Top 10 Toddler Toys for Christmas 2010

Here are my predictions for whats going to be the most requested toys from Santa in the Christmas of 2010. Buy gifts for the Toddler set, can sometimes seem like a thankless task. To young for the majority of things, but with a strong desire to be one of the big kids, toddlers can be a tricky bunch to get right. This is my list of hopefully foolproof Toddler gift ideas, Check out the other lists here:

Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Mack’s Road Trip

I love Duplo! It’s a guaranteed Toddler Pleaser.

Safer for little ones as it’s chunky and with no small parts, but with all the fun of Lego construction still intact.

This fun set includes most of the main players from the movie Lightning, Mack and Sheriff, Only Mater is missing from the party.

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Dancing Timmy

Timmy Time’s preschool hi jinks are probably my favourite part of my kids Cbeebies viewing (and I think they quite like it as well).

This cute Timmy doll is all dressed for a proper hip hop style dance off. With his Trainers, Baseball cap and gold medallion, he looks every bit the budding rap star ready to bust a move.

In fact he looks just like the sheep on the cover of his favourite album from the Timmy Can’t Dance episode.

Your Toddler will laugh and dance along, as Timmy dances to his two included music tracks.

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ZingZillas Big Zing Playset Another of my childrens Cbeebies faveoraites are the ZingZillas, Even more so after we got to see them live! I’m predicting that The Big Zing Playset will be one of the big sellers for the Toddler set this Christmas. Complete with all the essential components needed for the Big Zing, like the Beach Byrds, Moaning Stones and the all important Coconut Clock.

Each member of the band will even sing their line of the theme tune when you plug them into their space on the stage.

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All Around Chuggington Interactive Playset

Ok this is my last Cbeebies inspired choice I promise.

The All Around Chuggington interactive Railway is bound to be a sure fire hit with your young Chuggers.

The trainees recognise the environment around them such as knowing when they get to the fuel depot or saying hi when they pass Vee. They even sing a little Chuggington, just like the theme tune when the pass through the tunnel.

Pressing their funnel allows you to hear plenty of your chuggers famous phrases. The trainees even recognise each other and have fun conversations and games together.

They’re are a few different sets out at the moment, but this is the definitive Christmas gift for your young Chugginton fan.

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We Really Did It Dora

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dora the Explorer, Fisher Price have released a new dancing Dora doll for 2010.

Listen to Dora sing the all new ‘We Really Did It” song, which will be premiered in the newest Dora movie “Dora’s Birthday Adventure”.

Dora has 4 different modes of play

  • Teach me
  • “We Did It Dance”
  • Strike a pose
  • Say it 2 ways

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Handy Manny’s 2 in 1 Transforming Tool Truck

Still a firm favourite in the Toybuzz household, is last christmas’ Handy Manny Transforming Truck.

Although this one is from last year, I still think it not only makes a great present for the young Handy Manny fan, but also for any young pre-schooler who has a penchant for building and fiddling with things.

Pop open the bonnet and get to fixing the radiator, engine, Battery, Spark Plug and Air filter.

Pull Manny’s Workshop out of the back of the truck, and help Manny and the tools fix the Toaster, Clock, Camera and Fan.

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse World Playset Now another toy from a hit Playhouse Disney show, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This pared down version of the more expensive Clubhouse Playset incarnation, is without the lights and sounds of the original, but still features everything your toddler needs to have some great fun with Mickey and the gang. Mickey, Minnie and 12 accessories including the Mousekadoer are included. The playset features the seven distinct areas of the clubhouse from the TV show, like the garage, Mousekadoer room, Observation desk and Glove Balloon to name a few.

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Cars Piston Cup Garage Finally a garage made for Disney Pixar Cars fans!

Through the garage you can take a ride around the whole of Radiator Springs.

Visit Luigi’s Tyre shop, Fillmores Gas Station and then Lightning reaches the Winners enclosure and Helipad at the top of the garage.

Unfortunately the garage doesn’t actually come with any of the Diecast Cars, but i’m sure your little Cars fan will have plenty ready and waiting to take a trip around town.

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Fisher Price My Baby Walk and Giggle

More than just a pretty face, the Little Mommy My Baby Walk N Giggle doll has more than one trick up her sleeve, she’s got over 60 actually.

She sings and says over 60 fun sounds, phrases and songs.

Watch your little girl laugh and play mum with her new baby, as she goes from sitting, to standing, then walking and sitting down again all on her own. No help from Mummy required.

She comes with a blanket, bottle, dummy and toy doggy on a lead amongst many other accessories.

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Baby Annabell Battery Operated Scooter

This practically perfect Pink and purple Baby Annabell Scooter, will be your little girls dream machine when she spies it underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

With a sidecar attached just big enough for her Baby Annabell doll, the two of them will be able to travel on many adventures together in comfort.

As well as the space for Baby Anabelle, there’s also a storage compartment behind the drivers seat for those all important travelling knick knacks.

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Dora and Spongebob hit the shops!

To celebrate Dora the Explorers 10th Anniversary, her and SpongeBob SquarePants will be embarking on a 7 stop tour of UK shopping centres to meet and greet with their fans.

They will both be appearing at

  • Lakeside Shopping centre, Thurrock – 26th and 27th July
  • Braehead Shooping Centre, Glasgow – 30th and 31st July
  • Metrocentre, Gateshead – 2nd and 3rd August
  • Arndale Centre, Manchester – 5th and 6th August
  • Victoria Centre, Nottingham – 7th and 8th August
  • Meadowhall centre, Sheffield – 10th and 11th August
  • The Harlequin Centre, Watford – 13th and 14th August

It looks like there will be several different show times at each date and you will have to sign up on the day and get a wristband to the show you wish to see.

You can either opt for a pirate adventure with Dora, or a trip to the depths of Bikni Bottom with SpongeBob.

There will be a game and activity area, special giveaways and prizes, and a Nickelodean photographer will be there to capture your personnel meeting with the stars. After the event you will be able to log onto the Nick Jr website and print out your photos free of charge.

Disappointingly for my boys they don’t come as far as Wales, or even Bristol as we probably would have gone to see SpongeBob, oh well maybe they’ll come down and see us next year.

New look Dora sparks parent backlash

Nickelodeons favourite pre-school adventurer Dora the Explorer is set for a radical new look. 

When owners Mattel recently revealed details on a new look Dora, and only a silhouette of Dora’s makeover it immediately created a storm of controversy.

Parenting websites and message boards are buzzing with the news and most parent’s seem to be against the overhaul. There’s even a “No Makeover for Dora the Explorer” petition site.

Swapping her trademark bob,casual shorts and backpack for flowing long hair ,short skirt and pointed shoes. 

And the changes don’t stop there. She’s also swapping the country life for a move to the big city.

but wait all is not what it seems…

After the huge amount of negative publicity the changes have received Nickelodeon and Mattel sought to set the record straight about Dora’s changes. 

The new Dora is not actually replacing Dora but will be a new interactive doll to be released in October in the U.S.

They also released the actual photo of her and it doesn’t  look as bad as the silhouette suggested.

The apparent short skirt was a flowing top with leggings underneath. A perfect example of imagining the worst without having all the facts.

It’s all part of a move to appeal more to the 5 – 8 year old market, girls which usually grow out of Dora once they start the first year of school.

The new interactive doll will come with a USB port, and will use online story lines involving Dora and her four new friends in new exploring adventures.

Unfortunately Boots, Backpack, Map and my favourite Swiper will not be joining Dora in her new adventures.

Time will tell whether the new news from Mattel will soothe angry parents, but the one’s who will ultimately decide the new look older Dora’s fate are the kids.