Amazing opportunities in the Toy Trust Charity Auction

So as you’ve guessed I’m a big kid at heart. I’d still rather be at home playing with my Barbie Ferrari than actually driving one.

Well if you feel the same, have I got news for you. The Toy Trust have put together an amazing opportunity to grab some money can’t buy style Toy related experiences, whilst helping to raise much-needed funds for children’s charities.

All of these once in a lifetime products and experiences have been donated by the toy companies, and 100% of the money raised will go directly to the Toy Trust and the children’s charities it supports.

Heres a list of the amazing things on offer in this truly awesome auction:

  • Signed set of ‘One Direction’ dolls
  • A ‘Moshi Day’ with Moshi Founder Michael Acton Smith at Moshi Towers
  • A Disney Store Private Shopping Spree with £200 to spend and a personal shopper
  • The first ever solid sterling silver ‘Lalaloopsy Jewels Sparkles’
  • A magical Barbie® visit to your home or school
  • Two Limited Edition sets of Character Building Super Rare Doctor Who Figures (Series 1&2)
  • Disney Pocahontas “Just Around the River Bend” Limited Edition print
  • A fantastic family day out at the brand new Thomas Land – The World of Thomas & Friends
  • A limited edition Barbie® Collector William & Catherine Royal Wedding™ gift set
  • Signed Set of ‘JLS’ dolls
  • Your chance to win a LEGO® mosaic of you and your family
  • Signed Set of ‘Little Mix’ dolls
  • A Plasticine model making workshop with an Aardman model maker.
  • Signed set of ‘The Wanted’ dolls
  • Sindy® collector items – 2 Denim Dazzle/Fantastic Jeans ‘My First Sindy’ dolls
  • Furby – THE Toy for Christmas – Six Furbys (1 in every colour)
  • Transformers Optimus Prime Truck – Yours for a Day!
  • The ultimate personalised ‘My Monopoly’ Game
  • An exclusive Nerf Sports Firevision Range (Item currently not available in the UK)

I’m sure you’ll agree that some of the things on offer are just out of this world. I mean – Optimus Prime coming to your house! That would be the ultimate for me. Or going to Moshi Towers, that would be amazing. Plus it’s all for a very good cause.

The auction runs on Ebay from 9am Wednesday 21st November up until 9am November 30th, and can be found at

Toy filled Advent Calendar’s – Lego, Playmobil, Moshi Monsters and More

Last year we as a family had the pleasure of reviewing the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. It was our first foray into the world of the filled advent calendar, before that we’d always gone with the traditional chocolate ones. After the excitement of getting a new Lego Star Wars toy everyday I think the days of the chocolate calendars are over for us, It was just too much fun.

The main plus point of them is that instead of a small insignificant piece of chocolate every morning, you now get a really cool toy which your youngster will obviously get x100 more play out of. The Santa Yoda we had out of the Lego Star Wars advent calendar last year has been played with most days for the last year.

The downside is they do tend to be rather expensive. However if you have a young Lego Star Wars, Playmobil or Moshi Monsters fan than they act as an early christmas present every morning leading up until the big day.

The big 2 brands that everyone instantly thinks of are the Lego and Playmobil calendars. However I was surprised by how many of these toy filled advent calendar there are available right now. The Moshi Monsters Moshlings Advent Calendar is a new one for this year, and I can imagine it being very in demand.

Here’s a round-up of all the toy filled advent calendars on the market right now:

Lego Advent Calendar’s

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012  – Fans of last years Father Christmas Yoda will love this years calendar featuring Santa Darth Maul and Snowman R2-D2.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Lego City Advent Calendar 2012 – It’s Christmas time but Santa’s sleigh is stuck in the snow. Open the 24 doors of your calendar and collect all the minifigs, tools and vehicles needed to rescue Santa in time.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar 2012 Celebrate Christmas Heartlake City style with the Lego Friends advent Calendar. 

