Postman Pat The Movie – DVD Review

If you’re looking for a fun family film to enjoy over these cold winter nights then I have on for your that’s sure to deliver.

I’ve been looking forward to Postman Pat The Movie for so long. Ever since I heard that Stephen Mangan would be voicing Pat actually.

However there’s so many great actors lending their voices to this movie, it’s a real who’s who. Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint, David Tennant, and Ronan Keating providing Pat’s singing voice.

However Jess is really the star of the film. He’s really, really funny throughout.

The film follows Pat’s journey as he enters a talent competition judged by Simon Cowbell (groan!). Turns out Pat has an amazing voice and all of a sudden is a huge star.

In fact Pat is in such demand that an army of Patbots are created to complete his post round while he’s off being a celebrity. There’s even a Jessbot.

The boys and I found the film really entertaining. I thought that perhaps Thomas would be a bit past the target audience at 9, but he loved the Pat Bots. They have a bit of a creepy Doctor Who vibe to them, and totally appealed to him. They’re not really frightening, but maybe for the smallest of toddlers they could be a bit scary. Perhaps that’s just me being overprotective, I find robots and red eyes very creepy.

The only other thing that didn’t bother the kids but puzzled me a bit was Pat’s singing voice. I know Ronan Keating is a big name to have, and his voice is lovely, however his voice is so different to Stephen’s it was a total disconnect and sounded incredibly odd after we’d just heard him talking.

That’s my only gripe though. All in all it was a good film to while away a lazy sunday afternoon. It was full of laughs and giggles, with a great storyline. Much more than just a longer version of the cartoon series.

LolliBop Festival 2013

LolliBop is back for another year, and this year looks like it could be one of the best yet.

Somehow I always manage to miss Lollibop due to holidays, illness and the like, but this year I’m really going to try and get the boys down there for a great day out.

If you haven’t heard about LolliBop yet, it’s the ultimate in children’s festivals – think Glastonbury for kids.

There may be children’s areas in other festivals, but LolliBop is all about the kids, everything is totally children orientated.

On this years line up are Dick and Dom, Peppa Pig, Sid and Andy, Poppy Cat, Cloudbabies, and the Transformers Optimus Prime truck amongst many others.

LolliBop is being held this year at the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and the site will be split into different fun zones,  just a few include LolliBop Live with its live music and performances, and the discovery zone where kids can try educational and interactive activities and workshops.

For the youngest of LolliBoppers there’s the Itsy Bitsy Zone, with soft play, mini disco, storytelling and baby massage. Extensive covered buggy parks, baby changing and breast feeding areas will also be available.

LolliBop will be taking over the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from the 16th-18th August, and you can find full information on all the activities and events at the LolliBop website.

Baby Jake Toys – Competition

Although my boys have now both grown out of watching Cbeebies, I still have a soft spot of the ‘Goggi Geeha’ and ‘Yacki Yacki Yoggi’ silliness of Baby Jake.

So I’m happy that Vivid have once again Kindly given us some of their brilliant Baby Jake toys for another Toybuzz Competition.

Today we have 2 prize packages to give away both with: A Musical Baby Jake and a Push Along Baby Jake Digger

Wearing his unmistakable Blue Babygro, the Musical Baby Jake is a must have for young fans of the show. Squeeze his tummy and he plays music from the show including the afformentioned Yacki Yacki Yoggi song!

The Baby Jake Push Along Digger is suitable for children 18months+, and features a cute little Baby Jake figure at the wheel. Push the digger around and watch the digger arm move up and down as it goes.

Watch out also for the new Astronaut Baby Jake launching this autumn. Sporting a blue spacesuit and rocket pack. Squeeze his tummy to hear his musings on space, and listen to him respond with more space related statements as he flies through Space.


So for your change to win one of two Baby Jake toy bundles all you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know your childs favourite Cbeebies character.

Competition ends 22nd March at 12pm, so make sure you get your entries in before then.

Uk Entries Only sorry.

Baby Jake:Giggle and Wiggle Jake – Review

If your stuck for ideas on what to get your pre-schooler this Christmas, If they are a Cbeebies fan then I might just have the answer.

The Giggle and Wiggle Jake from Vivid Toy Group is all the fun and cheeky charm of the hit Cbeebies TV show Baby Jake wrapped up into one laughter inducing toy. It’s not called Giggle and Wiggle for nothing.

If you’ve seen the show already, then you’ll know that Baby Jake loves to dance. Kids love to dance too. So Vivid have combined the two, and now your little toddler can dance with their favourite TV character.  Cool eh?

