Bigtrak is back!

If your anything like me your reaction to the above title will be, So what?! However the words Bigtrak is back will bring joy to thousands of men up and down the country, and also to their young offspring who will no doubt be the recipient of one whether they ask for one or not.

I knew nothing of Bigtrak until me and my husband spent the night watching old adverts and things on Youtube and he did a search for it. When I asked what it was, I was regaled with a tale of wanting for Christmas but never receiving (and by the sounds of it never forgiving or forgetting).

So when I saw this little tidbit of news from the Toy Fair 2010 I knew he would be more than pleased.

Dubreq they company we have to thank for the comeback of the Stylophone are behind the project.

Now called the Bigtrak Jr, it will be half the size of the original but you will be able to programme it to travel a further distance. Dubreq have also added a cheeky peripherals port to the top, so you will be able to attach to begin with a digital camera and coming in 2011 a rocket launcher!

Can Holder For Bigtrak And Bigtrak Junior (IWOOT) IWOOT Logo


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The boys are just going to love playing with this little gadget (i’m including my husband in that too) I’m not sure it would be apples they would choose to transport though, more like cars or action figures (see youtube clip below)

Bigtrak Jr is due out later this year and I’ll be sure to be getting one as soon as it’s out (for research purposes only you understand….OK I have to admit it is pretty damn cool!)

Have a look at this old advert to give you an idea of what the original was all about, or apparently the Bigtrak is shown being used in the film E.T but I don’t remember it.

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