Lego Friends: Friends Advent Calendar (41382) (IWOOT) IWOOT Logo


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Lego Friends: Friends Advent Calendar (41382) (Zavvi) Zavvi Logo


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Playmobil Advent Calendar’s 2012 

 Playmobil Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar  

Sorry - no matching products found.

Playmobil Pirates Treasure Cave Advent Calendar 

Sorry - no matching products found.

Playmobil Princess Wedding Advent Calendar 

Sorry - no matching products found.

Playmobil Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar 

Sorry - no matching products found.

 Various other Character filled Advent Calendars I found

Moshi Monster Moshling Advent Calendar 2012 

Sorry - no matching products found.

Barbie Advent Calendar 

Sorry - no matching products found.

Zhu zhu pets Advent Calendar 

Sorry - no matching products found.

Littlest Pet Shop Advent Calendar 

Sorry - no matching products found.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Advent Calendar 

Sorry - no matching products found.

Hello Kitty Advent Calendar 

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Top Ten Girls Toys for Christmas 2012

Well it’s that time of year again. Time for me to get rubbing at my crystal ball and start predicting what your little darlings would love to see Santa to leave for them underneath the Christmas Tree.

So this year I’m starting off with the boys list, and will be adding the other lists over the next few days.

Check out the other lists here:

Top Ten Boys Toys for Christmas 2012

Top Ten Toddler Toys for Christmas 2012

Top Ten Baby Toys for Christmas 2012

As always the lists aren’t in any sort of order of importance, it’s just the top 10 things that I think most of the Girls will be after this year.

Monster High High School     

First off and already into the Monster High, I just really love Monster High as a theme and want to be eight all over again!

I’m actually so enamoured with those gals and ghouls that they have actually made my list twice this year, but more about that later.

The Monster High High School is much more than just a mouthful to say. It’s a multi storey playhouse version of Monster High, and it’s gorgeous.

Mattel have thought of absolutely everything with this set. It’s amazing that not only does it do what it needs to, it totally blows the roof off and turns it up to 11. Every room, every corner, every speck of wall space is just covered with trinkets, things to do, and those little touches that you’ll only appreciate as a true fan of Monster High. It’s honestly been so well done.

What I like about it is that the back of the set is not neglected at all, turn it around and it’s a stunning representation of the front of the school. So you get 360 degree fun, and a totally different setting for the girls to hang around in.

There are 6 distinct areas of play

  • Entrance way with the famous Monster High Gargoyles
  • Mad Science Classroom
  • Locker hallway which houses 6 coffin-shaped lockers all with little skull padlocks that actually work
  • Creepateria
  • Casketball Court
  • Dj Booth upstairs

This set may be pricey, but if it’s a Monster High fan, you have you can be sure that it will not disappoint come Christmas Morning

Monster High - Scaremester Collection New Ghoul At School Dvd (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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Monster High: New Ghoul At School (Zavvi) Zavvi Logo


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Tatty Teddy Secret Wardrobe

All girls love pouring their hearts out to their diary. It’s a rite of passage isn’t it.

Well with this Tatty Teddy Secret Wardrobe they can get in on the journaling action early.

Use the invisible ink pen to write down your thoughts on the 30 page journal pre-printed with themes and questions to help you get going.

Then use the torch to read back what you’ve written

Customise the doors of the wardrobe with the provided charms, or use them to decorate the included bracelet and ring.

Once your finished writing lock up your diary in the wardrobe safe, and then lock it with your secret key.

Sorry - no matching products found.

KidiMagic Alarm Clock

Make mornings less of a mad panic with this Vtech KidiMagic Alarm Clock.

Your little girl will feel so grown up with this funky Alarm clock which whilst having the ability to wake you up in the morning, does a whole lot more besides.

If your daughter loves music she will love the KidiMagic alarm clock. It has a built-in FM radio, 3 inbuilt songs to send you off to sleep, or she will probably prefer to plug-in her MP3 player and listen to her own tunes.

The glowing mood light with 7 different colours, animations and personal messages mean the look is always changing and never dull.

There are 3 built-in games to help you train your reactions and build memory skills. Plus cool quirky features like a fun daily fortune-teller.

