Blue Nose Friends Tatty Puppy – App Review

Those Blue Nose Friends of Tatty Teddy fame have a brand new app for the iphone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Tatty Teddy doesn’t actually feature in this game though, it’s all about Tatty Puppy and his friends.

We tested out the new app on the iPad.

The App starts with Tatty Puppy jumping through Tatty Teddy’s wardrobe and going to see all his Blue Nose friends. It’s made up of 6 mini-games, each hosted by one of the Blue Nose gang.

When you click on one of the friends you’ll be taken to their game page. There is also a jigsaw puzzle on each page, and you unlock pieces as you play their game. When completed the jigsaw will tell the story of Tatty Teddy meeting that Blue Nose Friend, both in pictures and being read out loud by the narrator.

Each game is very different, and I loved the variety in gameplay. The App has been really well done.

The 6 games are as follows:

Blossom’s Skip and Jump – Help Blossom jump over the skipping rope by tapping the screen at the right time. Double tap to make Blossom jump higher and collect treats. A simple but effective little game.

Coco’s Beach Band –  Make some funky music with Coco the Monkey and his seaside pals. Add and take away instruments as you please to see how the music changes. Steel Drums, Violins, Harps, Maracas and much more available to play with.  This is Jacob’s favourite of the games.

Passion’s Magical Garden – Help Passion the Butterfly tend to the garden. Get creative as you first plant and water the seeds, then decide which colours you want your flowers to grow.

Cottonsock’s Card Match – Remember where the cards are, all featuring your favourite Blue Nose Friends. It’s a game for either 1 or 2 players, and has 3 different difficulty levels. Harder levels mean more cards – 12 cards being the most. If you play with 2 players you get to choose a Blue Nose Friend to be your player icon.

Blinky’s Hide and Seek –  This one is my pick of the bunch. Even I think this one is pretty cool to play. In this game you play hide and seek with Blinky, and have to find her by moving the iPad around and tapping various places where she may be hiding. You actually have to move the iPad around quite a bit, very much like Face Raiders on the 3DS. If you’ve ever played that you’ll know what I mean. Very fun.

Peanut’s Biscuit Bake – Another brilliant little game. Help Peanut in the kitchen create some gorgeous biscuits. Roll the dough, cut the pattern out, and then wait as they bake. Once cooked you decorate your biscuit with icing and sprinkles as you wish.

When you’ve finished your culinary masterpiece you can take a photo of your creation. This was the first biscuit we made, a Passion one.

The most important feature of the App is that there is absolutely no in app purchases or adverts. So parents can happily let their child sit down and play, safe in the knowledge that no large bills are going to be racked up. Also just as importantly there wont be any inappropriate content to view, which can sometimes happen by clicking on ads and travelling outside of the app.

Blue Nose Friends Tatty Puppy is a brilliant all round app for little ones. Containing 6 games that in my opinion would be worthy of 6 individual Apps of their own, such is the quality of the games.

Blue Nose Friends Tatty Puppy is available from the App store for the iPhone and iPad as a free game containing Peanut’s Biscuit Bake, or the full version containing all 6 games for £1.99.

An Android version is due to be released in July.






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