Boggle Flash – Review

I have to admit I’ve never played Boggle but I do love word games, so when I had the opportunity to review the brand new electronic version of Boggle I was more than willing to give it a go.

Boggle Flash consists of  5 square blocks with inbuilt LCD screens. When you start a game each cube will show a letter and the task in hand is to find as many 3, 4 and 5 letter words you can before the timer runs out.

The really clever part is that the cubes know when you’ve lined them up into a recognised word and keep score for you as your going to be to busy racking your brains finding the next word.

At the end of your game all the blocks will show little clocks on their LCD screens to indicate that time is now up. You will then get your score displayed, and also the maximum amount of words possible with those letters. This is great for the ultra competitive like my husband and me. When I beat him last night I was able to prove that my letters were not considerably easier than his as he was procrastinating because the Boggle Cubes proved he could have made more words out of his letters than I could have, so in fact his were easier than mine!

Another one of the game modes gives you another type of multi player challenge, the object of the game is to work out the 5 letter word from the letters your given against the clock. If your successful you pass the cubes over to the next player and they then get another 5 letter word to figure out. Carry on finding the words and then passing them on until someone makes a boo boo, and the last person left in is the winner.

On of the best things about Boggle Flash is that it’s so compact. Once opened you can dispose of the big box and store the cubes and instructions in the small case your supplied with. Being so portable it’s great for train and plane journeys, and also perfect for just having out on the bookshelf.

I sometimes find getting the boardgames out takes so long with the set up and sometimes actually getting the things out from where there stored it doesn’t seem worth the hassle. Not a problem with Boggle Flash as it’s so small you can have it out and to hand whenever you want, and after a few short games put it back with no hassle.

It really makes the game a whole lot more fun not having to worry about whether the words are valid or keeping the score as you go along, you can just twist and swirl the letters around and just have a laugh as you do it.

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