Back to School with Crayola

In the Toybuzz household it’s less a case of Back to School as it is Off to School!

Being an October Baby Thomas missed out on school last year, so he heads off this September. Even my baby….well um 2 yr old Jacob is off to Nursery as well. I’m looking forward to a bit of well earned peace and quiet I can tell you.

Anyway I’ve been busy buying school shoes, bags, jumpers, lunchboxes and water bottles. Now it’s time to think about what goes inside the school bag, some lovely new stationary.

Apart from the obvious felt tips and crayons we all know Crayola for, they also have a few really ingeniously designed writing implements perfect for youngsters going back to School.

The Crayola Twistables line is one of my favourites. No more sharpening your pencils needed with the Twistable Pencil, Just twist the barrel slightly and you’ll be ready to write again. I Just Love the Twistables range, the pencils, Colouring pencils and crayons are just what a household with young children needs. I like them because 1)I think they look great 2)They come in a plastic pouch which encourages my children to put them back and keep them looking tidy 3) I’m not forever sharpening pencils, as Thomas is notorious for breaking the freshly sharpened nib on the first stroke.

They are also a lot more reliable than the mechanical pencils that I though was the height of coolness when I was in School. You know, the ones with the lead that would snap as soon as it touched the paper. You can even Twist the lead back into the twistables if you accidentally twist too much out, and you couldn’t do that with my old mechanical one.

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Another must have for the Back to School back pack is a pack of Crayolas new Handwriting pens. They come in a pack of 5 pens, 3 black and 2 blue. Having used these pens myself this week, I can vouch for how great they are, and for why they deserve a place in your child’s pencil case. For one they are washable, so that means no more ruined school shirts, and for another they’re smudge proof. Not only are these pens perfect for my son as he’s just learning about holding a pen correctly and his handwriting skills, but they’re also perfect for my left handed hubby. These are the only pens he’s used which haven’t ended up smudging all over the page. It’s a good job they come in a pack of 5 as he’s already nabbed 2 for himself.

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So I’m pretty close to getting all the school uniform and School Bags ready, But at least I know I’ve got the pencils cases sorted!

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