Big Farm Land Rover And Trailers – Review

I am really thrilled to be reviewing some Britains Big Farm toys again today. We love the Big Farm range, and even though Learning Curve is now part of Tomy International, we’re glad to see that nothings changed and the toys are still as engaging and realistic as ever.

This year Britains Big Farm have added a new equestrian set to the range The Land Rover and Horse Trailer set (RRP £34.99), plus the Land Rover With General Purpose Trailer Set (RRP £29.99)

We have had lots of fun over the past year playing with our Land Rover which we previously reviewed, but this time we had added fun as we got to try one out with the Horse and General Purpose Trailers.

The Land Rover itself is so wonderfully realistic it’s amazing. The working headlights, honking horn, and engine noise make this much more than a simple toy car. The Horse Trailer simply adds to the fun. Jacob has been busy kept busy for hours loading and unloading the horses, then hooking the trailer up to the Land Rover and taking them off for a spin.

The Land Rover and Horse Trailer set comes with the Amazingly realistic Model Land Rover, Horse Trailer with opening back door for loading, and side door, plus one horse and foal.

On the Farm I presume the general trailer would be used for transporting bales of hay around, but we didn’t have any of those so Jacob has been using Duplo Blocks. He’s also been using it to transport his toy car and to take his Moshi Monsters out for a trip around his newly renamed Moshling Farm.

In our opinion it’s another set of brilliantly realistic fun farm toys from Britains Big Farm, and a great addition to any budding farmers toy box.

As well as the new Land Rover and Horse Trailer set, and  Land Rover With General Purpose Trailer Set’s, the Horse Trailer with Horse and Foal, and the General Purpose Trailer are both available to buy separately for RRP £24.99 and RRP £29.99 respectively.



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