Britains Farm Toys: Massey Ferguson Tractor and Machinery Building – Review

Once again this week we really excited by another delivery of wonderful Britains Farm Toys for the boys and me to review. We always love the amazingly realistic toys they send us, and we’ve built up quite an impressive farmyard as a result.

This time around we received out first ever Massey Ferguson Tractor (the Massey Ferguson 6480) and a Machinery Building to put our burgeoning collection of tractors inside.

All the Tractors we have had before have been John Deere models, so the Massey Ferguson 6480 was a nice bit of variation. The attention to detail is impeccable as always, and Jacob loved the vibrant red colour (another first for his tractor collection).

It has a front loader which is perfect for transporting hay bails and the like, plus an attachment on the back for connecting on a trailer like the new Kane Silage or Grain Trailers.

The Machinery Building whilst lovely for Jacob to play and have fun with now it’s built was a bit of a nightmare to construct. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I had a lot of problems trying to get all the bits to stay together. It took me around 1hr to put it all together, but most of that time was reapplying previous pieces that come unclipped once you think your done with them and onto the next step.

Once it’s up and completed it’s fine, and Jacob has had so much fun moving the tractors in and out, even doing a raring trade renting it out as a multi story car park for his Hot Wheels cars too (by this I mean filling it to the brim with cars to see how many he can fit in)

I would still recommend the Machinery Building as a great addition to your collection of farm toys. Just make sure you set aside a good hour of quiet time to put it together.






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