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Harumika Style Studio

I think in our heart of hearts all little girls want to be fashion designers.

I can still remember drawing pictures of our future wedding dresses with my best friend.

I put that dream to bed a long time ago, but if I ever feel a little creative (usually after an episode of Project Runway) I’ll run and get my Harumika set and knock out a few outfits.

Harumika is brilliant because there is no sewing or cutting required. Just choose your fabric and then style it around your mannequin with the special stylus.

It’s incredibly easy to get started with, you just push the fabric in and suddenly you have a dress.

The Harumika Style Studio is a great gift, as this brilliant box will keep your Harumika organised neat and tidy, and the carry handle means its ready to go wherever you are.

A brilliant no mess gift that is guaranteed to give you hours of peace to sleep off that christmas dinner.

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My Moshi Home / Super Moshi HQ

As you’ll know by now, were all huge Moshi Monsters fans here at Toybuzz.

So top of the christmas lists this year has to be both the Super Moshi Hq and My Moshi Home.

The My Moshi Home comes with over 20 different accessories to help you decorate your Moshi home to your particular tastes.

Changeable doors, floors, window frames, furniture, decorations and stickers mean that you can interior design to your heart’s content, and then when your finished change everything up and start all over again. Well you don’t think that Diavlo wants the same look as Poppet do you?

Some of the included accessories you can play around with are the Telegroan, pop up bin, friends tree and wheel of fortune.

My Moshi Home also comes with an exclusive poppet figure.

Sorry - no matching products found.

The Super Moshi HQ is the Super Moshi’s secret hideout deep inside a volcano.

This is where the Super Moshi’s assemble to be sent by Elder Furi on special missions to defeat Dr Strangeglove.

The HQ is powered by mysterious glowing green Rox, and the set has a Rox reveal tower which shows where the Rox is hidden when you twist it.

There is also a rotating change chamber where your Moshi can do a quick change into their Super Moshi outfit.

On the top-level of the HQ is the spinning tv screen, which shows a mission lists on one side, and a map on the other.

Comes with an Exclusive Elder Furi figure, which I think is the main reason Jacob wants one. Elder Furi has always been his favourite.

Sorry - no matching products found.


Furby is back, and this time if your armed with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, He’s better than ever.

I say that because so many of the Furby’s coolest new tricks are reliant on an ios device, if you don’t have one there’s really no point.

Available in a range of 6 different colours, Purple, Teal, Yellow, Orange, Black and White.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the new Furby is that his eyes are now animated LED’s. Which means lots of cool things happening when you interact with him, rather than the weird blank staring looks he used to give you.

Using the new app you can interact with Furby more than ever before. You can feed him almost anything imaginable, the App has things like sardines, mushrooms, pop tarts, underpants, smelly cheese, cookies, smelly socks – Basically weird, wacky, yummy, it’s all there.

If that’s not enough there’s also a sandwich maker where you add 6 ingredients to make one mega sized Furby special.

To feed Furby you simply swipe the food off your iPhone and Furby will wirelessly catch it and eat it up. Vocally letting you know whether he’s happy with your selection or not.

Using the app you can also translate your Furby’s chosen language Furbish into English. Theres also a dictionary so you can learn how to speak Furbish too, and then have a conversation with your Furby in Furbish.

For me my favourite part about Furby is its voice. It sounds very much like Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time, and that pleases me a lot.

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Lego Friends Olivia’s House

I know it’s not without its controversy. However for me Lego Friends is a great range, and the perfect way to get young girls into the delights of Lego building.

I’ve had so many mums tell me over the last few years that they were longing for Lego to bring out a lovely girly range of sets, and now it’s hear it’s exactly what we’ve all been waiting for.

Lego Friends Olivia’s House is the premier set of the collection. It’s the biggest, comes with the most Mini-figs or Mini-dolls, plus it looks especially gorgeous.

The set is a hefty 695 pieces, and comes with 3 mini-dolls. Peter the Dad, Anna the Mum, Olivia and Kitty the Cat.

