Bendroos – Review

Another review here from  the massively big box of toys that Spinmaster sent me, this time around Bendaroos.

Now I will admit from the off that I have a past history with Bendaroos, and not a great one at that. Last summer after being bombarded with TV advert spots I was eventually persuaded to buy a box of Bendaroos, and the results weren’t a great success.

However this time around I wanted to come to the Bendaroos with an open mind, a year has passed since the last time, and with the boys being a year older maybe this year maybe we will get more out of them. So after nursery and school on Friday afternoon we got out the new Bendaroos and gave them another chance.

It says on the box from 5 plus and I think that’s about right, my 2 3/4 yr old Jacob spent time fiddling and twirling them around but couldn’t really do anything with them. Thomas was 5 last week and is not the most artistically gifted of child or the most co-ordinated, but he had a good time making simple shapes like stars and boxes. I think in another few months time he’ll be even better with the Bendaroos and get more of an idea what to do with them.

They both enjoyed immensely however watching me making my Bendaroos models. The were very excited about telling me what to make and then finding all the different colours I needed. Thomas was also in charge of cutting the Bendaroos into the different sizes I needed for me which he loved. So even though they maybe didn’t make the best models themselves, we all had a lot of family fun doing it together.

My little one Jacob is totally and utterly obsessed with Super Mario at the moment, so firstly in honour of Marios 25th birthday this month we decided to make some memorable characters from the Mario games to stick on Jacobs wall. Bendaroos are sticky so you can easily attatch your masterpieces to your walls, books, boxes or anything else you’d like to.

I’m pretty pleased with the results and the boys were both very impressed, Jacob immediately commandeered them all to take part in a Super Mario game with his Plush Mario and Luigi. So with that I thought everything was finished with and started packing up the Bendaroos ready for another day, then Thomas says maybe we should make the spider he needs for School on Monday. The spider he has apparently had around a month to make but only just remembered about! So back out come the Bendaroos ready for round two : Operation School Spider. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of our lovely spider, but it’s safe to say he was a complete success as he looked great and has just happily skipped his way through the school gates in Thomas’ bag.

I wouldn’t say that Bendaroos are maybe our favourite product yet as the boys are still too young to really get into them, but our experience this time was much better than the last time round, so I hold out hope that if we try again in another few months they will be even better with them. The Bendaroos were fun and Jacob loves his figures I made, but it was me making everything rather than them.

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