Adventure Time Toys

Whoa! Algebraic! Mathmatical! Oh my Glob!

If you don’t have any idea what I’m on about then prepare to have your minds well and truly blown, and if you do then your obviously already watching Adventure Time, possibly the best kids show on tv at the moment.

I say possibly because however much I love Adventure Time, I’m a Regular Show girl first and foremost. However Adventure Time is my son’s favourite of the two, and I just think they are both awesome.

It seems like the folks over at The Entertainer also think both Finn and Jake are totally shmow-zow! judging by the fact that they have an amazing new range of Adventure Time toys just been added to their brand new redesigned website.

Stretchy Jake and Stretchy Finn

Not quite sure why we have a Stretchy Finn, but a Stretchy Jake doll totally makes sense.

Stretchy is cool anyway, so I’m not complaining. Stretchy Finn Rocks!

The 15cm Stretchy Finn figure comes with his amazing sword, but the Stretchy Jake comes with something even more special. My favourite character BMO!!!

It’s only a small BMO, but BMO none the less.

You also get Jake’s mega fist with his stretchy figure, So you can interchange hands if he and Finn run into some trouble that requires fist pumping out of.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Sorry - no matching products found.

You can also get your very own 24 inch replica of Finn’s Adventure Time Sword, How cool is that!

My favourite product from the range however are the Adventure Time Slamacows

Available in both Finn and Jake flavours, these 20 inch plushies are adorable.

Not only are these guys totally awesome already, but wait until you hear the best part.

Slam these dudes around or even into each other and they will talk.

Each Slamacow say 5 different phrases from the show

Jakes says phrases like “Yeah what a Bumble Berry” and “Get Ready for Battle”

While Finn says things like “Release the Finn bomb”

I think the Slamacows are hilarious, and can just see now how much fun my two boys would have with them. That’s if they could manage to wrestle them off me first.

A must have purchase for fans of the Cartoon Network show.

Adventure Time Jake Slamacow

Adventure Time Finn Slamacow 



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