Avengers Assemble Pre-order Offer at The Disney Store

Disney Store are offering a brilliant Pre-Order deal on the soon to be released DVD and Blu-Ray of Avengers Assemble

Making over $1.5 Billion and counting, The Avengers was for me and many others evidently THE movie of the summer.

Having two Marvel obsessed little boys (well since Lego Batman a bit DC too, but I’m working on that) they just had to go and see Avengers Assemble in the cinema as soon as they could.

Unfortunately for them the film was 12A so mum and dad had to do the honours first and go to check it out beforehand. Luckily it passed the test and both boys got to go and see Hulk do his thing, and loved it more than any other film ever!

So getting the film on DVD so they can re-watch it again and again at home is a no-brainer anyway, but the Disney Store has just sweetened the deal making it even more irresistible.

Pre-Order the DVD or Blu-Ray of Avengers Assemble by the 17th September, and not only will you receive the set of 5 really cool figures of all of the Avengers but you’ll also get a £5 voucher to use on the Disney Store at a later date.

If like me you were going to purchase this anyway this is an offer not to be missed.


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