A vast array of furniture is also included, such as the shower, toilet, sink, bed, vanity, couch, sofa chair, coffee table, flat screen TV, refrigerator with opening door, cabinets, oven, sink, kitchen table and kitchen chairs

There are five distinct rooms in the house to play in. Theres a Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room and Rooftop Patio.

If your daughter or granddaughter has asked for one Lego Friends set this Christmas, then Olivia’s House is the one to get.

Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab

It’s time for the second Monster High toy on the list, The Create a Monster Design Lab

I would probably put this one down as the hottest toy on my list. I absolutely love this product, and predict it will be so sought after this year.

Most girls love dolls, fashion and makeup, and the Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab manages to capitalise on all of those things.

By putting the blank limbs, head and torso of your create-a-monster doll into the design lab, you can use some of the over 100 included tattoos to create your very own unique Monster High doll.

The design lab is basically a very intricate and well designed sponge, which you use to apply the tattoos to your blank doll. Add water, then pump it into the sponge, then place down upon the piece your designing. The top of the applicator will then flash as you press the tattoo on, when the flashing stops your done. So simple, but oh so much fun.

The tattoos can easily be removed with a bit of soap and water, ready for you to start designing all over again.

The Create-a-monster lab comes with one full doll ready to be customised with the over 100 tattoos, complete with wig, clothes and shoes.

Monster High Create-a-monster add on packs are also available, so you can add more and more totally unique dolls to your collection.

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Twister Dance

Twister Dance is the brand new version of the classic game, and the coolest way so far to play.

Theres no mat this time around, instead you get the four coloured dots to put where you want them (actually you get 8 in a box, so you can play with a friend)

No spinner either with Twister Dance, that would be much too retro. No now the spinner has turned into a high-tech speaker/MP3 player with LCD lights.

The front of the speaker will light up with one of the four colours, showing you where to move your feet next.

It comes with 4 inbuilt song, an exclusive Twister Remix of Britney Spears ‘Till the world ends’, Whip My Hair by Willow Smith, We R Who We R by Kesha, Cupid Shuffle by Cupid, and ‘caught up in a Twister’

You can also plug-in your MP3 player and play along to any song of your choice, which is pretty cool.

You can also use the machine as just an MP3 player speaker, which is a nice feature.

I think Twister Dance is a great update to a classic toy.

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Barbie Princess and The Popstar Toys

I was a bit torn with this selection. I knew I wanted to add something Barbie, but was undecided over the Princess and The Popstar dolls or Barbie’s Ultimate Closet. In the end I think the Princess and The Popstar dolls are going to get more use out of them than the closet, so on the list they go.

Tori is the Barbie character from the film, the princess Meribella. Keira is the Pop Star who visit’s and swaps places with Meribella.

I will admit to loving all the Barbie movies, they are actually really good if you sit down and actually watch them. Last Years Princess Charm School was one of my favourites, along with A Perfect Christmas, even the boys enjoy watching them with me.

Anyway The Princess and The Popstar is another great Barbie movie, more of the same that we’ve all come to know and love. Sing some songs, love interest, life lesson learnt – it ticks all the boxes.

Both the Tori and Keira sing two songs from the movie. They both sing Here I am, then Tori will also sing Princesses wanna have fun and Keira sings Perfect Day. The really cool thing is that if you have both Tori and Keira and you press the buttons together, it sounds like they are both singing the duet of Here I am.

As well as the two girls you can also get a Prince Liam doll. He seems to be in quite short supply already, so if your after the full set I would pick him up sooner rather than later.


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Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD – Review

After the overwhelming success with my initially reluctant boys of Barbie Princess Charm School, they didn’t need any cajoling to watch the new movie Barbie A Perfect Christmas.

It’s a very musical movie all about Barbie and her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. They are all excited about travelling to New York and spending Christmas in the Big Apple, and they all have their own special reasons for wanting their perfect Christmas in NY. Barbie has front row seats for a Broadway play, Skipper is going to record a track with some friends, Stacie is excited about the Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre and Chelsea wants to see the Central Park Sea Lions.

