Ben 10 bargain!

Whilst shopping in my local Sainsburys this morning, my eldest son dragged me into the toy aisle to have a look at what he could possibly get out of me today. I noticed that a few items were on sale like littlest pet shop and some Dr Who figures but I saw that the Ben 10 deluxe omnitrix was reduced from £15.99 to £4.00. This is the omnitrix from the original Ben 10 not the new Alien force one. Unfortunately my son already has this, otherwise I would have snapped it up, as shops are still selling it from upwards of £13.00 to around £20.00.

It has a swivel dial on the top, which enables you to change aliens just like the tv series. It makes authentic sounds and has a small picture of the alien on the LCD screen. There’s also a game which involves turning into a designated alien in the quickest possible time.

If you’ve got a Ben 10 mad son who hasn’t got this already, my advice would be to go and seek one out. It’s definitely worth £4.00.

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