Barbie A Fashion Fairytale

You know what I really miss about not having a girly in the house? Playing with Barbie Dolls! So much so that I actually consider having another baby in the hope that I have a girl to play Barbies with (I don’t consider the idea for that long though!)

I remember how much I loved my Barbie Ferrari I got on for Christmas when I was 7, it was the very best present I ever received. So with that perfect Christmas memory still firmly intact, I can only imagine how excited I would have been to receive one of Barbies newest Toys The Glitterizer Wardrobe.

The Glitterizer Wardrobe is just one of the many toys Mattel have come up with to tie in with Barbies latest DVD movie “Barbie : A Fashion Fairytale“. In the movie Barbie travels to Paris with her talking dog Sequin, to go and see her fashion designer aunt Millicent. Inside the attic of Millicents fashion house Barbie discovers the Glitterizer Wardrobe, and three Fashion Fairies (or Flairies as they are called) Glimmer, Shimmer and Shine.

But enough about the movie, I’m more interested in all the amazingly girly glittery pink toys!

My favourite of the Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Toys has to be the Glitterizer Wardrobe. This set has everything, Stickers, Glitter, fashion Designing, and most importantly Barbie. This really has to be every little girls dream toy!

Firstly you apply stickers to one of Barbies two outfits, she comes with A beautiful Pink and silver short dress and then a more casual but still fabulous Off the shoulder top and jeans.

Next you place Barbie in the Glitterizer Wardrobe and close the door. Fill the Draw up with Glitter and then watch as the fans spray glitter everywhere. Picture Barbie in that thing at the end of the crystal maze where all of the tokens flew about and you’ll get the idea.

When the Glitterizer has done it’s magic the stickers you applied will now be lovely and…well glittery.

Clothes are not the only thing you can use the glitterizer for, Barbie comes with a handbag and Knee high boots which can also be glitterized. In fact you can also put your own things in there, Key rings, iPod Covers, Pencil Case, they can also get some of that Barbie Glitter Magic too.

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As well as the Glitterizer Barbie also has a new pad to live it up in, The Fairytale Party Palace! At over 63cm tall this is one big playhouse.

This house sure does put my old Barbie house into the shade (whilst writing this post and looking at photos I’ve just found out it was in fact a Sindy house, oh the shame!)

As this is a party palace you of course need a drawbridge, but not just any old drawbridge this one doubles up as a VIP red ..sorry Pink carpet. Dance the night away on the spinning dance floor, and then take the elevator upstairs to the princess bedroom. Inside you’ll find a bed which when you push it back transforms into a wardrobe.

Of course with Barbie being invited up to the princess palace for a party she couldn’t just arrive in any old mode of transport, she arrives in style in the Fashion Fairytale Horse and Carriage.

This very up to date Carriage comes complete with Flat Screen TV Inside, presumably so if Ken’s conversation gets too tiresome Barbie can watch a bit of telly on the way to the party.

The carriage also has a convertible top which folds down, so Barbie and Ken can take a romantic trip watching the stars as they travel (that’s if she turns off the TV first)

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Sorry - no matching products found.

Even with all of these new amazing toys coming out, nothing can outshine the star of the show Barbie herself. The new Barbie Fashion Fairytale Transforming doll like the name suggests transforms from couture party dress to Princess gown in seconds.

Press the bow on Barbies dress and the fabric will light up and will also play the song from the finale of the movie.

The dress transforms really easily, just pull the top down and then flick the skirt around the back.

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Now all I need is to find someone to watch the DVD with me, Thomas? Jacob?

Now where have they both sneaked off too?

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