue sounds and music. It’s all so emotive, and plays a big part in the storytelling.

Even Thomas my oldest who’s now more of a first person shooter kind of guy has shown an interest in Breath of the wild. He’s even got first dibs on the Wii U when they’ve finished it, as he’s going to give it a go himself.

So there we go thats The Toybuzz household review of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We maybe only halfway through but were loving it. We can’t wait to see what happens next, and who Link will come up against next.

Disclosure: We were given a review code for this game as part of our participation in the Nintendo Family Bloggers Network. All views and opinions are our own.

Super Mario Maker for 3DS – Review

In our household we all agree that Super Mario Maker has been some of the most fun we’ve had with the Wii U, probably even every console ever.

We all had an amazing time creating levels for each other and challenging everyone on family night. Its so addicting seeing somebody finally beat your level while you watch, mentally ticking over what you need to change to make it even more devilishly difficult for next time.

Well now you can have all the fun of the Wii U version, but this time on the go on the 3DS.

To say this game comes at the perfect time for us is an understatement. Were going on holiday in 2 weeks to Florida, which involves a 9 hour flight.

Ive been panicking like mad about what the boys are going to be like on the long journey, considering now they are too old for the traditional colouring books and the like I usually pack. So to have an endlessly creative game like Super Mario Maker to play during the journey will be a godsend.

The only big difference between the 3DS and Wii U versions are the ability to share courses online. For some people this may be a problem, but for us its no big deal really. As a family we only ever saved the courses as challenges between ourselves, so I don’t think we ever did upload any courses online anyway.

However you can play lot and lots of user made courses if you have internet access through Nintendo’s recommended courses section. A massive selection of user made levels curated by Nintendo.

Although you’d think by the name that making courses is the thing you will do the most, So far I’ve spent most of my time playing the Super Mario Challenge mode. It’s such an amazing game, I’m absolutely loving it.

The thing is I find it so hard, some of the courses are really tricky and thats without doing the extra tricky tasks to gain medals. It’s so much fun though, and trying to attain all those medals will keep me busy forever I think.

My only bug bear is that you have to complete the Super Mario challenges to unlock extra build course elements. I think this is a bit much to ask of younger players, and preferred the Wii U’s approach of new items overtime you played for the first couple of days.

That’s only a small annoyance though, overall it’s a great buy if you have a 3DS. I would highly recommend it.

Disclosure: We received an online code for this game from Nintendo as part of our participation in the Nintendo Family Bloggers Network. All opinions are our own.