Unfortunately for the girls things don’t end up going to plan as their plane is diverted due to a snowstorm. They end up snowed in the small town of Tannenbaum (Tannenbaum is German for Christmas Tree). They find an amazingly Christmasssy place to stay called the Tannenbaum inn run by the wonderful Christie Clauson.

All the way through the film Chelsea is convinced that Christie Clauson has something to do with Father Christmas. Perhaps she does? You’ll just have to watch for yourself and make up your own mind.

In the end the girls realise that all they really need for a perfect Christmas is each other. It’s a heartwarming movie all about the importance of family and it really makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside watching it.  Even my husband who watched the 2nd half of the film enjoyed it. It’s instantly become a Wood family Christmas Tradition.

I have to admit that I’m actually a bit addicted to the songs too. Luckily my favourite song “It’s gonna be amazing” is right at the very beginning, so I have been known to just watch the first 5 minutes having a bit of a bop once the kids have left for school in the morning.

Click below to watch a trailer of Barbie: A Perfect Christmas


Barbie A Perfect Christmas 2011 Dvd (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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Barbie Perfect Christmas & Nutcracker (Zavvi) Zavvi Logo


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And for all you Barbie fans here’s a sneak peek of the next Barbie Movie ‘A Mermaids Tale 2′ To be released next year.

Barbie Princess Charm School – Review

Out on the 29th of August on DVD Barbie Princess Charm School is the story of all round good girl Blair Willows. Blair is a waitress living in the poor part of town with her little sister and sick mum.

Everything changes for Blair when her name is drawn out in the Princess raffle and she is awarded a scholarship to the Princess Charm School as her prize. Unfortunately for Blair she immediately makes an enemy of the most important person at the school Dame Devin. This is due to her noticing Blair’s likeness to the Kingdom’s missing princess, and she’s determined to get Blair ejected from the school as soon as she can before anyone else figures out what happened.

Me having 2 boys thought that this would be a movie I would be reviewing alone, but it’s late in the summer holidays and the boys were both bored so I convinced them to give it a go. The results were truly amazing, because when I asked after 10 minutes if i should turn it off or if they wanted to do something else they both said “no, it’s ok I’m watching this”.

Jacob ended up wandering off about half way through as he usually does, popping in and out to keep up with the story. However Thomas sat and watched the whole thing wonderfully. As the credits were rolling he proclaimed it to be one of his favourite films ever, really really good. Just to prove how much he enjoyed Barbie Princess Charm School we took it around to his friend’s house about an hour later and he sat and watched it all the way through again with her!

For Barbie fan’s this latest dvd adventure is obviously an absolute must, Thomas’ little friend has all of the previous films and was totally in her element watching this, but I was really very surprised by how much the boys and I enjoyed the movie too. If you’re looking for a movie suitable for all the family you can’t go wrong with Barbie Princess Charm School.

Barbie Princess Charm School Dvd (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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Relaunched Green’s Kids cake range taste better than ever!

We’ve been loving having some family time at home over the Easter Holidays, it’s been nice just to avoid the stress of the school run for a few days. Although the kids haven’t been giving me that much rest, they’ve still been up at around 06:00 every morning!

Even though a bit of time off is nice, I’ve still been looking for things to keep the boys amused during the holidays. Luckily for me Green’s cakes came to my aid when they offered us some of their relaunched kid’s cake mixes to try.

Thomas and Jacob already had a play date arranged at their friends house (Thomas’ girlfriends house!) so we took over 2 sets of the cake mixes with us, and all the kids had a great time.  Jacob and his little friend Calum made Thomas the Tank Engine cakes, and Thomas put his usually macho image to one side and gallantly helped his girlfriend make some beautiful Barbie cupcakes.

As always the cakes were a doddle to make, with almost all of the ingredients included in the packs. Only eggs and butter need to be bought separately. The instructions suggested that they would take 12 minutes to bake, but we found that ours cooked much faster, so I would suggest keeping a close eye on them as they cook very quickly.

