Annoying Orange Toys – Review

Depending on your age you may or may not have heard of the Annoying Orange.

The Annoying Orange is a webseries on Youtube, and has actually been the most watched comedy web series on Youtube for the last 2 years with over 1.4 billion views!

Amazingly I had heard the name, but never actually watched any of the videos. So I was completely shocked when Thomas told me he loved Annoying Orange and had been watching the videos upstairs on his AppleTV for months.

Imagine his excitement then when a big bag of Annoying Orange toys turned up for him to test! He just couldn’t believe his luck.

He was even happier when I told him that Annoying Orange was so popular it’s getting his own TV show. It’s just started in the US at the moment, and is coming to the UK in 2013.

We were lucky enough to get sent a selection of Annoying Orange toys to review.

We have the Freshly Squeezed talking clip ons (Marshmallow),  Kitchen Crew talking clip ons (Grandpa Lemon), kitchen crew collectables (Annoying Orange) and the Annoying Orange talking plush’s (Annoying Orange and Pear)

All the Annoying Orange toys talk, and say phrases and puns from the series. Our Orange even does his incredibly annoying Laugh, which the boys find hilarious. Plus of course there’s the “Hey Apple, Hey!” Which if you’ve seen the videos just has to be on there.  The boys also love that both Pear and Orange do the Wasssuup thing, and even know how many clicks of the button it takes to go round the cycle and do it again, So they can have Pear and Apple Wasssuuping themselves continuously.

Although they love all of the toys, the talking plush’s are probably their favourite as they are bigger and we have the two stars of the show in Pear and The Annoying Orange. The Talking clip on Marshmallow is also a big hit , as Jacob has been talking him to school on his backpack, and Thomas has the Grandpa Lemon ‘Kitchen Crew Clip On’ for his.

If you have kids or teenagers who are fans of the Youtube series then these Annoying Orange toys would make the perfect stocking fillers. They would also make great Secret Santa gifts.

All of the range are available from Toys R Us from this month at RRP £6.99 for the  Talking clip-ons and £7.99 for the Kitchen Crew collectables and Talking Plush’s.

A bonus side effect of all this fruit related play is that Thomas has started asking for fruit to take to school at breaktime! I’ve been trying for so long to get Thomas to eat his fruit but nothing has worked. Apparently drawing an Annoying face on the front of it and shouting Knife was the answer :)

Thomas wanted me to share his current favourite Annoying Orange video with you all. As it combines his 2 new favourite things, Annoying Orange and Gangnam Style. Enjoy!


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