Bumpeez – Review

Following on from pocket-money collectables like GoGo’s Crazy Bones and Lego Minifigures, the next big playground craze this year is predicted to be a new kid on the block called Bumpeez.

Officially launching on the 24th August, Bumpeez are small plastic discs with a rubber casing around the outside. Granted that description doesn’t make them sound all that great, but my 6yr old son who is the target audience for these things thinks they are amazing. He’s already cleared out his special suitcases he uses for housing his various collections, Demoting the current inhabitants Pokemon to the toy box and giving his new Bumpeez pride of place.

There are 100 different Bumpeez to collect including rare silver coloured ones, Bi-coloured swirly ones and 2 very extra special gold Bumpeez. If you find a gold Bumpee in your packet your very lucky indeed, as not only do you get to make all your friends extremely jealous but you also win a prize as well.

Each Bumpeez chip has an individual value, which you can use to when you play a variety of games or just to give you an idea of how much it’s worth compared to other Bumpeez when you want to swap with your mates. Plus not only will you want to collect all 100 chips to complete your collection, you will also want to make sure that you have the correct coloured and shaped ring to go around the outside. So not only can you have fun swapping the Bumpeez discs with your friends, you can also swap and match the rings too.

On the Bumpeez collectors fact sheet which comes with all the packs, as well as pictures of all the Bumpeez you need to collect you’ll also find some ideas for games you can play with your Bumpeez too. Me and Thomas have been having great fun playing our own version of the darts game.

My boys already are very into their Bumpeez collection and cannot wait until they are available in the shops officially as they are desperate to find those elusive gold Bumpeez.

Bumpeez will be available at newsagents, supermarkets, and stores like The Entertainer Toys R Us and WH Smith from 24th of August, and cost £1.99 for a pack containing 2 Bumpeez chips and 2 silicon rings. There will also be a collectors album and collector bag available too.

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