Baby Jake Toys

Looks like Cbeebies have another big hit on their hands with the magical world of Baby Jake and his big brother Isaac ( the narrator we hear from out of his 10 brothers and sisters!)

I will admit to initially being a bit weirded out with the mix of live action and 2D animation in the show, it takes some getting used to. However once you’ve seen it a few times you get over it. The children however, don’t seem to have any problems with the way Baby Jake looks and have really taken to it.

Baby Jake is made by production company Darrall Mcqueen, and looking into them I can’t believe how many of their TV shows me and the kids are huge fans of. Smile was a big fave of mine growing up, and the kids have grown up with it to in a way watching Nev the bear in Bear behaving Badly. Pet Squad is the one cartoon on CBBC that Thomas can simply never miss, plus Jacob and I have just finished watching Hi-5 which I noticed at the end is also Darall Mcqueen. With a track record like that, Baby Jake was bound to be a hit wasn’t it.

As with any good kids tv show, once it’s a hit there’s a toy line not far behind. The good news is that the wait for the Baby Jake toy range from Vivid is now over and I have started seeing them available to buy in my local shops.

The main item of the range is the Bumpety Bump Tractor which sees Baby Jake move from side to side as he moves along, and the funnel bob up and down as it goes. Pressing the buttons on the steering wheel plays back sounds and phrases from the show, plus the loveable ‘We’re going on an adventure’ tune.

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If it’s a soft toy Baby Jake you’re looking for then look no further than the Talking Baby Jake,  or the 3 Baby Jake Buddies dolls which have Jake dressed up as his 3 funny friends Pengy Quin, Sydney the Monkey and Nibbles the Rabbit.

The Talking Baby Jake doll speaks over 12 phrases including his famous gibberish Yacki-yacki-yoggi and Googi-geeha.

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Plus finally there’s the Baby Jake Musical TV, which I think every toddler has at least one of. Personally in our house we had a Postman Pat and Bob The Builder one, and if they weren’t already 4 and 6 we’d probably have a Baby Jake one too.

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My only gripe with the range, What happened to the Hammsternauts? I was so looking forward to a cuddly version of my own. Maybe I’ll suggest it for next time.




Mike The Knight: Knight In Training DVD – Review

Cbeebies newest animation sensation Mike The Knight is today available for all your little Knights in training to enjoy on DVD.

Mike The Knight:Knight in Training is Mikes first DVD outing, and features five of Mikes recent Knightly adventures.

  • Mike the Knight and the Scary Dragons
  • Evie’s Birthday Present
  • The Fluttering Favour
  • Trollee’s Sleepover
  • Mission Home

Brought to you by the people behind such favourites as Bob The Builder, Fireman Sam, and Thomas & Friends, now Mike The Knight is another hit cartoon series they can add to their list of accomplishments.

Mike is the son of the king and queen of Glendragon, and also a Knight in Training always trying to be just like his dad who’s away on a Knightly quest. His is joined in his adventures by his sister Evie (a Wizard in training), his friends Sparkie and Squirt the friendly dragons, Gallahad his horse, and Trolee who also wants to be a Knight too.

At the start of each episode we get treated to a tune by Glendragons resident Minstrel Fernando. As a special bonus feature on the dvd you get to hear a selection his songs plus you can also put the disc into your computer and print a lyrics sheet so you can sing along. The dvd also contains an exclusive song ‘Huzzah for Glendragon’

Mike The Knight has certainly earned his royal Favour in our house, he is already a knightly favourite!

Mike The Knight:Knight in Training is released on DVD on the 19th March RRP £12.99.

I have very kindly been given 2 copies of Mike The Knight:Knight in Training to give away to our readers. To be in with a chance of winning simply answer this simple question.

What are the names of Mikes two dragon pals?

Leave your answers in the comments below along with a way for me to contact you if your one of the lucky winners.

competition closes midnight 25th March.

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Ideas for things to do with the kids this Half Term

Having two boys to keep entertained when the schools are off, I’m always on the look out for fun (and relatively cheap) things to do.

As I’ve been on the lookout for myself I thought I’d write a quick post just letting you know a few of the things that I’ve found.

Smyths Toys

For fans of Moshi Monsters this one is a real must if possible.

The Moshi Monsters Tour Bus will be travelling next week to Smyths Toystores in Bristol and Cardiff (Yipee! I’ll be there!!!)

