5 Second Rule – Board Game Review

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but where we are today has been another Half Term washout.

Thank goodness then for 5 Second Rule from University Games, the latest board game we’ve been sent to try. Nothing like a good board game to brighten up a dull dreary day at home.

The rules are simple, you just need to name 3 of something in 5 seconds. The question could be ‘Name 3 Famous Michael’s’ or Name 3 types of Tree’ or even ‘Name 3 characters from Coronation Street’, all you need to do is give your 3 correct answers within 5 seconds to progress.

Obviously it all sounds incredibly easy, but trust me when the pressure is on trying to think of 3 things you can’t do in the dark is hard. Not helping one bit is the tubular timer which whizzes ball bearings down at speed, once they hit the bottom your 5 seconds are up.

Both of the boys loved turning over the timer. It makes a funny squelch when as you turn it, and caused fits of laughter every time.

If you fail to give 3 correct answers, it’s your neighbours turn at your question – only the twist is they cannot use any of the answers you have already given. If they give the 3 correct answers they go ahead a space, however if they also fail then it goes around again to their neighbour. If no-one completes the task and the question goes all the way around back to you, then you move ahead one step anyway.

It’s a very quick and easy game to set up, it’s just the board essentially. You get 6 counters, and each player gets 2 switch cards and 2 Pass On cards. Use your switch cards to swap the question, and the Pass On cards to get your neighbour to try the question, with you instantly getting to move ahead if they cannot.

The game is aimed at players 8 and above, so my very nearly 5 yr old and 7yr old were perhaps a little young for this game. We still had so much fun though, with me easily modifying the game slightly to suit us. We didn’t use the Pass On and Switch cards as I wanted to simplify things as much as possible. I then checked the cards before I read each question out, and omitted the obviously hard ones, just putting them to the back of the deck.

This worked out well for us, as I could give Thomas my oldest some slightly trickier ones than I would for Jacob. Even though I was going for the easiest questions it’s still hard to think of 3 foods you have to peel before eating in 5 seconds, so the questions still got passed around,  Jacob eventually managed it and was very pleased with himself.

Some of the questions are of the simple name 3 objects type, but others are deeper like ‘name 3 things you like about school’ or ‘name 3 people who annoy you’. Meaning that after the question had been answered, we then had a chat about what had been said.

Thomas said that his brother annoyed him, so we talked about why that was and what we could do about it. It was nice to have a dialog with each other about it in a friendly way, as its usually when they are fighting and in a bad mood that conversations like that happen.

The questions were mostly simple and quick to read, so Thomas enjoyed being quiz master and reading my questions out to me. All in all we found it to be a very inclusive family game.

Since we first played it this morning, it’s all Thomas has been on about all day, so it definitely left a lasting impression on him. He’s very eager to play it again as soon as he can.

If you’re looking for a fun, thought-provoking, simple and quick to play family board game, then you wont go far wrong with 5 Second Rule.

I even think it would work as a good travel game, with just the questions being asked out of the box.


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