Halloween Fun With Frankenweenie and Tinker Bell

If you’re looking to fill today with a bit of Halloween fun, Disney have sent me some great Halloween activity sheets to get you and the whole family in the spooky spirit.

Firstly we have some brilliant Halloween party ideas from Tinker Bell and The Secret of The Wings.

How about some yummy carrot cakes for your party? or a pair of sparkly wings? or even a carved Tinker Bell Pumpkin?

The instructions for all of these fun ideas can be found on this Tinkerbell Activity Pack.

Tinkerbell Activity Pack

Pumpkin carving may look unachievable impressive, but with a good template it’s actually deceivingly easy. These templates are all simply cut out the copied imaged, none of the shaving involved in shading images, which can be a bit tricky.

Heres another simple pumpkin carving template from Disney’s Frankenweenie. This Spooky Sparky Pumpkin will make an awesome focal point for your Halloween party table display.

They would go great with the Frankenweenie Halloween Masks I posted a few weeks ago, here’s another link to those just so you don’t have to hunt them down:

Frankenweenie Character Masks Instructions

Frankenweenie Sparky Mask

Frankenweenie Victor Mask

Frankenweenie Elsa Mask

Frankenweenie Weird Girl Mask

As a special Halloween treat, here’s a video of Sparky from Frankenweenie enjoying some freaky Halloween hijinks. Enjoy!

Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter – Review

The Amazing Spider-Man was one of the most anticipated movies in the Toybuzz household this summer. After the thrill of watching the Avengers on the big screen, we all couldn’t wait to see what the reboot of Spider Man was going to be like.

Obviously we all loved it, I thought Andrew Garfield did a really great job as Peter Parker. There was however something Jacob was looking forward to nearly as much as the movie itself, New Spider-Man Toys!

So imagine his delight when we were sent The Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter from The Disney Store for us to review.

The Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter comes with the strap to the wrist web shooter, and 5 web bullets. It doesn’t however come with the Spider-Man Glove which is a bit disappointing. However if you have another of The Amazing Spider-Man toys like the Dual Web Blaster you can use that glove with the Rapid Fire Web Shooter just fine.

I’m sure this is true of most young boys, but Jacob has a real love of toys which include flying projectiles. Nerf guns especially. So the Rapid Fire Web Blaster is the best of both worlds for him, combining his love of Spider-Man with his attraction for fast flying bullets.

The fact that it fits on his wrist and he can flick his fingers and make the webs fly just like Spidey is his favourite part. Ever since we went on holiday 2 years ago and met Spider-Man there, the special thing he does with his fingers has been an important part of Spider-Man to Jacob. Spider-Man spent about 5 minutes showing Jacob how to do the web slinging fingers properly, and it really stuck with him.

The web’s you shoot are obviously not webs but plastic darts. This didn’t hamper Jacob’s enthusiasm though, he didn’t question why they weren’t real webs or anything.

The one drawback we found with the darts is the colour. They are a really light grey colour, and almost immediately one got lost.  So be careful to keep an eye on where you are shooting, as you could have a hard job finding them again afterwards.

The box specifically mentions not to use any other darts in the product, so apart from getting replacements from the manufacturer you’ll have one less dart.

Take care whilst reloading. I very nearly got hit by a bullet whilst loading the shooter, so now always point the web shooter down whilst loading bullets, and make sure you read the instructions (which I initially didn’t do and that’s why I nearly got hit). Rotate the barrel of the shooter manually when reloading, not by pushing the release button. The Bullets can fly out at you if you press the button down, they will not when you turn the barrel manually.

Another thing to be aware of is the speed and velocity in which the web bullets are fired. They are very fast and travel a long way (4m), so make sure that your youngster knows never to aim at the face or eyes as it could be quite dangerous.

The recommended age is 5+ and I think that is a good call by Hasbro, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving it to children any younger. My Jacob is 5 in 2 months, so I think he can be trusted, but he still has to be well supervised with it.

In my opinion it’s not one for the youngest of fans, but Spider-Man lovers over 5 will really appreciate being able to sling webs just like their hero.

Thanks to the Disney Store for sending us The Amazing Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter for review.

