‘A Monster Day Out’ with Dr Who Adventures Magazine

Only yesterday I was mentioning my weekly Thursday trip to the newsagent to go and get Thomas his ‘Dr Who Adventures Magazine’.

So it was great timing when I found out about this special Dr Who Event taking place just down the road from us at The Dr Who Experience, Cardiff Bay this Easter.

We haven’t managed to get to the Dr Who Experience as yet (we are trying to hold out and save it for a Birthday treat) but Thomas has plenty of friends at his school who have been and said it’s amazing.

There is going to be lots of activities going on at the Dr Who Experience this Easter. A new ‘behind the scenes’ area will be opening. With lots of new things to see like wigs, models, posters, replica set and wardrobe from the show.

On Saturday 30th March and Sunday 31st March the Dr Who Experience will be running Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts.

However the big day for your diary is Wednesday 3rd April, A Monster Day Out.

Tickets to the event are free of charge, but you will still need a valid entrance ticket to the Dr Who Experience to attend.

Starting at 11:00 and ending at 16:30, it’s going to be an incredibly funpacked day.

On offer will be a comic workshop with ‘Dr Who Adventures’ own artist, learn to walk like a monster with Dr Who Monster Choreographer Alisa Berk, create your own monster eggs, plus receive a Dr Who Adventures Goody Bag!

However undoubtedly the star attraction is a Q&A with one of the stars of the show…Strax!

Tickets to the special event are very limited, only 100 spaces for each session. To apply you need to pre-register at the official Dr Who Experience website .

Sounds like it’s going to be an incredible day for everyone lucky enough to attend.

Thomas is so lucky to live in the same place as his favourite TV programme is filmed. There is always so many great Dr Who events around to attend. Plus if there’s not we just go on an outing around Cardiff Dr Who Sightseeing!

 The Dr Who Experience is at Porth Teigr, Cardiff.

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