The magic happens when you hold Baby Jakes hands. Hold one hand and he will talk to you in the way that only Baby Jake can. “Goggi Geeha!” “beep beep” “”Yacki Yacki Yoggi” He says all of his special phrases from the show.

Hold both hands however and you’re in for a treat. Baby Jake instantly starts to giggle and wiggle, and sings the Yacki Yacki Yoggi song as he does.

My little one Jacob has always had a soft spot for Baby Jake, although he won’t admit it to anyone as he thinks he’s too old for it. However even he couldn’t hide his delight as Jake started laughing and dancing when he held his hands. It’s very infectious and you just can’t help smiling when he starts wiggling.

Young fans of the show will absolutely love the Giggle and Wiggle Jake. Would make a perfect Christmas gift for younger children. I can just imagine the laughter on Christmas day with all the family. Kids, mum, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles all joining in giggling and wiggling around the Christmas tree.

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Little Charley Bear:Ready Teddy Blast Off! – Review

My boys are getting older by the day, in 3 weeks my oldest is 7, and last week my youngest started school full-time – Talk about how time flys!

Anyway one thing this means is that our Cbeebies viewing time is getting less and less. Nowadays it’s more Adventure Time and Gumball than Tree Fu Tom and Charlie and Lola.

Little Charley Bear however is the one show that Jacob will always sit and watch if it pops up as he’s channel surfing. Otherwise he’ll ask to watch the DVD if nothing else tickles his fancy. Cartoon Network has been showing a lot of Ben10 recently, which he doesn’t like. So the Little Charley Bear DVD has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance.

So it was brilliant timing when Vivid offered to send us their new Little Charley Bear toy to review – The Ready Teddy Blast Off! Rocket.

This lovely toy is a wonderful imagining of Charley’s rocket from the Ready Teddy Blast off episode, the one where Charley doesn’t want to go to sleep and ends up flying to the moon.

It looks exactly the same as the one from the show, and fans of the show will love all the little details inside such as pictures of the ball which Charley plays with on the moon, and the framed picture of Midge on the wall.

The Rocket is a great size, perfect for small hands to hold easily. The three rocket boosters act as perfect steady handles so your little one can have fun whizzing Little Charley Bears rocket through the air with ease. It’s actually much lighter than its size suggests, so younger fans can still enjoy lifting up the rocket and blasting off, no problem.

Sitting in his swiveling pilots chair on the top-level of the rocket, you can see Astronaut Little Charley Bear peeking out into space through his look out window.

Open up the Rocket ship doors and the stairs leading outside will fall down to the ground. You can also fully open up the doors on the front of the rocket, and play with Charley on the top and bottom of the rocket.

Push down on Charley’s chair and he will whizz down to the ground, then when ready you can push his chair back up to the top floor control room for blast off.

The set comes with an exclusive Little Charley Bear Astronaut figure, which does come out of his chair so you can play with him outside of the rocket also.

Inside one of the rocket boosters is a secret hideyhole for Little Charley Bear to use. Either for storage, or perhaps for a good old game of hide and seek with Rivet.

The Little Charley Bear Ready Teddy Blast Off Rocket doesn’t take batteries or make any noises, so the whooshing flying sounds will have to be homemade. Which is in effect what Little Charley Bear is all about, because as James Corden says “It’s amazing what you can do with your imagination”.

It’s a vibrant, colourful, very eye-catching toy that will see hours and hours of imaginative play. Even my 5yr old has been having a blast with it!

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Cloudbabies Toys – Review

Cloudbabies is the newest show on Cbeebies, and probably one of the cutest ever too.

Toddlers are currently loving the sky-high adventures of Baba Pink, Baba Blue, Baba Yellow, Baba Green and Bobo White. Along with their friends Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa Cloud and Star, the Cloudbabies spend each day looking after the Sky.

Although my 2 boys are a bit young now for the Cloudbabies, I took a look for myself and thought the whole show was lovely. For me it took me back to when I was little and used to adore Rainbow Brite, I think its obviously the Cloudbabies hair which reminded me of that.

To complement the show and keep the Cloudbabies adventures coming even when the show is over, Vivid have come out with a lovely range of Cloudbabies toys which are available now.

Cloudbabies Glow Baba Blue and Pink

Vivid kindly sent us the Baba Blue to take a look at.

Your little one will adore taking these little Baba’s to be with them at night.

