Batman Brave and the Bold

I am simply loving the new range of Batman Brave and the Bold toiletries from Grace Cole. at the moment.

Beautifully packaged and perfect for the boys christmas gifts they’ve something to make all of us happy. Thomas and Jacob get a lovely set of smellies featuring one of their favourite comic book heroes, and I get two clean fresh smelling boys without the usual fight about the bath for once.

I think my personal favourite of the sets on offer is the very reasonably priced Fists of Fury Gift set.

Not just for the cool name and Batman Head packaging, but for the Batarang sponge which you get.

It’s not just the boys that Grace Cole have covered though, there’s some lovely Glitter Fairies and Forever Friends sets which would be just perfect for the little princess in your life this Christmas.

Be sure to look out for the sets closer to the Christmas period, They’ll be on sale in Harrods, John Lewis, New Look and from Grace Cole Online.

Speaking of Batman Brave and the Bold Toys R Us have just announced a special Batman roadshow which they are running at 10 stores on dates throughout September. They’re will be a Batmobile onsite and a Batman character will be there too.

Looks like it’ll be lots of fun for the kids, and they’re running a special competition throughout all of the stores to win a chance to train to be a superhero like Batman on a special stunt course.

Dates of the roadshow are:

Croydon – Saturday 28th August

Reading – Sunday 29th August

Oldbury- Saturday 4th September

Cardiff – Sunday 5th September

Coventry – Saturday 11th September

Warrington – Sunday 12th September

Brent Cross – Saturday 18th September

Southampton – Sunday 19th September

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