Barbie H20 Design Magic

I saw the advert for the latest incarnation of Barbie doll today, the H20 Design Magic Barbie.

As with all the new Barbies nowadays, she has an original angle to help her sell. She can’t just be a doll anymore, she has to do something or be something special. Well this Barbie has a special dress which you can make a design on with water.

It seems to me that Barbie has made her newest dress out of an Aquadraw mat, as that’s what this technically is. You get a little water spritzer,pen, stencils and stamp tool to draw on your watery designs.

When applied the water turns pink on the sparkly silver surface, of course what other colour would it possibly turn! Like the Aquadraw the colour slowly fades once dried and then your left with a nice clean surface to design all over again.

You get two dresses included ready for designing, and Barbie also comes with a silver handbag and a pair of  silver sparkly shoes.

Looks like quite a nice toy for a little girl with a bit of a twist letting you put your own designs on the clothes.

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