Anyone remember this guy?

I know I do, I used to love this toy as a kid. Well imagine my excitement at finding a new version whist browsing the shops.

I just had to buy one for my son (I Mean Me!). Jacob really loves phones at the moment, he pretends everything is a phone picking it up and saying “hiya”.  

Although not as boxy as the original I remember, and without the old Fisher Price logo on the side it still evokes happy memories. 

It’s great that it even has the eyes that roll up and down when you pull it along by the string. I can picture me now pulling it up and down my grandparents garden path.

It also has a rotary dialer which dings as it springs back into place after each number is dialed. My older son Thomas who’s 3 commented on this as soon as he saw it and asked what it was!.

The Fisher Price Chatter Telephone great fun for babies and big kids alike, get one and add a piece of history to your home.

Fisher-price Chatter Telephone (Entertainer) Entertainer Logo


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