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Britains Big Farm Competition

Is the gloomy weather getting to you? I know I’m suffering, and finding it hard to drag myself out of bed while it’s still so dark outside.

I shouldn’t really moan as I’ve spent the majority of this month in the glorious Florida sunshine. Although memories of the sun were soon long gone when I arrived back into Gatwick and had to tackle the snow in my sandals!

Well if like me and your be glad when spring comes around, why not get your kids in the mood early with the new Spring 2013 Range from Britains.

Regular readers will already know of the Toybuzz love for Britians range of scale model realistic and authentic Farm Toys, and the newest additions simply add to that.

My Jacob still loves crashing around with his Blue Britains Land Rover Defender. Well this time around they have teamed the Land Rover with a trailer and Skid Steer attachments to make a set which gives you everything you need to get all those jobs around the farm done.

Another very exciting new addition to the Big Farm range is their first ever JCB – The JCB 550-80.

This scale model of the powerful loading machine features all the characteristics you’d expect from the real thing like removable attachments and pallets.

The JCB 550-80 would make a valuable addition to your youngsters Big Farm collection, helping out with all the big and heavy jobs like shifting the hay bales.

My Boys simply love the Britains Big Farm rage as the vehicles are simple to use, and easy to play with. However they are so realistic, it makes the playtime so much more fun.


Once again Toybuzz is happy to be working with Tomy and their Britains Big Farm range, and hosting a wonderful competition with a prize worth £77 to give away.

Britains have kindly offered us a prize pack containing:

1 x Land Rover and Skid Steer Set

1 x JCB Loadall 550-80

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below letting me know your best tips to get over those winter blues.

Competition closes Midnight 15th February.



    Wrap up warm and Still get out, fresh air is great for everyone

  • I find the best way for me to get over the winter blues is to do my competitions. When I don’t feel like getting out of bed, I think of my hobby, have a cup of tea and spend a couple of hours on the computer before breakfast. It really works for me!!

  • I try to get over the winter blues by having friends around the house with the kids to play board games and watch movies and things like that to have a laugh, also to plan what we all are going to get up too over spring and summer.

  • spend time with your loved ones

  • Pull on your wellies and get to the park with the kids ( take a flask )


  • Find things to do. There’s museums, cinema – things indoors that you might not do in the summer.

    Book your summer holiday.

  • I get over the winter blues by going to my local travel agent and picking up lots of holiday brochures to read,

  • Get out in the fresh air, take the boy and let him thrash me at golf

  • Make a batch of hearty wholesome food. It will met away your blues and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

  • Getting over the winter blues in our house is enjoying family time lots of board games and hot chocolates to keep us warm and if snow arrives enjoy it whilst its there building snowmen and taking the children out on there sledges.

  • During the day get as much sunlight as possible and in the evenings cuddle up in front of the fire with stodgy food and a heat big book!

  • I clean out a cupboard, drawer or chest that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. If there’s anything that I no longer use, I put it in a box to give to a local charity.

    When I’ve finished, I give myself a (metaphorical) pat on the back and, yes, I actually stand back and admire it looking all sparkly clean and organised. Lovely!

    Afterwards, I flop onto the sofa with a fluffy rug with the cats for strokes, hugs and kisses. Their gentle purring and exquisite beauty are both joyful and deeply relaxing.

  • Use your mp3 player go on a brisk walk

  • A walk along the seafront always cures the blues for me wrap up warm and enjoy the waves breaking on the sand x

  • get out the seed catalogues and plan for spring and summer

  • A warm meal at the end of your working day, nice hot bath followed by a good movie. followed by a hot chocolate before bed time.

  • Eat well, sleep well, spend time with great friends and laugh a lot.

  • Embrace it! Crisp days, building snowmen, snuggling under blankies on the sofa – love it!! x

  • You need to get out and about and get some fresh air, I also have a sunshine lamp as I lack vitamin d, if you close your eyes you can imagine you are on a hot beach!

  • I like to have a big spring clean (okay so it’s still Winter!) by pulling everything out of the wardrobes which keeps you busy, keeps you warm and you can have great fun trying on all your clothes and dreaming about all the exotic places you would like to wear them.

  • Book your holidays and keep looking forward to the warmer weather

  • I book a holiday in the springtime so I have something to look forward to. In the meantime I try to get fit for that holiday by eating healthily and getting some daily exercise x

  • Lots of fresh air and sunlight and when nothing else works – an SAD lamp.

  • After going out all wrapped up warm walking the dog with kids, we return home snuggle up under a big fluffy blanket, put on a good film and have a lovely hot chocolate made with hot milk and marshmallows. Then I cook for tea a nice roast, makes everyone feel all warm, cosy and happy again. After that what winter blues? :-)

  • Start a new hobby, I just started sewing dolls and it is so cosy to snuggle up in a warm room and make something while outside seems so inhospitable. It makes you feel good when create something with your hands and gets you motivated to step out the house to go buy and discover new crafting goodies!

  • definately get out of the house

  • Talk a walk in the fresh air. Get wrapped up warm and go out and enjoy the season for what it has to offer, rather than wishing it wasn’t here.

