Animal Crossing New Leaf Diary #1 – Review

Thanks to the lovely people at Nintendo I’ve been having lots of fun with the new Animal Crossing game on the 3DS this week.

As it’s such a huge an immersive game I’m going to write 4 reviews over the next month, so you can get an idea of how the game works and what you can get up to.

At the moment Animal Crossing is my baby, but I have been letting Thomas share my save and do some tasks for me. Initially he wasn’t sure whether it was his type of thing so he was just trying out life in my village, but now I think he’s itching for a save of his own, so we’ll probably be starting that tonight :)

I’ve been mayor of the town of Rigby for 6 days now, and am beginning to really find my routine.

When you first start with Animal Crossing it can seem slightly daunting, but you’ll soon get into the swing of daily life.

Even before you arrive in your little town, your first job will be to give it a name. I suggest thinking about this carefully, as I remember well being disappointed with the name I picked in the last game Wild Wood, and always rueing not giving it more thought.

This time around I’ve gone for the name of Rigby, after the character from our family favourite TV Show – Regular show. I think it works quite well as a name, and I even tried my hand at drawing Rigby for my flag. I’m not artistic whatsoever, but I think it came out rather well.

Being quite early into my animal crossing journey most of my first week has been spent collecting shells, fossils, fish and fruit. Trying to raise the money to buy my own house from Nook Homes.

I love that Tom Nook is still around from my last Animal Crossing adventure. I’m really looking forward to see what other familiar faces I’ll bump into.


Just yesterday I managed to garner my 100% satisfaction rating from the townsfolk, so can no go ahead with my first public works project. After much thought (ok not that much thought, I’ve been dying to make one from day one)  I’ve decided to build a new bridge into town. Perhaps foolishly I picked a wonderful secluded spot overlooking the shore for my new home, but then realised I had to make a round trip of the whole town to get to the town hall and the shops.

The new bridge will cut my trip down by over half. I just have to find a way to speed along the other residents contributions to the world. Coming up with 128,000 bells on my own is going to take some time. Plus I’m still paying off my mortgage to Nook Homes.

Hopefully by next week I’ll be able to report my new bridge being finished, but for now I’m off to shake some more trees :)





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