Angry Birds Go! Telepods Dual Launcher – Review

 Last week I caught my first glimpse of the new Angry Birds playlets from Hasbro – Angry Birds GO! Telepods at Dream Toys, and was really impressed.

I was then sent a review sample of the Dual Launcher set, so here’s mine and the boys thoughts after playing with it for a few days.

First of all I like the way that the sets are essentially 3 toys in one pack, as you can use all the components to play in different ways.

What Are Telepods?

Firstly the Telepods. Telepods are Hasbro’s newest gaming gadget. Using Telepod figures, you can beam them into your mobile games on your Androids and iPad’s. You do this by placing the Telepod’s figure on the transparent base and then over your devices camera. The app then reads the QR code on the underside of the figure and unlocks that character in your game.

As Angry Birds GO! isn’t actually released yet, but the Telepods sets are, you’ll need to download the Angry Birds Go! Countdown app to give your Telepods an early try out. We did just that and the boys watched excitedly as the Boomerang Bird figure appeared on the screen in his Shoemerang car. At the moment in the countdown app you can only upgrade your car’s and levels, so were all anticipating racing in the Shoemerang car as soon as the proper game launches.

The Telepod figure was easy to use, and instantly recognised by the app. No problems syncing or finding the figure. Very smoothly done.

The great thing about the Telepods range is that although you would think with all of this technical gadgetry they were only for use with your app’s, they are also great toys in their own right.

Angry Birds Go! Telepods Sets

Aside from the kart sets which are available, there are two Angry Birds Go! playsets available – Pig Rock Raceway and the Dual Launcher Racing Rivals.  Both are purchased separately, but if you do have the two you can join them up together to make a bigger playset.

Pig Rock Raceway comes with two karts plus the racetrack and a standard launcher. The Dual Launcher comes with a fancier Slingshot launcher but only one kart.

The Pig Rock Raceway comes with everything you need for an Angry Birds Go! kart race, the two rival karts and a 40 inch long track with finish line. The Dual Launcher only comes with the launcher and one kart, no track. However the great thing with the launcher is that you can use it with any of the other previous Hasbro Angry Birds sets you may have, like we did with the Angry Birds Star Wars sets from last year.

Using the Dual Launcher instead of the slingshot launchers was a lot of fun, and a great way to reinvigorate those old sets.  You can see how we set them up and used them on the short video below.

I think  you could use the blocks in the same way with the Pig Rock Raceway, building huge bridges over the racetrack and seeing if they could be knocked down as you race.

It’s a great way to get added value out of your sets, and means they are not simply fancy plastic figurines just for adding the character to the apps. They are worthy toys in their own right.

I can imagine that if your child wanted to collect the whole of the Telepods Angry Birds Go! Karts it could very get expensive, but I would feel happier in buying them the playsets.  You still get some of the karts, but if you have extra blocks and characters from old sets your children will get lots more use from them.

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of the Angry Birds Go! Telepods Dual Launcher in order to write an honest review.

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