Another set of Frankenweenie activity sheets – Perfect for Halloween

This week Disney have sent me over another set of brilliantly creepy Frankenweenie activity sheets, which would be perfect for Halloween parties / trick or treating.

This game of pin the tail on Sparky will be electrifying fun for the kids

Pin-the-Tail on Sparky Game

Pin the Tail on Sparky Instructions

And these print and cut out masks will make you the envy of others during the Trick or Treating

Frankenweenie Sparky Mask

Frankenweenie Victor Mask

Frankenweenie Elsa Mask

Frankenweenie Weird Girl Mask

Frankenweenie Character Masks Instructions

Frankenweenie is out in cinemas October 17th in 3D




Frankenweenie Activity Sheets

As you probably know Disney’s new very aptly timed Halloween-esque movie Frankenweenie is out in Cinemas 17th October.

Me and Thomas are big big fans of Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, so we are both really excited to see what director Tim Burton’s latest Disney Movie has to offer.

It’s the heart warming story of Victor, a boy who suddenly and unexpectedly loses his beloved pet dog Sparky. Still overcome with grief Victor decides to try and bring Sparky back to life, and unexpectedly succeeds. Obviously this isn’t the most usual of occurrences and despite trying to keep Sparky secret, once his parents, teachers and friends find out things start to get interesting.

Frankenweenie looks from the trailer to be a beautiful black and white stop motion movie. The familiar sound of the Danny Elfman score, plus the wonderful voice talents of some of my favourite actors like Catherine o’Hara and Martin Short , mean that I really can’t wait to go this movie. It’s in 3D too, which I think works so well with animated movies.

To get us all in the mood those kind folks at Disney have released a series of free printable Frankenweenie Activity Sheets for you and your youngsters to enjoy. Simply print out all the sheets and you’ll have a nice little Frankenweenie Activity book to help keep your kids amused whilst waiting for the movie release.

Frankenweenie Activity Pack Cover

Frankenweenie – Find the Hidden Objects

Frankenweenie Maze

Frankenweenie Maze 2

Frankenweenie Spot the Difference


Frankenweenie is in Cinemas from October 17th in 3D and Imax 3D


Top Ten Toddler Toys for Christmas 2012

Well it’s that time of year again. Time for me to get rubbing at my crystal ball and start predicting what your little darlings would love to see Santa to leave for them underneath the Christmas Tree.

Right now im up to the Toddler list, and will be adding the Baby list over the next few days.

Check out the other lists here:

Top Ten Boys Toys for Christmas 2012

Top Ten Girls Toys for Christmas 2012

Top Ten Baby Toys for Christmas 2012

As always the lists aren’t in any sort of order of importance, it’s just the top 10 things that I think most of the Toddlers will be after this year.

On Site JCB Toy Range

Boys in general love their big machines. They also love getting messy and muddy.

This probably explains the attraction of the JCB’s, the little ones can’t seem to get enough of them.

I can remember how into JCB’s my little ones used to be, although there wasn’t many toys around yet we had a JCB DVD and watched it over and over and over again for about a year.

Thankfully for parents nowadays there is an amazing range of JCB toys for toddlers, and it’s called JCB On Site.

There are 4 vehicles available in the My 1st JCB On Site range. Joey JCB, Marty Mixer, Dan Dozer and Doug Dumptruck.

The big hitter of the On Site range is the My 1st JCB On Site Charlie Crane Playset, which is the work site where all the vehicles can come together to work.

The set comes with a talking Charlie Crane with a motorised winch, plus a Joey JCB and work site foreman figure.

Designed especially for smaller hands, The JCB On Site range is a great starter toy for your vehicle loving little wannabe builder.

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Ready Teddy Blast Off Charley Bear

You just gotta love that bear! Well that’s certainly true if you’re a pre-schooler anyway.

This really cute reproduction of the rocket ship Charley uses when he goes to play ball on the moon, will delight you fans of the show.

Open the door of the rocket ship and you’ll find an adorable little astronaut Charley Bear figure.

Sit Little Charley Bear down into the revolving pilots seat and then whisk him off up to the top-level of the ship, the control room

Theres a secret door inside one of the rocket’s boosters for Charley to either hide inside, or to hide away his important things safely away for the journey.

