Bakugan – Battle on the go

So you’ve given in and bought your child lots of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Now what do you do with them?

When you’ve spent good money on the latest craze for your little boy, it’s demoralising when they either get misplaced or left all over the house ready for you to fall over them.

Bakugan are the perfect size for getting lost under the sofa, under the bed, even under the fridge! so If you want to keep your Bakugan safe,tidy, and mobile then you need some storage fast!

The Bakugan Bakucase is an easy to carry case for up to 24 Bakugan. Portable and light, this is a great idea. Includes 1 Large Bakugan with the case.

Bakuclips are small devices which as the name suggests, you can clip onto yourself. Portable and very easy to use, load it up with up to 3 Bakugan and you’ll always be ready for battle. Comes with 1 Bakugan, 1Metal Gate Card and 1 Ability Card.

If you like the Bakuclip idea, the Bakugan Bakurack continues the theme and becomes the ultimate Bakugan storage device. Consisting of 5 Bakuclips on a spinning carousel, perfect for showing off all your Bakugan on the go. Holding a maximum of 15 Bakugan when all the Bakuclips are attatched. The individual Bakuclips can also be used separately if you only want totake a few out at a time.

The Bakugan Bakutin is the only device which keeps the cards safe as well as the Bakugan. Assembled in a stylish highly collectable tin you can store 18 Bakugan Battle Brawlers and 30 cards. The tin also comes with 2 exclusive Bakugan included, as well as 5 Metal Gate Cards and 5 Ability Cards.

With all these storage devices, you may even need to get some more Bakugan to put in them!

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