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AniMagic Toys – Competition

I’m thrilled to be able to run yet another competition, this time for an impressive bundle of AniMagic toys, and just in time for Christmas!

AniMagic toys have been around for the last few years and are still one of the most sought after gifts for christmas.

Probably the most famous of the AniMagic toys is Fluffy goes Walkies, but he now has lots more friends in the shape of Cassie Goes Catwalk and Tessie goes Trotting.

All the range are cute animal pets who just love going out for a walk. They all come with bright light up leads and will bark, meow or neigh with excitement as your youngster comes along to take them out for walkies.

The big thing I’ve always loved about Fluffy Goes Walkies, is that if you have more than Fluffy you can join up the leads, and take up to three Fluffys for a walk at the same time. What I didn’t know until now is that you can also do that with Cassie goes Catwalk and Tessie goes Trotting. You can even join up one Fluffy, one Cassie and one Tessie together, and walk around a whole menagerie of pets.







As well as the walking pets which we all know AniMagic for, they have now added the highly collectable Cuties.

The Cuties are adorable pocket-sized little puppies, kittens, bunnies and ponies. As well as a cute collection, they also act as pencil toppers and erasers. Making them ideal for keeping you company in school tucked into your pencil-case or school bag.

You can find the Cuties either in Blind bags of 2, Collectors packs which contain 5 or the Cuties Sparkle tin which contains 8.

You can treat you Cuties to a day out at the fun fair with the Cuties Ferris Wheel. Turn the handle and watch as your Cuties carriages spin around the wheel, and when it’s time to get off they can whizz down the slide. It’s the perfect place to play and display your Cuties collection.

I can see Cuties becoming very popular in the playground with the girls at school, especially with the added pencil topper element meaning it’ll be easy to show off your collection to everyone.


I am honoured that Vivid Toys and Games have given me 2 amazing AniMagic prize packages to giveaway to 2 lucky Toybuzz readers.

Each Prize pack will contain:

1 x Tessie Goes trotting

1 x Fluffy Goes Walkies

1 x cassy goes Catwalk

and 1 x Cuties collector Pack

As I’m sure you’ll agree, an amazing prize for whoever is lucky enough to win it.

All you need to do to enter is let me know who your favourite is – Fluffy, Cassie or Tessie?

Competition is open until Midnight Monday 26th November. UK entries only sorry.


    Fluffy…looks real cute x

  • Tessie

  • tessie

  • I like tessie the best

  • It’s got to be Fluffy sooooooo cute and my little girl is dog mad :-)

  • My daughters favourite would be Tessie Goes trotting as she is Horse mad, my grandaughter on the other hand would be so mesmerised by Fluffy Goes Walkies; what a prize.

  • They are all extremely cute but i would have to say my fav was Cassie as im def a cat person :)

  • Tessie is my favourite

  • Fluffy is my favourite – so adorable!

  • All 3 of them are cute but I have to say Tessie

  • I like Tessie….These are so cute :)

  • my fave is cassie

  • Tessie

  • Has got to be fluffy!

  • We like Tessie as we are all pony mad at the moment

  • I love Fluffy

  • Tessie

  • would love these ty for the chance

  • I love fluffy the best x

  • my daughters favourite is fluffy :) She does love them all though x

  • Tessie is my favourite

  • ……..Tessie

  • All cute but would have to be Fluffy

  • Has to be Cassie!

  • i love tessie “ahem” well my kids do x

  • Tessie is definitely my favorite ♥

  • Cassie is just too cute xx

  • Fluffy

  • Cassy, my daughter would love her.

  • tessie,my daughter loves ponies

  • love Fluffy!!

  • Fluffy x

  • Tessie looks the cute :)

  • Tessie, always wanted a pony of my own!!

  • tessie

  • Fluffy for my litlle on she loves Doggies and has been driving me mad to get her one of these lovely toys for christmas!! :)

  • Cassy is very cute but they all look lovely! : )

  • Fluffy is very sweet.

  • fluffy

  • Cassy if I ‘m lucky to win please, :)

  • Fluffy :)

  • FLUFFY :)

  • Fluffy – because he (she?) is so cute and fluffy!

  • tessie !

  • Fluffy

  • fluffy :)

  • Tessie, is so cute !

  • Tessie, gorgeous, don’t think I could give it to one of the kids if I won *blush

  • Fluffy but I like them all

  • Love Fluffy but what girl could resist Tessie with her mane in braids.

  • My favourite is Cassie :)

  • They are all cute, but Tessie!

  • Tessie is my favourite

  • got to be Cassie, my duaghter loves her xxxxxxxxxx

  • My favourite is fluffy :)

  • My favourite is Cassie

  • Cassie is my favourite.

  • Trotting Tessie

  • we’re all dog mad in this house so Fluffie gets our vote

  • Cassie

  • I simply love Fluffy and so would my toddler!!fingers crossed :)

  • Cassie I think, but they’re all really nice

  • we’re dog lovers so fluffy for us!

  • has to be tessie fab!!!

  • Fluffy

  • Tessie is my favourite

  • Cassie!

  • My Daughter says Tessie so i had best go with that one :)

  • Cassie

  • My favourite is Cassie!

  • Aww hard choice but I think Tessie!

  • Cassy…we all love cats in this house :)

  • So sweet, but me and my neice have decided Cassie is our favourite.

  • Fluffy!!!

  • I just LOVE Tessie

  • They are all cute but as I’m a cat love, Fluffy has a special place in my heart x

  • Tessie

  • Tessie is just SO cute!

  • Cassie x

  • Cassie Goes Catwalk

  • I love Tessie the horse! xoxo

  • Oooh., very hard to choose but my favourite is probably Tessie

  • Fluffy

  • My favourite is Tessie

  • Cassie is so cute.

  • Tessie – My daughter would love her.

    She is obsessed with feeding the horse at the field near our house so this would give me a chance to show a horsey without having to venture out in gale force winds!

  • Our fav is Tessie goes trotting x

  • Tessie, all little girls want a pony

  • Fluffy! Soooo cute! :)

  • Tessie, but only just. They are all totally adorable

  • My niece would absolutely adore Tessie :)

  • Cassie is my favourite!

  • Cassie is really nice

  • Tessie is lovely

  • I like them all but fluffy is my fav

  • My favourite is Fluffy.

  • My favourite is Tessie. I’ve always liked horses.

  • Cassie Goes Catwalk is cute!

  • Oh i like them all but Tessie has won be over

  • My daughter’s fav is Cassie! Good Luck everyone xx

  • Got to be Tessie

  • Cassey – she is so cute

  • Tessie

  • Tessie

  • Has to be Fluffy – I am just a dog person I’m afraid.

  • My favourite is Fluffy!

  • oh I’m really torn but I have always had a thing for Palominos so Tessie wins

  • My daughter has just taken a shine to fluffy :)

  • tessie

  • Fluffy – look at that little face!

  • fluffy mega cute

  • Fluffy is best

  • Tessie ! :-)

  • tessie or fluffy!

  • Cassie, as I love cats

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