The Moshi Tour  Bus will be at

  • Smyths Toys Cribbs Causeway Bristol from 11-14th February
  • Smyths Toys Leckwith Cardiff from 16th – 19th February

There promises to be tons of fun inside for your little Moshlings like card swapping, Moshi arts and crafts, Clay buddies, Visit the Moshi shop on the top decks, and then exit by using the bus slide! and if that’s not enough, the chance to grab an exclusive ‘Busling’ Topps Trading card.

Full details of dates and times can be found on the Moshi Monsters Website Blog.

National Media Museum Bradford

For some more Moshi Monsters fun be sure to visit the National Media Museum in Bradford.

They are running a whole week of Moshi Monsters related free activities for all the family.

There will be amongst other things:

Moshi Monster Clay Buddy Animation workshops

Moshi Monsters Green Screen – Where you’ll be able to have your photo taken next to your Moshi heroes and take it home as a memento of your day

A Moshi Monsters Treasure Hunt

There is even rumoured to be a super secret Mosh-tastic surprise!

Full details dates and times can be found on the National Media Museum website.

The Entertainer

To celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, The Entertainer Toy Shop’s are running a whole week of free Star Wars related activities.

As you can see there will be fancy dress days, Lightsaber demo’s and my personal pick the Darth Maul hunt.

Best part, it’s all free. Ok so you might get roped into getting some new toys while your there but they ahem some great Half Term special offers running which should help.

Like 50% off this Star Wars Attack on Hoth Vehicle.


Cbeebies star Mister Maker is also on tour this Half Term. The Maker Mobile will be making stops at Hobbycraft stores in:

Staines, Orpington, Cheltenham, Aylesbury, Swansea, Leeds, Cambridge, Crewe and Staples Corner.

Check out the store finder on the Hobbycraft Website for full details of dates and times.

This last one isn’t free, but we can’t have everything can we. Sometimes a day out at a Theme Park is just what the doctor ordered, and next week fans of Cbeebies Raa Raa the noisy lion should make their way down to Chessington World of Adventures for their African Adventures week.

Young Adventurers will get the chance to immerse themselves into african culture, with face mask decorating, jewellery making, African inspired singing, dancing, and drumming, plus the chance to meet lots of african animals in Chessington’s zoo.

Raa-Raa the noisy lion will be making appearances for meet and greets around the park, and if your staying at the resort hotel he will even join you for breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed my round-up of a few toy related things to do, to help keep you and the kids entertained this Half Term.








Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App – Review

This week the kids have been busy putting the new Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App through its paces on my iPad.

Based around Postman Pat’s newest incarnation at the special Delivery Service, it comes complete with all the familiar characters, voices, songs,and visuals from the series.

There are 8 main games to get to grips with, each with an Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty level. There is also an additional puzzle game you can play with the stamps you collect from your completed levels. So as you can see there’s a lot to keep your little ones busy in this one App.

Jacob and Thomas both had great fun with the games like Ben’s Sorting office and Post Box Run, although I think Jacob had a bit more trouble with the controls in this App than others we have tried. Even the Easy difficulty level was set quite high I thought.

Out of all the games we played Ted Glen’s Garage came out as the family favourite. In it you find yourself in Ted Glen’s workshop setting out to fix and make road worthy Pat’s van. Identifying the problems and then locating the right tools is sometimes a bit tricky, so it’s great for giving your little ones brain a workout whilst having a bit of fun.

I think this App is perfect for around the 5yr old age. Obviously younger Postman Pat fans will adore the sounds and visuals from their favourite show, but I think that children that little bit older will get the most out of some of the more challenging games.

Uki – Review and Competition

If you’ve got a toddler or under 5-year-old at home, odds on that they are a Cbeebies fan. Well I know that mine is anyway.

As well as being a Cbeebies fan, he’s also a massive fan of Chris and Pui and ‘Show Me, Show Me’, as I’m sure we all are.

Well recently as he’s been enjoying his daily dose of ‘Show Me, Show Me’, he’s also been fascinated with the new cartoon character Uki who features in the small cartoons they are running during the show.

Now you may be familiar with Uki from the show, but I’m sure you may be surprised (and thrilled) like me to discover that Uki is a bit of a star in his own right, with his own website, DVD, games and even Plush toy!

We received a copy of the DVD to take a look at, and have had a lovely couple of mornings watching it. I tend to watch it with my 3yr old once we get back from taking his big brother to school. It’s our special program which we watch and enjoy together.

