Aquadraw Review

I officially love Aquadraw, it’s amazing! Just been having a big drawing session on the living room carpet with my two boys. We are having some new sofas delivered tomorrow, so we are all sitting on huge Sumo beanbags in the front room messing about drawing on our Aquadraw mats.

It’s lovely to just sit down and let them both go wild with the pens on the carpet, safe in the knowledge that the worst that will happen is everyone maybe gets a bit wet.

We have several Aquadraw products, we have the Thomas the Tank Engine Aquadraw, the original Aquadraw, and also sets of the Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine mini mats. I find the mini mats are a real life saver for those awkward few minutes when everyone’s at the table waiting for dinner to be finished. I just whip out the mats and they both colour in the pictures happily till foods done. They are also great for trips to the cafe and restaurants, when they are starting to get a little fractious they keep them busy for a while.

I understand it’s not the same as real drawing, and it’s not going to take over from normal pen and paper.  It’s just something a little different , and easier sometimes than dragging out all of the art supplies. If your kids are anything like mine sometimes they are easily distracted, I will spend 10 minutes getting all the paper and crayons out and they will only sit there for a few minutes and then want to do something else. When mum is stressed out and just wants five minutes peace, it’s easier to get out the Aquadraw.

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Kids also love the figures that come in the various Aquadraw sets. With our Thomas the Tank Aquadraw, you use the roller to draw a track onto the mat which Thomas will follow. My two think this is magical and love making tracks for Thomas.

We obviously got the Thomas set because we have two boy’s but little princesses will love the Disney Cinderella Aquadraw. With this version instead of rolling train tracks, the roller makes a trail of pink stars for Cinderella and Prince Charming to dance along. I saw this version in action at my friends house, her daughter received this for her 3rd birthday was just just enthralled when she saw Cinderella dancing along to the beautiful music. And of course it paints pink pictures, what more could a 3 year old girl ask for?

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I think the Aquadraw sets are great for younger toddlers. I didn’t really like both of my boys playing with pens and crayons until they were at least 18 months, as it’s just too messy and they both ended up with more crayon in their mouth than on the paper. However they both had free rein over the Aquadraw as soon as they could hold the pen, the worst thing they ever did was drink the water out of it and they loved it even as babies.

I would definitely say it’s something that every parent should get for their little ones, it’s fun for them and convenient for you. So a win win situation for both of you and a must buy toy.

By the way my sofas are due to be delivered tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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