The 3 rocket boosters make great carry handles, and a sturdy place for little hands to hold whilst whizzing the Rocket through the air.

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Spiderman Go Glow Pal / Hello Kitty Go Glow Pal

If your little ones are anything like my two were, night-times were always a bit of a problem due to them being afraid of the dark.

They have never been totally terrified, but during the darkest nights of the winter sometimes the nightlight on the landing wasn’t enough and we had a few tears.

That’s why I think the Go Glow Pals are such a brilliant idea. Every child loves going to bed cuddling their favourite toy anyway, so it seems silly not to combine the friendly cuddly toy and reassuring nightlight.

The G0 Glow pals will provide a comforting light to help your little ons to sleep, but helpfully turn themselves off after 15 minutes, so you know the lights not going to be on all night.

It also helps them settle themselves back off to sleep, as if they wake up they can just cuddly their toy and the light will come back on for them.

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Lego Duplo Disney Princess

It’s been a long time coming I feel, but now there are finally some lovely girly sets of Lego coming out.

Until now the toddler Duplo range has primarily consisted of Police stations, Fire Stations and Farms. So the new Disney Princess Lego Duplo sets are a welcome addition to the range.

The big set of the range is the Lego Duplo Cinderella’s Castle

This gorgeous big bricked castle is exactly the toy that little girls and their mums have been waiting for.

The set comes with a Mini Cinderella and Prince Charming figure. Cinderella has a removable dress for dress up play.

The castle has two levels, a staircase, large castle doors, a fireplace, chandelier and two cute beds.

Suitable for children from 18 months to five years, this is a lovely Lego set that will definitely see lots of use.

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Tidlo City of London Train Set

A good old wooden train set has been the go to toddler toy for generations. Both girls and boys alike enjoy playing with Train sets, and mums and dads approve because they last for years, and are beautiful to look at.

This is especially true, if you pick a set as visually stunning as the Tidlo City of London Train Set.

The track is the simple figure of 8 with a bridge and tunnel. However the train running along this track is a little different to the norm, it’s actually a tube.

It’s the wonderfully detailed building which you place around your tube track that makes this set a cut above the rest.

The London Eye, The Gherkin, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, all these instantly recognisable landmarks are here, plus lots more.

It’s an utterly beautiful wooden train set, and would make an exquisite Christmas gift for any toddler.

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Baby Born Interactive

Ever since they were first released, the latest Baby Born doll has been up there on practically every little girls christmas list.

This year Baby Born has gone Interactive, with more surprises and interaction than ever.

Firstly your little girl needs to choose between the Baby Born Interactive baby boy and baby girl, and then the fun really begins.

As with other versions your Baby Born will cry, need a wee after feeding, eat from her spoon when you feed her. You can even give her a bath.

It’s when you add her with some of her other Interactive accessories that the Baby Born Interactive really comes to life.

As you pop her into her Cabriolet, the lights will flash, horn will beep, and the engine will start.

With her Interactive Cabriolet, Scooter, Kitchen and Horse, you and your Baby Born will never be bored.

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Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship Bucky

From the immensely popular Disney Junior show comes the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Musical Pirate Ship Bucky.

With over 25 sound effects, this toy Bucky is just like the one from the show, and it will delight young Jake fans.

Place Skully on top of the bird’s nest as lookout. What’s that? He’s seen Captain Hook?

Time to load the cannon with the water bombs, and watch them really fire.

If that doesn’t work place Jake on his special hotspot and watch Tic Tock Croc suddenly appear out of his hidden trap door.

Slide Jake down the indoor slide, and he’s ready to set sail.

Comes with a Jake figure, Skully figure, 3 water bombs, and Tick Toc Croc who pops out of a hidden door in the base of the ship.

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Minnie Mouse Bowtique

It may only be a series of a few short cartoons on the Disney Junior channel, but the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique already has its own toy line! And it’s huge!

There’s plenty of sets to choose from, all would be very much welcome on any toddlers Christmas list

Theres the Fashion on-The -Go Bow-tique – In which you can dress Minnie and her models in a variety of outfits. The set resembles a wheeled suitcase when all closed up.

Fairy Bow-tique Dress Up doll  – Where you dress up a Minnie Mouse doll, in all manner of fairy accessories.

