Barbie Princess Charm School – Review

Out on the 29th of August on DVD Barbie Princess Charm School is the story of all round good girl Blair Willows. Blair is a waitress living in the poor part of town with her little sister and sick mum.

Everything changes for Blair when her name is drawn out in the Princess raffle and she is awarded a scholarship to the Princess Charm School as her prize. Unfortunately for Blair she immediately makes an enemy of the most important person at the school Dame Devin. This is due to her noticing Blair’s likeness to the Kingdom’s missing princess, and she’s determined to get Blair ejected from the school as soon as she can before anyone else figures out what happened.

Me having 2 boys thought that this would be a movie I would be reviewing alone, but it’s late in the summer holidays and the boys were both bored so I convinced them to give it a go. The results were truly amazing, because when I asked after 10 minutes if i should turn it off or if they wanted to do something else they both said “no, it’s ok I’m watching this”.

Jacob ended up wandering off about half way through as he usually does, popping in and out to keep up with the story. However Thomas sat and watched the whole thing wonderfully. As the credits were rolling he proclaimed it to be one of his favourite films ever, really really good. Just to prove how much he enjoyed Barbie Princess Charm School we took it around to his friend’s house about an hour later and he sat and watched it all the way through again with her!

For Barbie fan’s this latest dvd adventure is obviously an absolute must, Thomas’ little friend has all of the previous films and was totally in her element watching this, but I was really very surprised by how much the boys and I enjoyed the movie too. If you’re looking for a movie suitable for all the family you can’t go wrong with Barbie Princess Charm School.

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