Britains Big Farm Land Rover – Review

Having Learning Curve as your Cybermummy Sponsors does have some pretty cool benefits. Just ask my boys who get to play with cool toys like this Land Rover every day!

This perfect scale replica of an instantly recognisable Land Rover Defender is from Learning Curve’s – Britains Big Farm range, and it is so much fun.

Jacob absolutely loves the very loud honking horn noise (possibly a bit too loud), there’s also a button to press for a realistic engine noise, and my favourite feature the working headlights!

The cover over the back of the van comes off, so you can load it up easily and then pop the cover back on. There is also a hook on the back so you can hook up and tow a tractor or trailer.

All of the Britains Big Farm range we’ve reviewed have gone down really well with all the family, they are all so fantastically well detailed that they look just like the real thing.

If you fancy winning some Britains farm toys of your very own then you’ll be very interested to hear that Learning Curve have joined forces with the NFU and are giving you the chance to win £100 of Britains farm toys! For 4-7 year olds there is a colouring competition, and for the older 8-12 year olds a poetry competition. For more details and to download an entry form, take a look at

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