Green’s new relaunched kids cake range also benefits from a new and improved recipe. To be honest I’ve never had any complaints when we’ve made Green’s cakes in the past, but I would definitely agree that these were extra delicious. The Barbie cupcakes were especially gorgeous, thanks to all of the yummy scrummy icing the kids piped all over the top.

I’ll admit that their efforts didn’t look quite as artistic as the ones on the box, I think Thomas has inherited my icing skills (or lack of them) but that didn’t stop them tasting amazing.

All the kids agreed that the new activity sheets and stickers which are included were the next best thing about the sets…after the actual cake eating. They were great for keeping the kids occupied in those few minutes whilst waiting for the cakes to cook and cool. Gemma especially loved her Barbie activity sheet, which even had a little Barbie and Clothes to cut out, as soon as the cakes were in the oven she had the scissors out and was crafting away.

As you can see from the picture below, The stickers were a big hit with Jacob!

The new range of Green’s Cake mixes are available now from Tesco stores nationwide for £1.69 (RRP). Other mixes in the range include Tom and Jerry.

Thanks to Green’s for providing us with the cake mixes for review.

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale

You know what I really miss about not having a girly in the house? Playing with Barbie Dolls! So much so that I actually consider having another baby in the hope that I have a girl to play Barbies with (I don’t consider the idea for that long though!)

I remember how much I loved my Barbie Ferrari I got on for Christmas when I was 7, it was the very best present I ever received. So with that perfect Christmas memory still firmly intact, I can only imagine how excited I would have been to receive one of Barbies newest Toys The Glitterizer Wardrobe.

The Glitterizer Wardrobe is just one of the many toys Mattel have come up with to tie in with Barbies latest DVD movie “Barbie : A Fashion Fairytale“. In the movie Barbie travels to Paris with her talking dog Sequin, to go and see her fashion designer aunt Millicent. Inside the attic of Millicents fashion house Barbie discovers the Glitterizer Wardrobe, and three Fashion Fairies (or Flairies as they are called) Glimmer, Shimmer and Shine.

But enough about the movie, I’m more interested in all the amazingly girly glittery pink toys!

My favourite of the Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Toys has to be the Glitterizer Wardrobe. This set has everything, Stickers, Glitter, fashion Designing, and most importantly Barbie. This really has to be every little girls dream toy!

Firstly you apply stickers to one of Barbies two outfits, she comes with A beautiful Pink and silver short dress and then a more casual but still fabulous Off the shoulder top and jeans.

Next you place Barbie in the Glitterizer Wardrobe and close the door. Fill the Draw up with Glitter and then watch as the fans spray glitter everywhere. Picture Barbie in that thing at the end of the crystal maze where all of the tokens flew about and you’ll get the idea.

When the Glitterizer has done it’s magic the stickers you applied will now be lovely and…well glittery.

Clothes are not the only thing you can use the glitterizer for, Barbie comes with a handbag and Knee high boots which can also be glitterized. In fact you can also put your own things in there, Key rings, iPod Covers, Pencil Case, they can also get some of that Barbie Glitter Magic too.

Sorry - no matching products found.

As well as the Glitterizer Barbie also has a new pad to live it up in, The Fairytale Party Palace! At over 63cm tall this is one big playhouse.

This house sure does put my old Barbie house into the shade (whilst writing this post and looking at photos I’ve just found out it was in fact a Sindy house, oh the shame!)

As this is a party palace you of course need a drawbridge, but not just any old drawbridge this one doubles up as a VIP red ..sorry Pink carpet. Dance the night away on the spinning dance floor, and then take the elevator upstairs to the princess bedroom. Inside you’ll find a bed which when you push it back transforms into a wardrobe.

Of course with Barbie being invited up to the princess palace for a party she couldn’t just arrive in any old mode of transport, she arrives in style in the Fashion Fairytale Horse and Carriage.

