Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimate Spidermonkey – Review

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is the next chapter in the saga that is Ben 10, we’ve had plain old Ben 10, Ben 1o Alien Force and now comes Ultimate Alien.

Unlike the massive 5 year gap in the story between original Ben 10 and Alien Force, Ultimate Alien picks up only a few weeks after that epic final with Vilgax where Ben swapped the Omnitrix for the Ultimatrix and thus started his Ultimate Alien journey. To be honest the jump from young Ben to the Alien Force series was a big one for Thomas and he took a bit of getting used to it, so I’m glad that apart from the new aliens and new Omintrix things haven’t changed as much this time around.

Obviously a slew of new aliens means another deluge of alien action figures, although you wont find the boys complaining the more the merrier! So when an Ultimate SpiderMonkey popped through our letterbox for review, Thomas was thrilled. There was one condition to helping mummy with this review however, he had to clear up the toyroom first (all those older Ben 10 toys don’t tidy themselves you know).

We were sent the 10cm version Ultimate SpiderMonkey and I have to say I have been impressed with it. The main reasons are that for one it stands upright as default, no messing around with the limbs trying to get them at the right angle. You’ll know that this is one of my biggest tests for action figures, as I seem to deal with major meltdowns every day with Thomas trying to stand up his collection for games. He’s getting better at it now he’s older, but it’s still an major issue for me, so I’m really glad that Ultimate SpiderMonkey has no problems in that department.

Also there are no parts to come off or break every two seconds. Along with his two gorilla arms and 2 Spider legs, he comes with 2 additional Spiderlegs which you have to insert yourself. This set off alarm bells with me as I had visions of these extra legs coming off at every opportunity, but amazingly once put in they are well and truly stuck there. I’ve had a look at the other Ultimate alien figures and they all seem very sturdy and all seem to be in one piece, which for a parent is a godsend. I hate toys which have so many additional pieces that something vital always goes missing immediately after opening the box, so big thumbs up for the Ultimate Alien range so far!

I will just add In Bandai’s defence I had a problem last year where we’d lost 2 integral parts to one of the Ben 10 Alien Force Alien Creature Vehicles, so I called up Bandai customer services and they were extremely helpful and sent the two pieces to me delivered next day for free. Credit where credit’s due it’s the first time I’ve been really impressed with a customer service department.

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The Ultimate Alien 10cm figures do come with one added extra, they all come with an alien mini disc of the alien which you can use in the new Omnitrix the Ultimatrix.

We’ve had all the previous incarnations of Omnitrix including all the viewers and projectors too, must have had around 6 or 7 through the years. The latest Ultimatrix we don’t have yet, although it’s already on both the Christmas and Birthday lists so I don’t think it’ll be long until you see a review of that one!

The Omnitrix’s have definitely got much better with each new version, so I wasn’t surprised to see that the Ultimatrix looks like the best yet.

When you slip the alien discs inside the Ultimatrix the disc will pop up in a 3d effect, and say the name of your chosen hero in dramatic fashion complete with flashing lights.

Ever since we received our SpiderMonkey Thomas has been playing with it non stop, and is now eyeing up which Ultimate Alien he wants to collect next. My moneys on Ultimate Humungosaur as Thomas has always liked him, but if mummy’s paying it’ll probably end up being Rath as he’s my favourite.

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