Camelot Jr Board Game- Review

Camelot Jr is a new board game from puzzle makers Jumbo, under their range of brain training Smart Games.

We were offered the opportunity to choose our choice of one of the Smart Games to try. There’s a game called Day and Night which teaches children about colours, shapes and shadows, or a game called Smart Car where you need to build trucks with coloured bricks, but Thomas chose the Camelot game as he’s fascinated with knights and castles like most children.

It’s really hard for me to write this review, as I’m not sure I can find the words to praise this game enough…it’s amazing!

The aim of the game is to use the colourful wooden blocks to make a path for the Knight or Princess to travel from one castle to the other. In half of the puzzles the Knight is rescuing the Princess, and in the other half the tables are turned. The puzzle and solution booklet lets you know how to set up each puzzle, and which set of bricks you can use to solve it. There are 4 levels of difficulty from Beginner to Expert, and a total of 48 challenges to puzzle over.

As you’ll know by now both of my boys are big big gadget fans, anything that beeps, makes a noise or does anything remotely electronic is the bees knees. However Both Thomas and Jacob have absolutely taken to this game and love it. First thing in the morning after breakfast Thomas has been rushing to get the box out to complete a few puzzles before school. The box says that the game is for children from 4-9, but Jacob has been watching Thomas intently when he plays, and has already completed a few of the easier puzzles himself.

The concentration on Thomas’ face when he’s playing is amazing, you can almost see the little cogs whirring and grinding as he tries to find the solution. We are getting into the harder puzzles now, and there’s lots of placing blocks, then turning them around, then sideways, then back round again until he gets it right. It’s really wonderful to see him giving the game his full attention, and working it all out for himself.

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I love that everything fits so nicely into the box, and the whole thing is only 11 pieces so we are re less likely to lose something. Everything is out of the box and set up in seconds, so it’s perfect for getting out quickly and have a sneaky go here and there. Thomas is already planning on taking it to his Grandmothers house next week to show her how clever he is, and luckily for gran it wont take up much room in the back of the car.

We’ve only had this game 2 days and Thomas has already gone through 25 challenges like a whirlwind and already up to Expert level. I had to promise “cross my heart” that we would play again after school just to get him into his uniform this morning! This is a big big hit in the Toybuzz household, and as you can see on the video Thomas has given it a big 10/10.

Well deserved.

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