This very up to date Carriage comes complete with Flat Screen TV Inside, presumably so if Ken’s conversation gets too tiresome Barbie can watch a bit of telly on the way to the party.

The carriage also has a convertible top which folds down, so Barbie and Ken can take a romantic trip watching the stars as they travel (that’s if she turns off the TV first)

Sorry - no matching products found.

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Even with all of these new amazing toys coming out, nothing can outshine the star of the show Barbie herself. The new Barbie Fashion Fairytale Transforming doll like the name suggests transforms from couture party dress to Princess gown in seconds.

Press the bow on Barbies dress and the fabric will light up and will also play the song from the finale of the movie.

The dress transforms really easily, just pull the top down and then flick the skirt around the back.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Now all I need is to find someone to watch the DVD with me, Thomas? Jacob?

Now where have they both sneaked off too?

Dream Toys 2010

Yesterday saw the Toy Retailers Association announce it’s annual list of Dream Toys.

The TRA complied their predictions of the Top 12 toys in 7 different categories, and then the best from all the list were combined to create the Dream Dozen.

I was pleased to see plenty of my favourite products making it onto the Dream Dozen, like the Lego City Airport, Kidizoom Videocam, Moon Dough and the Paper Jamz Guitar.

Here’s the full list of all the winners:

The Dream Dozen

Lego City Airport

Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station

FurReal Go Go Walking Pup

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Kidizoom VideoCam

Monopoly Revolution

Moon Dough Barn

Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS

Paper Jamz Guitar


Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar

ZhuZhu Grooming Salon

Girls Top 12 Toys for Christmas

AniMagic Tender Care Twins

Baby Alive Bouncing Babbles

Baby Born Magic Feeding Doll

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Doll

Barbie Puppy Swim School

Bratz Party Dolls

FurReal Go Go Walking Pup

JLS Collector Dolls

Moxie Girls Art-titude Dolls

Ocean In My Pocket Coral Reef

Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Side Car

ZhuZhu Grooming Salon

Boys Top 12 Toys for Christmas

Armouron Action Set

Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid 7 -in- 1

Ben’s Mark 10 Car

Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Hot Wheels Dr Bones Colour Lab

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Kung Zhu Battle Arena

Star Wars: Clone Wars General Grievous Lightsaber

Star Wars: Hoth Wampa Cave

Toy Story Collection Sheriff Woody

UNSC Arctic Rocket Warthog

Pre-School Top 12 Toys for Christmas

All Around Chuggington Train Set

Duplo Toy Story The Great Train Chase

Playmobil Fire Engine

Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset

Thomas Zip, Zoom & Logging Adventure

Kidizoom VideoCam

My Pal Scout

Peppa Pig Lullaby Peppa

Play To Learn Mr Colour Maker

Play To Learn Pic ‘n’ Pop


Toy Story Collection Lots ‘o’ Huggin Bear

Games Top 12 Toys for Christmas

‘Best of British’ Board Game

Boogle Flash



Gator Golf

Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego Game

Jolly Octopus

Monopoly Revolution

Pig Goes Pop


Scrabble Trickster

Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It

Creative Play Top 12 Toys For Christmas

Bendaroos Creativity Centre

Lego City Airport

Lego City Cargo Truck

Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome

Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker

Harumika Designer Dress Form Set

Moon Dough Barn


Play-Doh Puppies Playset

Toy Story 3 Woody & Buzz to the Rescue

Zubber Jewellery Maker

Cool Toyz Top 12 Toys For Christmas

Air Hogs Lazer Zero Gravity

Air Hogs Vectron Wave


Barbie Video Girl

Battle Machines

Bladez Micro Helicopter

Bop It!


Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS

Paper Jamz Guitar

Technic Buggy


I had a great time at the show, and as you can imagine was in my element playing with all the new toys and gadgets, I also got loads of new ideas for toys to cover in the future. So be prepared for a Toybuzz deluge, as it’s look like Dream Toys is going to keep me busy all the way up until the big day itself!

Barbie H20 Design Magic

I saw the advert for the latest incarnation of Barbie doll today, the H20 Design Magic Barbie.

