3 for 2 on Toys Bargains

Get them while stocks last, the 3 for 2 toy events are here! Boots and Argos have both started their offers today.

Boots 3 for 2 is available from now until Christmas on selected toys, whilst Argos has 3 for 2 on ALL TOYS!! but only until next Tuesday the 28/09/10 and obviously only whilst stocks last.

Me and my husband have just spent the whole morning buying all of the boys Christmas (and birthday!) presents, and have saved ourselves a small fortune! So I suggest doing the same if you want to bag yourself an Xmas bargain.

Boots 3 for 2 is now an obligatory part of Christmas, scouring the Christmas book working out all of your offers is a BIG part of my Christmas ritual.

The good thing about the Boots 3 for 2 is that you can combine toys, household goods and smellies all in the one offer, so present shopping for all the family can be over in one go. Plus you can earn Advantage card points on your deals too and treat yourself in the new year sales.

Big toys for Christmas like Stinky the Garbage Truck, Paper Jamz and the Leapster Explorer are all included in the Boots offer.

The Argos 3 for 2 toys deal is an amazing offer if your in the market for toys, so the ideal choice for parents. I just can’t believe all toys across the whole of the Argos website and catalogue are included.

With a deal as good as this though, stock is bound to go fast. Nearly all of the items I choose were out of stock for home delivery already, so I’ll need to make a trip out to Argos tomorrow to go and pick it all up (plus a big Taxi home judging by the amount of stuff we bought!)

We did manage to order some of the bigger items like the Lego Star Wars Battle of Endor set and the huge Deluxe At-At, which is over 2ft tall (don’t tell Thomas) but most of it i’m going to have to pick up tomorrow.

Credit Card took a big bashing today, but on the plus side they’ll be lots of lovely new toys for me to review over the next few weeks. Think i’ll be an expert Lego builder by the time Christmas finally comes.

My advice is to get the little ones to start writing their letters to Santa now, so you can take advantage of great deals.

Happy Shopping!

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