My names Tracy and im a mother of 2 young boys (Thomas 10 and Jacob 8) so I know a thing or two about toys.

Now you may be asking why is a normal everyday housewife (well pretty normal) writing a site about toys, well it’s really because I am a mum that I began writing it.

While looking for a toy kitchen for my sons last christmas, I trawled the internet looking from site to site for some information and all I came across on every page was the same generic manufacture spiel and no real info about the product.

How noisy is it? What comes included? How much room does it take up? that’s what I wanted to know but all I could find was the same couple of lines that told me the bare basics but nothing extra.

I thought that there really should be a site with more, more descriptions, more reviews, more pictures, more than just the same old two lines of marketing jargon.

So here we are, im hoping to make this a one stop resource for toy buying with news, user reviews and most importantly impartiality.

Thanks for taking a look and if you want to contact me (or even better send me stuff to review) just get in touch.

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