The Minnie Mouse House Playset – This lovely Lilac house has four rooms, tons of accessories, and all folds up when playtime is over.

Cake Bow-tique – Welcome to Minnie’s cake shop. A lovely little store full to the brim with cupcakes, muffins and cookies. Comes with over 20 accessories.

Pet Bow-Tique – This mini pet grooming salon is probably my favourite of the Bow-Tique sets. Comes with Minnie, Figaro and Pluto figures.

Princess Bow-Tique –  These snap on dresses are brilliant for smaller hands. Dress Minnie up as a beautiful princess. Pick her princess outfit from the choice of hats, bows, dresses, and shoes.

For a small Mouse, Minnie certainly has a lot of business going!

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Imaginext BatCave

In a way I feel really weird putting this one on the list, as I’ve been blogging about it for years, and I think it’s been on the last two years going.

It’s not a new toy just out, but it is still amazingly in demand, and is still just a simply brilliant toy for toddlers.

Full of tricks, secrets and gadgets as you would expect coming from Batman, the Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave has to be one of my favourite toy of the last few years.

Use your included Batman or Robin figure to active one of the five gadgets by placing them on the activation disks.

Open the Batcave entrance, Use the claw, Imprison a prisoner, fire the missile launcher, Theres so much fun to be had with this SuperHero gift.

The good thing about the Imaginext Batcave having been around for a while, is that the range has grown over the years. Now there are a huge number of villains, figures, vehicles and even new playsets available to make your DC Superhero playtime experience even more immense.

The Riddler, Joker, Me Freeze, Penguin. They are all available as Imaginext Villain Figures for your little crime fighter to collect.

There is also now brand new this year the Gotham City Jail playset to house all those nasty villains in.

Also new the Imaginext Batman Gotham City Playset which is a mix of all things with a Bank to rob, Wayne Tower with a Bruce Wayne figure that you can turn into Batman, and a jail cell to put the Joker away.

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Disney Princess Magic Tea Set 

 I can still remember playing with my Disney tea set when I was a little girl.

So when I saw this updated and jazzed up 2012 version, I just had to put it on the list.

This very magical tea-pot will make sounds and music as you pretend to pour out the tea to your fellow princesses.

Once poured, stir your tea with the special spoon and the liquid will look like its swirling inside the cup.

The inside of the tea-pot lid doubles as a magic mirror. Which one is the fairest of them all? Why you of course!

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Avengers Assemble Pre-order Offer at The Disney Store

Disney Store are offering a brilliant Pre-Order deal on the soon to be released DVD and Blu-Ray of Avengers Assemble

Making over $1.5 Billion and counting, The Avengers was for me and many others evidently THE movie of the summer.

Having two Marvel obsessed little boys (well since Lego Batman a bit DC too, but I’m working on that) they just had to go and see Avengers Assemble in the cinema as soon as they could.

Unfortunately for them the film was 12A so mum and dad had to do the honours first and go to check it out beforehand. Luckily it passed the test and both boys got to go and see Hulk do his thing, and loved it more than any other film ever!

So getting the film on DVD so they can re-watch it again and again at home is a no-brainer anyway, but the Disney Store has just sweetened the deal making it even more irresistible.

Pre-Order the DVD or Blu-Ray of Avengers Assemble by the 17th September, and not only will you receive the set of 5 really cool figures of all of the Avengers but you’ll also get a £5 voucher to use on the Disney Store at a later date.

If like me you were going to purchase this anyway this is an offer not to be missed.


My Piggy Bank Tale

Share your savings story for a chance to win £500 towards a Stocks & Shares ISA

Being predominantly a toy and game review site, Money management is not usually I would blog about.  However when Britmums launched their Piggy Bank Tales Competition which is sponsored by Virgin Money, I decided I would write a post as perhaps my money-saving tip could help some of you out too.

Ever since we came back from our holiday in Florida just over 2 years ago now, the kids haven’t stopped asking about when we were going back. Obviously it’s not as simple as that, because Florida and all the theme parks is a very expensive holiday, and not one we could afford every year, not even every few years. Well not that is without some serious saving.

