Back To School: Angry Birds Hangers and Erasers Collection – Review

Continuing with our back to school theme, these very cool Angry Birds Erasers and Backpack Hangers will really make your child’s school bag stand out from the playground crowd.

Angry Birds is massive with the kids at the moment. It’s Angry Birds this, Angry Birds that, Angry Birds everything in our house. So they were both thrilled to be sent some of the Angry Birds Hangers and Erasers by Click Distribution to test out.

Angry Birds Hangers Collection

The Angry Birds Hangers collection is a set of 10 collectable Pigs and Birds from the Angry Birds games. Each pack comes with One Hanger, One Sticker, and a collectable card sheet.

They are a good size, not too big but robust enough to be played with as well as hung from a bag. My boys love the fact that they can have their Angry Birds hanging from their bags on a day out, and can then take them off for an impromptu play around when we stop somewhere.

They currently have One Angry Bird Hanger each on their bag, but they are obviously on the lookout for more. As I mentioned they are quite bulky, so I’m not sure how many they can fit on their bags. I don’t think you’d be able to get all 10 on there at once, maybe 3 or 4 tops I think.

Angry Birds Erasers Collection

There are 24 different Erasers to collect including all of your favourites. Yellow Bird, Green Bird, Moustache Pig, Blue Bird, they’re all here and more.

Each pack comes with 2 Erasers, a sticker, and collectible card sheet. I think it’s great that you get 2 in a pack, more fun to be had collecting 2 at a time.

Thomas used the stickers we got from the Erasers and Hangers to decorate his own paper Angry Birds level that he made. He’s always using the Erasers to play the game. I told him not to throw the hangers as they could cause some damage, but the Erasers are ok to play with.

I can see these being a big hit with all of his friends when he goes back to school. In fact he can’t wait until they go back so he can start swapping his doublers.

For school age Angry Birds Fans the Hangers and Erasers collections are the perfect Back to School purchase. Can’t bear to be parted from your favourite game? Just take the Birds with you!

Minion pig Hanging on your backpack, Black Bird and Red Bird sitting in your pencil-case. With these guys around you can have Angry Birds fun all day long.

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