75023 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar – Review

Last week we received the most amazing box of goodies from the lovely Lego Family Blogger Panel, which was simply overflowing with blocky goodness. It’s going to keep us busy for a long time I think.

In fact the box was so big I’ve had to bring out a set at a time as there is so much, so the reviews will keep on coming over the next month.

Firstly I wanted to write a quick review of the first item we picked out the box, the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

It’s been a real treat for the boys getting a new little Lego model or mini figure every morning. I had to set up a rota of opening to end any arguments.

So far we’ve got R5-F7, an Endor Rebel Trooper,and a medical droid I think? Plus lots of little ships.

The ones were really waiting for however are the Little Boba Fett and the Santa Jango Fett. Were also excited about getting a Geonosian, as we haven’t got one of those yet.

I like the way that the box flaps open, so it’s stable when standing. Plus it acts as a little playmate for displaying all your new Lego models.

Lego is always going to go down well with the kids, and a new Lego model everyday is even better. A brilliant gift that keeps on giving all month.

Plus as it’s already the 9th of December you should be able to find the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar for a discount now, so it’s an even better deal.

Disclosure: Thanks to the Lego for sending this out to us as part of our participation in our Lego Family Blogger PanelĀ 


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