Baby Jake Toys

Looks like Cbeebies have another big hit on their hands with the magical world of Baby Jake and his big brother Isaac ( the narrator we hear from out of his 10 brothers and sisters!)

I will admit to initially being a bit weirded out with the mix of live action and 2D animation in the show, it takes some getting used to. However once you’ve seen it a few times you get over it. The children however, don’t seem to have any problems with the way Baby Jake looks and have really taken to it.

Baby Jake is made by production company Darrall Mcqueen, and looking into them I can’t believe how many of their TV shows me and the kids are huge fans of. Smile was a big fave of mine growing up, and the kids have grown up with it to in a way watching Nev the bear in Bear behaving Badly. Pet Squad is the one cartoon on CBBC that Thomas can simply never miss, plus Jacob and I have just finished watching Hi-5 which I noticed at the end is also Darall Mcqueen. With a track record like that, Baby Jake was bound to be a hit wasn’t it.

As with any good kids tv show, once it’s a hit there’s a toy line not far behind. The good news is that the wait for the Baby Jake toy range from Vivid is now over and I have started seeing them available to buy in my local shops.

The main item of the range is the Bumpety Bump Tractor which sees Baby Jake move from side to side as he moves along, and the funnel bob up and down as it goes. Pressing the buttons on the steering wheel plays back sounds and phrases from the show, plus the loveable ‘We’re going on an adventure’ tune.

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If it’s a soft toy Baby Jake you’re looking for then look no further than the Talking Baby Jake,¬† or the 3 Baby Jake Buddies¬†dolls which have Jake dressed up as his 3 funny friends Pengy Quin, Sydney the Monkey and Nibbles the Rabbit.

The Talking Baby Jake doll speaks over 12 phrases including his famous gibberish Yacki-yacki-yoggi and Googi-geeha.

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Plus finally there’s the Baby Jake Musical TV, which I think every toddler has at least one of. Personally in our house we had a Postman Pat and Bob The Builder one, and if they weren’t already 4 and 6 we’d probably have a Baby Jake one too.

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My only gripe with the range, What happened to the Hammsternauts? I was so looking forward to a cuddly version of my own. Maybe I’ll suggest it for next time.




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