Seeing as our next holiday was going to take a gargantuan cost cutting and savings effort, we decided that we would need to get the whole family involved kids and all.

To give the kids a visual representation of how much we have to save, and how close to our total we are. Me and the boys sat down one Sunday afternoon and made our very own Blue Peter style totaliser.

Down the one side is a block for each £100 we need to save until we reach our target. Along the other edge the boys cut out pictures of their favourite rides and attractions that they were hoping to see again once we get back to Orlando.

Every month we all as a family count out the money that we’ve managed to save from going under our monthly budget, and the boys then take turns to colour in one of the £100 blocks if we’ve been good enough savers.

There is a long way to go, and it’s not always easy reminding them that were trying to save money when they ask for another new toy or magazine. However having them fully involved, and giving them something they can aim for at the end really helps.

It’s not only Holidays that you can use the totaliser idea for, I’ve also made one just for Thomas where he has been saving up himself for the latest Pokemon game since Christmas. It’s out this Friday, and he’s managed to save up all by himself from his weekly pocket-money.

He was beaming with pride this weekend, when he filled in the last space on his chart, and so was I.

Hope you enjoyed our Piggy Bank Tale, and maybe had a few ideas for your own totaliser!





20% off all online orders at Disney Store today!

To celebrate the fact that today February 29th is actually quite a special event, seen as we only get to witness that box on the calendar every four years. Disney Store are offering a staggering 20% off every thing single thing on the online store today.

No minimum spend, No restrictions, everything is included!

All you need to do is surf on over to Disneystore.co.uk and use the code LEAP20 at checkout.

There are some great new spring products which have just been added, like some wonderful new additions to the Disney baby collection, plus a new range of Jake and the Neverland pirate toys.

With 20% off everything in the store, today is a great opportunity to check out everything new at Disneystore.co.uk

Muppets Toys and Merchandise

Muppet mania has officially spread across the nation!

You really can’t fail to have missed the hype surrounding the new Muppet Movie, they have been absolutely everywhere haven’t they. I’ve spotted them on This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Football Focus, all the news channels, and pretty much every other show you can think of.

I haven’t actually managed to get around to seeing the film yet, but it’s penciled in my diary for next week, so not long now. From all the clips that I’ve seen though, it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

So while I was out and about yesterday I saw the cutest little girl dragging behind a huge Pink Animal Bag which was massively too big for her. It was a very cool bag though, and certainly made me do a double take. In fact I loved it so much I had to come home and investigate where to get one for myself!


Well I found it. This Animal Tote is the bag in question. Gorgeous isn’t it. You can pick this baby up from your local Disney Store or even easier www.disneystore.co.uk for the very reasonable sum of £18.00.

There is also an Animal Messenger bag which I’m quite partial too aswell. In fact I’m a bit torn between them. Being Pink however I think the Tote wins!

As you can see I’m a bit of an Animal fan, well more so than Miss Piggy or Kermit.

My absolute favourite Muppet would probably be Gonzo, and luckily for me those guys at the Disney Store have it covered. Not with a bag this time, but how about this too cool to be true Plush Gonzo.

I just love his Preepy nerd ensemble.

As well as the plush Gonzo, you’ll also find soft toy versions of Miss Piggy, Walter, Beaker and Gonzo’s best friend Rizzo.

There are some great Muppet related items to be had from the Disney Store as you can imagine. However apart from the usual mugs and T-shirts there are a few really quirky and different gift ideas. Such as the Animal Face cushion, some fluffy faced notebooks and for the uber fans some gorgeously decorated Muppet Figurines.

Lion King 3D – In Cinemas Now

The new 3D version of Disney’s The Lion King is still in cinemas, and would make an excellent half term treat for all the family.

I’ve always love the Lion King, but haven’t seen it for ages. My boys haven’t seen the film, but do know all of the characters from things like ‘Timon and Pumbaa’ and the ‘House of Mouse’ cartoons on the Disney channel, So it’s definitely on my list of things to do with the kids this week. Especially as we’ll get to see it in 3D for the first time ever.

If you too are thinking about going to see The Lion KIng next week then I have some great Lion King printables that will keep the kids busy for a bit when you get back :)

Lion KIng Timon and Pumbaa Colouring Page

Lion King Activity Sheet