As with all the new Barbies nowadays, she has an original angle to help her sell. She can’t just be a doll anymore, she has to do something or be something special. Well this Barbie has a special dress which you can make a design on with water.

It seems to me that Barbie has made her newest dress out of an Aquadraw mat, as that’s what this technically is. You get a little water spritzer,pen, stencils and stamp tool to draw on your watery designs.

When applied the water turns pink on the sparkly silver surface, of course what other colour would it possibly turn! Like the Aquadraw the colour slowly fades once dried and then your left with a nice clean surface to design all over again.

You get two dresses included ready for designing, and Barbie also comes with a silver handbag and a pair of  silver sparkly shoes.

Looks like quite a nice toy for a little girl with a bit of a twist letting you put your own designs on the clothes.

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Barbie and the Three Musketeers

Sure to feature highly on every 6 year old girls wish list this Christmas, has to be the new feature length cartoon DVD “Barbie and the 3 Musketeers”.

Following on from Barbie’s other recent hit DVDs such as “Barbie thumbelina” and the “Fairytopia collection” of films, “Barbie and the three Musketeers” sees Barbie taking her own unique style of storytelling and adding it to this classic tale.

Barbie in this movie plays Corinne the daughter of D’Artagnan from the original novel by Alexandre Dumas, however this is where much of the similarity ends . Corinne wishes to follow in her fathers footsteps and become a Musketeer, however for Corinne this will be doubly hard as there has never been a girl musketeer. Corine is accompanied on her quest by her faithful cat Miette, a cute bundle of fluff, that also likes to do a bit of fencing.

She travels to Paris to follow her dreams of protecting the royal family, and there meets three other girls Renee,Aramina and Viveca. All the girls get job’s as housekeepers in the royal palace, they all quickly realise they all share the same dream of becoming Musketeers….how convenient. Even more of a coincidence is that their boss the most senior housekeeper, has too harboured dreams of becoming a female musketeer for all of these years. She decides to take the girls under her wing and train them in secret, encouraging them that anything is possible and not to give up on their dreams.

All the time that the girls are secretly training, the prince is preparing to become King. However strange accidents and events start happening around the castle. Corinne and her friends happen to find out about a plot to get rid of the prince at the Royal ball, finally it’s time for the Musketeers to get some action and show what they’re made of!

Apart from their collective dreams of becoming Musketeers, all the girls have individual talents and need to work together to get the job done. The main theme of the movie is don’t give up on your dreams, even the prince fears he will have to give up his scientific ambitions to become the king. I think Barbie as Corinne sums it up best when she says “True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it’s impossible.”

Also available to coincide with the films DVD release is the inevitable dolls and merchandising, which your little girl will surely love. There is a range of Corinne, Renee,Aramina,Viveca, and Prince Louis dolls, so you can reenact your own version of the film. Each of the girls dolls come with a sparkling glitter sword, and a very swish ballroom dress with which you can remove the skirt part to become a cape. The girls also have a tiara, which you can use as a mask for when they need to conceal their identities.

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To complement the lovely set of figures, you can also purchase the beautiful “Barbie and the Three Musketeers Castle playset”. With lots of added accessories there’s also some great added surprises, like the staircase which with the flick of a switch becomes a high speed slide ideal for a quick getaway. The bedroom transforms into the grand ballroom, brilliant for recreating the dramatic end to the film. The best feature of the castle is that you can either play with the castle being 2 floors high, or take it apart and play with the levels side by side, which is great for smaller Barbie fans. The set can be easily packed away and is great for transporting Barbie fun on the go.

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And too really finish of the fairytale you’ll be needing the stunning “Barbie and the 3 Musketeers Magical Balloon Carriage”.

The carriage is big enough to hold two of the dolls, and would look perfect with Corinne and Prince Louis.

With just the press of a button, the carriage canopy becomes a hot air balloon. Your little girl can have fun lifting up the carriage and pretend Corinne and Prince Louis are flying away to have there happily ever after together. If only real life was that simple eh!

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