Bigjigs Toys Jungle Carpet Croquet – Review

We’ve been playing around with the Jungle Carpet Croquet set sent to us by Bigjigs Toys for a few weeks now, and it’s still got us in stitches every time we play.

It’s a lovely wooden version of the popular outdoor game, made for playing inside. There are four different jungle animal hoops to navigate the ball through. All are beautifully designed and painted. You also get 2 Croquet sticks, and 4 different balls.

The object of the game is to hit the tree in the middle, after passing the ball through all of the animal hoops in the correct order. If the hoop is knocked over or you miss the hoop your turn ends and it’s the next players go.

Not just a fun game, but also very educational. Helps your little ones with their colours, animal names, Numbers, plus hand and eye co-ordination skills.

It’s been lovely to have an indoor version of the game. As the weather has been so cold and damp lately we haven’t been outside in the garden much, and the Carpet Croquet has brought a little of the outdoor fun inside.

Jacob has got very good at it all of a sudden, I think he must be setting it up in the conservatory and having a sneaky practice while I’m not looking.

The game is so easy to set up I wouldn’t be surprised. Simply pop up the hoops and off you go. It’s perfect for a quick and easy game the whole family can play, when you maybe don’t fancy getting into a long drawn out board game.

Highly recommended

BigJigs’s Toys do not sell directly to the public, however you can find a stockist page on their website showing a huge range of fantastic shops that stock their wonderful toy’s.

You can follow Bigjigs on Twitter at!/bigjigstoysltd or Facebook





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