Baby Jake:Giggle and Wiggle Jake – Review

If your stuck for ideas on what to get your pre-schooler this Christmas, If they are a Cbeebies fan then I might just have the answer.

The Giggle and Wiggle Jake from Vivid Toy Group is all the fun and cheeky charm of the hit Cbeebies TV show Baby Jake wrapped up into one laughter inducing toy. It’s not called Giggle and Wiggle for nothing.

If you’ve seen the show already, then you’ll know that Baby Jake loves to dance. Kids love to dance too. So Vivid have combined the two, and now your little toddler can dance with their favourite TV character.  Cool eh?

The magic happens when you hold Baby Jakes hands. Hold one hand and he will talk to you in the way that only Baby Jake can. “Goggi Geeha!” “beep beep” “”Yacki Yacki Yoggi” He says all of his special phrases from the show.

Hold both hands however and you’re in for a treat. Baby Jake instantly starts to giggle and wiggle, and sings the Yacki Yacki Yoggi song as he does.

My little one Jacob has always had a soft spot for Baby Jake, although he won’t admit it to anyone as he thinks he’s too old for it. However even he couldn’t hide his delight as Jake started laughing and dancing when he held his hands. It’s very infectious and you just can’t help smiling when he starts wiggling.

Young fans of the show will absolutely love the Giggle and Wiggle Jake. Would make a perfect Christmas gift for younger children. I can just imagine the laughter on Christmas day with all the family. Kids, mum, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles all joining in giggling and wiggling around the Christmas tree.

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