As your tired toddler snuggles down into the duvet, either Baba Pink or Baba Blue will sing them the sweet Cloudbabies Lullaby as they drift off to sleep.

As your chosen Baba sing’s their star softly glows all the colours of the rainbow. It’s so pretty to watch, and i’m sure will help your youngster settle down for the night.

The Cloudbabies Glow Baba is a very sweet toy that any fan of the series would love to snuggle up with.

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Talking Cloudbabies

These soft Cloudbabies dolls will delight your little ones all day long.

Squeeze there tummy to hear one of seven phrases.

Choose from Baba Blue, Baba Pink, Baba Yellow and Baba Green

Each of the Cloudbabies say phrases particular to them, Like Baba Yellow asking “Do you like my paintbox?” and Baba Pink’s “Have you seen my duster?” and Baba Green’s “Time for me to clean up the garden”

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Cloudyhouse Playset

This toy version of the Cloudbabies Cloudyhouse is full of fun and has four different ways of play.

The three floors can be played with individually on floor level, or stacked onto each other to complete the cloudyhouse.

On top of the house sits the magical flying Skydonk, ready for Bobo White  to take him for a ride.

The set comes with an exclusive Bobo White figure, which I think only comes with the Cloudyhouse.

Plus Baba Pink’s bed, Bobo’s cot, Bobo’s highchair, chair, coffee table, and a sticker sheet.

Being able to play with all the floors separately mean no problems for little hands reaching in and getting to grips with the figures.

A cute playhouse that would be great as your little ones first.

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I really like the Cloudbabies range of toy, it’s colourful, thoughtful, creative, practical, and fun…just like the Cloudbabies themselves.






Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Interactive Toys – Review

Cbeebies is still a mainstay in our household. Although the kids are getting older and gravitating to Cartoon Network more and more, I still love my quiet time with Jacob cuddled up watching some nice pleasant Cbeebies fun.

I will admit though after 7yrs of Cbeebies being the channel of choice for the kids, I am getting slightly fed up of watching endless re-runs of Come Outside and Big Barn Farm. So I’m always pleased when a new show starts to break up the monotony a bit, and recently it’s Raa Raa the Noisy Lion which has been tasked with the job.

Our Journeys on over to the Jingly Jangly Jungle with Raa Raa have been doing a good job of keeping Jacob entertained, so it was with great excitement that we opened up the new Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Interactive toys we’d been sent by Tomy to review, Raa Raa’s Interactive Playset and Hufty’s Interactive Train.

The toys both feature special ‘Smart Spot Technology’ similar to the Chuggington Interactive range of toys. With Smart Spot you actually have to place the toy down on the spot, rather than it working wirelessly. This isn’t so much of a downer as I found it made things a lot quieter whilst the boys were playing. Sure they were having fun putting Raa Raa and Hufty onto the Smart Spot’s and making them talk, but it’s not the constant noise as the Chuggington sets can sometimes feel like.

I am still stunned how far toys have come on these days compared to the ones I remember having, and toys like this are why. Raa Raa’s treehouse looks exactly the same as the TV version…Exactly! It’s so cool that now kids can watch their favourite programs and then play with exact replica’s of those worlds, even down to having the characters voices being absolutely perfect.

Really this stuff matters, As a girl I remember being so disappointed that my Jem doll sounded nothing like my hero, the sound was all muffled and echoey I couldn’t even make out half the stuff she said, Let alone think what she did say was in the same voice. So to conclude my mini-rant, Kids don’t know how lucky they are!

Anyway now back to the review. The coolest thing about all of the Raa Raa Toys with the Smart Spot is that they all work together, so even though we received Hufty with his Train we could still use it with Raa Raa’s Treehouse and also vice-versa. Plus don’t worry all of Raa Raa’s friends are available to buy and use with these sets, either in sets of their own or individually. So Crocky, Zebby, ooo ooo, and Topsy don’t need to miss out on the fun they will all work with all of the Interactive sets. Grab the whole gang and have a Jingly Jungle party at Raa Raa’s treehouse!

The Treehouse even comes with Raa Raa’s special Cubby Buggy, and has a cool feature where the branch will move and the engine starts, just like on the TV show when Raa Raa heads off on an adventure.

I also want to give a big thumbs up to the wonderful packaging, honestly even the box the Treehouse comes in is cool. The background to the box is the exact same white tree covered background from the TV show, and brilliantly you can take this out and use it in your games. OK so I’m not sure if Tomy meant for you to do this or not, but it really adds to the enjoyment as it just gets more and more realistic.