For the uninitiated Uki is a little yellow creature who lives in a sunflower, and spends his days exploring the nature around him. He has lots of animal friends like Hedgehog, Rabbit and Duck, plus some other friends Sun, Moon and Cloud who act as Uki’s guardian and are always around keeping an eye on him.

On big difference between Uki and other cartoons is that there is Uki does not talk, everyone communicates with sounds and gesturing to the camera. The cartoons are really very sweet, and as there is no speech just soothing music, it’s a very relaxing watch.

You also get to see a bit more of the fun with each episode on the DVD. I think the Show Me, Show Me one’s are slightly shortened, missing out the repetitious parts of the show like the jigsaw at the beginning of each episode, and looking through the album at the end of most episodes.

Jacob absolutely loves this DVD, and even though I knew he liked Uki I’ve been surprised by how much he laughs out loud at him. Some of the episodes on the DVD had him rolling around on the floor laughing. I’m not use why but something about Uki really connects and tickles him.

With the DVD being such a big success in our house, I’m overjoyed to be able to offer you all a chance to win a copy for yourself. I have 2 prize packages to give away to the 2 lucky winners containing an Uki Plush and Uki DVD.

All you need to do to win is leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite Cbeebies programme or Character is? Plus there is an extra entry if you subscribe to Toybuzz (please let me know in a separate comment if you do this, thanks)

Competition closes midnight 19th September.

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Happy Birthday Pat – Review

16th September sees the Uk’s hardest working postman celebrate 30 years in the business. Postman Pat is the longest running animated TV series on the BBC, and still delights children and adults alike, just as much as he did when the show started in 1981.

To help celebrate this milestone a dvd of some of Pat’s classic episodes is being release on September 12th. Happy Birthday Pat is a very fitting tribute to the great Pat Clifton, with an excellent mix of old and new episodes. There are 8 episodes in all, including Postman Pat’s Great Big Party, Postman Pat and the Greendale Rocket, and my personal favourite Postman Pat takes the bus.

Also included in the pack is a cd with 15 tracks of Postman Pat Party tunes. Did you know there was a full length version of “what’s in his bag?”, the song that plays at the end of the show? Well there is and it’s on the CD, along with the Great Big Party song and he wonderful Greendale Knights song that always makes me laugh when I hear it.

The only thing that could have made the CD better would be to have had some of the original songs on there, especially seen as there are original episodes on the DVD. I would have really loved to have heard the Ted Glen “Leave it with me” song.

Watching the old episodes on Happy Birthday Pat was a real trip down memory lane for me, and a glimpse into times gone by for my young boys. A delightful dvd for all the family to enjoy together.

Happy Birthday Pat! Heres to another 30 years.

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Sweet Dreams Rosie and Raggles – Review

After confessing my love for the lovely everything’s Rosie last week, I was thrilled when we received a Sweet Dreams Rosie and Raggles from Vivid Imaginations to review.

I really do love Everything’s Rosie, and think it’s so nice as a show. It’s the total antithesis to everything else I usually watch on TV with my boys like Pokemon, Spider Man, Gormiti, Yu-Gi-Oh (anything with some sort of fighting involved). Everything’s Rosie is one of the few things we all enjoy watching together, and even if the kids have run off somewhere I’ll still tune into Cbeebies and watch it to see what Rosie, Raggles, Oakley and the gang are getting up to on my own.

Sweet Dreams Rosie comes ready for bed, dressed up in her famous pink pyjamas just like in the show. I was very impressed how true to the cartoon she is. Raggles however doesn’t come with his Hawaiian shirt type thing he wears to bed on the series,presumably because it would cover up his glow in the dark zip. He is though still very very cute….and my favourite.

When you press Rosie’s tummy she sings a little lullaby to send you off to sleep, and her cheeks light up softly. The lullaby is very sweet, and afterwards she will say different phrases like “sweet dreams raggles” and “I’m so sleepy”.

At first I wasn’t sure that the singing feature was working on my model, but after some investigation I think I’ve worked out what I was doing wrong. To make Rosie sing the lullaby requires a very quick push on the tummy, however to hear her talking you need to hold the button down for a while.

This is a really well thought out feature which means hopefully that the sounds shouldn’t be activated accidentally by little ones in the middle of the night. I especially appreciate this feature as I know how it feels to be woken up at 3am by a teddy which plays the Star Wars theme tune!

