If you’ve caught any kids tv this summer, like me you will probably already be bored rigid from hearing about Bendaroos. Why does the advert for these things have to be on every ad break?, and why does the guy have to have the most annoying voice in the universe?

Anyway the repeated showings are working, because my son wont stop nagging me to get some of these.

Thomas loves arts and crafts projects, he can spend hours cutting and gluing pictures in the kitchen and drawing pictures. So he’s really taken by Bendaroos, and I think he would enjoy them.

Bendaroos are in fact a super strong piece of string coated in a colourful sticky wax. This makes them an ideal building material for children’s art projects, as they are already sticky so you don’t need to get the glue sticks out, and they’re nice and colourful so you wont need to paint them. Just bend and twist into shape and see where you artistic prowess takes you(not very far in my case!)

Thomas loved seeing all the things on the advert that you can make with Bendaroos, He was particularly impressed with the clothes for the Action Man which are made. He’s decided he wants to make Spider man some new pants apparently.

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There are seven different packs that you can get, 6 with different themes like Food or bugs, the only difference between them all is the range of colours you receive, and the ideas instruction booklet which is tailored to each pack. Lastly there’s a mega pack made up of 400 coloured Bendaroos, and also a cut ‘n’ join tool.

Were going to make the trip to Toys R Us tomorrow to get some Bendaroos as I’ve finally given in to the nagging. I’ll post a full review and some pictures of our projects when we’ve had a chance to play with them.

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