I did notice that at times If you didn’t set down the figure exactly straight, the set might detect a different character but it’s not a biggie. 99% of the time the set seemed to get it right, and it was actually more funny than anything when it got it wrong.

Fan’s of Raa Raa will absolutely adore these sets, Jacob and Thomas have had so much fun playing around with Raa and Hufty as you can see from the video below (this was just as we’d got it out of the box). The chunkiness of the figures and toys make them perfect for smaller toddler hands. I can also attest to them being able to take a far bit of roughness in play, as the boys managed to drop Hufty twice down onto the kitchen tiles and he managed to pull through unscathed and still working fine.

A brilliant range for the youngsters that is sure to delight, and inspire some wonderful playtime adventures.

Chuggington Diecast – Review

Were big fans here at Toybuzz of the Chuggington interactive railway toys, but this week we were sent some of the Diecast range to try.

Immediately as soon as we opened the box, the Action Chugger Carry Case caught Jacob’s eye. He’s always been one of our favourite Chuggers, so to have his happy and smiling face on the carry case was lovely.

The case is brilliant, perfect for storage obviously, but also a toy in itself as it’s on wheels.

Both sides open up, and in total you can fit up to 17 characters inside including some space for the larger chuggers like Harrison and Emery. Somewhat disappointingly though the case doesn’t come with any trains included, so those will have to be purchased separately.

We were sent a Diecast Koko, Brewster and Wilson to play around with, plus a Straight and Curved Track Pack. The trains fit inside the case well, and it’s great to have somewhere to store them when they are not being played with.

The Straight and Curved Track Pack is a perfect little set for playing with your Diecast trains. The track is small and simple enough that youngsters will really be able to use their creativity planning out routes for the chuggers, without being overwhelmed or getting bored with too many parts. Also would be excellent for taking away and travelling with, as it’s easy and quick to put out and play and then store back in the box. The boys have already asked if they can take it away with them to the caravan next week, and I think it’ll be wonderful for that.

Thanks Tomy for sending us the Chuggington Diecast toys for us to test.

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Up, Up and Away Little Charley Bear – Review

It’s amazing what you can do with your imagination! However with the Up, Up and Away Little Charley Bear from Vivid Imaginations, you don’t need to imagine Charley flying in a plane, he is in a plane!

This lovely toy is exactly like the one Charley Pilots in the episode where he pretends to be a Postman delivering letters by plane, but falls asleep and nearly forgets Midge’s birthday present.

A button on the front starts up the noises and phrases from the show by James Corden. From then on they are movement activated whilst you continue playing with it. If you put it down for a bit you’ll have to press the button again to start the noises again.

Inside the plane is a gorgeously cute and fluffy mini Little Charley Bear, complete with Biggles style goggles.

Charley’s plane with its bright red paint and burning flame decals looks totally eye-catching, and my little nephew who’s only 14 months is in awe of it. The colours are so vibrant and fun, it just makes you want to play with it as soon as you set eyes on it.

If your little one is a Charley Bear or Cbeebies fan then this toy is the one for you. Apart from the gorgeous Mini Charley, it’s got that totally eye-catching colour, cool airplane noises when you fly it about in the air, fun propeller to spin around. All in all a brilliant toddler age toy.


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Mike The Knight:Meet Mike – Review and Competition

Following on from the Mike the Knight DVD Competition I ran a few weeks ago, now we have another great competition. This time for a copy of the new Mike the Knight Book – Meet Mike.

Released on 29th March 2012, Mike the Knight:Meet Mike from Simon and Schuster is a beautiful story book all about our favourite trainee knight and all of his Glendragon friends.

As an introduction to the world of Mike The knight it does its job very well. We get to find out all about Mike, Sparkie, Squirt, Galahad, Evie, and Trollee, Plus lots of extra little things like the Vikings, Mr Blacksmiths stall and Harry’s Horse-wash.

As you would expect the book has some wonderful artwork from the show, but it’s also much longer than most books like this are. I was surprised how much writing and information about the show they have managed to fit onto the pages.

It’s a really lovely book, and fans of the show will absolutely love it. Since we received it I think Jacob has had it as a bedtime story at least 10 times already!

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Now for competition time. Thanks to the wonderful people at Hit Entertainment to coincide with the DVD release of Mike the Knight I have 2 copies of Mike the Knight:Meet Mike books to give away.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below letting me know your favorite character from Mike the Knight and why? Competition ends Midnight April 8th.