Rosie and Raggles aren’t connected in any way, so in theory if you have two little girl’s they could both take either Rosie or Raggles to bed and swap over each night to save arguments.

Sweet Dreams Rosie and Raggles is obviously a perfect gift for any Everything’s Rosie Fan, but is also just as likely to be welcomed with open arms by any little girl Rosie fan or not (if she’s not yet, she will be then!)

For more Everything’s Rosie fun, you can check out her website at There you can play games, watch clips, print out activity pages, and also have a look at all the other Everything’s Rosie Merchandise out in the shops.

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Everything’s Rosie Toys

It was only a matter of time wasn’t it until the amazingly cute Cbeebies hit Everything’s Rosie got its own toy range. To be honest I’m wondering what took so long, the show has been on for at least a year, and usually the toy line is only a few months after the shows debut. Anyway however long it’s taken, the Everything’s Rosie toy range is finally here!

The big hitter of the range is probably the Ring o’ Rosie, perfect for fans of the shows increasingly catchy theme tune (especially the ooooh at the end). Ring O’ Rosie will sing the theme tune to Everything’s Rosie every time you hold her hands.

My pick of the bunch has to be the Sweet Dreams Rosie, mainly because the adorably cute Raggles comes with this one too.

Perfect for snuggling up to at bedtime, Rosie will sing you a soothing lullaby as you drift to sleep. It’s great as a comforter for little ones too, as her cheeks glow lightly in the dark, just enough to give you youngster a little peace of mind at nighttime.

Everything’s Rosie My Best Friend has special sensors inside which let her know when you’ve picked her up. When you hold her hand or lift her up she will delight your young Rosie fan by talking and saying phrases from the show.

I also love the model toy of Rosie’s scooter you can get, or Rosie’s Twooter as it’s officially called. I’ve never actually heard it called a Twooter in the show, but maybe I’ve not been paying enough attention. (Writing this I’ve just realised why it’s called a Twooter not a Scooter, but I still think it sounds a bit silly)

The scooter or Twooter, whatever you want to call it, comes with A Rosie and Raggles figure which you can play with on or off the scooter. When placed onto the scooter their heads will bob up and down as you push it along. It will also play sounds and phrases from the show while it’s being played with.

As well as these toys there are also jigsaw’s, a Musical Tv and even a game available now. I even found this gorgeous Everything’s Rosie Duvet Set with a big picture of Rosie on it, and Curtains to complete the room too. Looks like now the ball has started rolling on the merchandise there’s going to be no stopping it!

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Chuggington at St Pancras 30th – 31st July

Calling all chuggers! This weekend 30th – 31st July Tomy are holding a special Chuggington event at St Pancras station.

Pop along to the station and you’ll find special screenings of new episodes, test out some of the new range of Chuggington toys, grab yourself a goodie bag, claim your exclusive Chuggington passport, and also enter a colouring competition for the chance to win the grand prize of a Chuggington Bike, Chuggington Storio and a Chuggington Die Cast Chugger Championship Deluxe Playset.

So be sure to stop by before you get on board, Sounds like it’ll be a chug-tastic start to your holiday!

Go Green with the Chuggers! – Competition

You may or may not already know that next week 20th – 26th June is Recycle Week 2011.

The theme for this year is ‘Recycling – home and away’, reminding us that recycling is not only for when we’re in the house. There are going to be lots of events happening around the country, including recycle week teaming up with Keep Britain Tidy for the Big Tidy Up campaign.

To celebrate the start of Recycle Week 2011 my lovely Cybermummy sponsors Learning Curve are giving me 3 special Go Green with the Chuggers prize packs to give away.

The prize packs will include:

one pack of Irving’s Rubbish and Recycling Cars and a Repair Shed set

Irving is the resident recycling chugger and one of my favourite new additions to the world of Chuggington. After a hard day sorting out the rubbish, maybe a trip to the repair shed will be called for. The electronic scanner and 2 pivoting tool arms will make sure Irving is ship shape and ready for another hard day’s recycling tomorrow.

Both featuring Chuggington’s smart talk wireless technology, Irving and the Repair shed can talk and play will all the other interactive chuggers and sets. To find out more about the smart talk technology, you can read my previous review on the All Around Chuggington Interactive Railway.

To enter the competition to win one pack of Irvings Rubbish and Recycling Cars and a Repair shed set, just leave a comment below letting me know how you get your little ones interested and involved in recycling?

Competition ends midnight Friday 24th June.