  • Go away to somewhere warm

  • I love to cook and bake in HoniesKitchen and to get over the Winter Blues, I turn my attention to comforting foods that keep me and my family smiling. I use the slow cooker more and also make home-made pies and dishes like lasagne and baked rice pudding all in Stoneware ( I have a lot of Stoneware). There’s nothing muffins, oozing with thick syrupy toppings, quick and easy chocolate puddings topped with rich chocolate sauce, served with whipped vanilla cream or ice-cream.

    See, I feel better already just talking about it!

  • Getting out in nature, on the hills, by the beach, anywhere to blow the cobwebs away!

  • Pretend to be polar explorers with the kids after snow has fallen. Get them to notice how things have changed. This game works both in the garden and park/woods/etc.

  • Spending time with my boys

  • I always wrap up warm and go for a lovely long walk, I find it clears your head and makes you feel energised and fantastic.

  • our family gets overthe winter blues by playing family games all together and enetring kids comps as they get very excited xx so do i xx

  • browse the summer holiday brochures curled up in front of a log fire

  • I find the best way for me to get over the winter blues is to keep busy!! Have a good clear out and we always decorate and make the house look fresh & new….Makes me feel great anyway :)

  • Wrap up warm, lots of layers are fun! Then get out in the fresh air, as long as it’s dry its absolutely fine. The ducks in the park appreciate the bread just as much (if not more) in the winter.

  • Spend time with your loved ones and be active!

  • A light box not as expensive as you think and anyone with SAD it works a treat or if a bit too expensive try daylight bulbs works for my hubby.

  • I look at my family, home and everything I own, and it instantly makes me feel warm, knowing i’m unconditionally loved, any time of the year. No warmer feeling.

  • Keep yourself busy start a new hobby and set goals to avoid winter blues also dont be afraid to have some fun be a little silly and always smile

  • Take a day and some bin bags and CLEAR OUT those old toys while the kids are at school. Take them to a charity shop the same day, and feel great on two fronts, as well as being ready for Spring!

  • book a holiday somewhere warm :)

  • A nice winter holiday always cheers me up!

  • i get out the house with my kids for a bike ride xx

  • Take up a new sport try skiing.. make the most of the winter :)

  • Only work part-time in the winter, so I go away for some winter sun. Nov/Dec planing, Jan doing, Feb showing off my photo’s. March back to work full time thats when the blues set in.

  • Plenty of sleep,good food and great company.

  • If I am cold I love to go into the kitchen and put the oven on and either bake cakes or biscuits both go down well with the family.

  • get the kids n dogs and go for a long walk in the fresh air

  • Book a holiday!

  • The warm cosy fire is always lovely and makes me feel happy.

  • plan your summer holiday


  • Plan some nice things to look forward to @MummyFever

  • Plan a holiday deffo :-)

  • Listen to music you live – it’s amazing ow it can lift your spirits :)

  • Get a holiday booked, gives you something to look forward to.

  • Get out and about whatever the weather – some of us have to with children, dogs and horses anyway!!

  • As Winter seems to last a long time in Scotland, I accept and enjoy the winter months, get wrapped up and get out and about as much as possible but I do look forward to the Summer and cross my fingers that we actually get one.

  • plan a holiday somewhere very hot!!

  • I love to go for a brisk walk by the sea and watch the waves

  • Take up a winter activity its a great way to look forward to winter, rather than hating it. Try and take a trip skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing for example or if you can’t afford that try ice skating at your local rink or do some winter photography. Embrace winter, don’t let it be your enemy!

  • go on holiday

  • Get the children out in the countryside to blow away the cobwebs and look at all the spring bulbs coming out in the garden etc. look forward to Spring

  • buy a new toy and play with your grandchildren! You can have fun with this whatever the weather!

  • Have a good sort out – room by room – cupboard by cupboard.

  • Take our granddaughter out for a walk and look at the wonder in her young and questioning eyes. :)

  • Teat myself to a new haircut and manicure while hubby looks after the kids….bliss

  • Book a holiday or spring weekend break for an event to look forward to.

  • It has to be a Day Shopping in Oxford Street , LOndon

  • Always have something to look forward to, even if its something simple like your favourite tea at the weekend…..keep planning like this and it will be summer before you know it :)

  • Get out and about more especially as it is lighter for longer now.

  • Arrange a little break away, someting to look forward to is always uplifting

  • keep yourself busy even when its cold outside

  • Book a holiday

  • Have a snowball fight !

  • Taking our 20 month old grand daughter out for walks and play in the snow

  • Book a nice holiday and look forward to the warmer weather :D

  • have a cozy night on the sofa with a few films

  • wrap up well and enjoy the weather. There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes

  • A bracing walk and toasted crumpets

  • Get out in the daylight as much as possible and book a holiday to give you something to look forward to

  • I take the children into the garden and we look for signs of growth and green shoots peeping through the soil

  • Go for a nice brisk walk

  • Have a baking session….not only will the house smell lovely, your efforts will be appreciated and you can freeze any extras for when the weather improves and you are too busy outside to bake ! Good luck everybody

  • Take a long brisk walk with the dog, it blows away the cobwebs and you feel as warm as toast and cosy too when you return home from your walk

  • As soon as the weather is good enough find an outdoor activity eg trip to the zoo, a farm or even a long walk in the countryside, anything to clear the cobwebs.

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