Toys R Us Massive 3 for 2 Offer

Hurry and grab yourself a great bargain this weekend at Toys R Us, either online or in store.

Running until midnight Sunday 16th September, Toys R US have 3 for 2 bargains running on Moshi Monsters, Skylanders, Lego and Crayola.

There is also free delivery across the whole site, again until Midnight Sunday.

Seems like a great time to stock up on some Christmas goodies. Hot toys for this year like the Moshi Monster App Monsters, Skylanders and Lego Lord of the Rings sets are all included.

But hurry, stock is limited and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Dream Toys 2010

Yesterday saw the Toy Retailers Association announce it’s annual list of Dream Toys.

The TRA complied their predictions of the Top 12 toys in 7 different categories, and then the best from all the list were combined to create the Dream Dozen.

I was pleased to see plenty of my favourite products making it onto the Dream Dozen, like the Lego City Airport, Kidizoom Videocam, Moon Dough and the Paper Jamz Guitar.

Here’s the full list of all the winners:

The Dream Dozen

Lego City Airport

Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station

FurReal Go Go Walking Pup

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Kidizoom VideoCam

Monopoly Revolution

Moon Dough Barn

Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS

Paper Jamz Guitar


Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar

ZhuZhu Grooming Salon

Girls Top 12 Toys for Christmas

AniMagic Tender Care Twins

Baby Alive Bouncing Babbles

Baby Born Magic Feeding Doll

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Doll

Barbie Puppy Swim School

Bratz Party Dolls

FurReal Go Go Walking Pup

JLS Collector Dolls

Moxie Girls Art-titude Dolls

Ocean In My Pocket Coral Reef

Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Side Car

ZhuZhu Grooming Salon

Boys Top 12 Toys for Christmas

Armouron Action Set

Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid 7 -in- 1

Ben’s Mark 10 Car

Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Hot Wheels Dr Bones Colour Lab

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Kung Zhu Battle Arena

Star Wars: Clone Wars General Grievous Lightsaber

Star Wars: Hoth Wampa Cave

Toy Story Collection Sheriff Woody

UNSC Arctic Rocket Warthog

Pre-School Top 12 Toys for Christmas

All Around Chuggington Train Set

Duplo Toy Story The Great Train Chase

Playmobil Fire Engine

Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset

Thomas Zip, Zoom & Logging Adventure

Kidizoom VideoCam

My Pal Scout

Peppa Pig Lullaby Peppa

Play To Learn Mr Colour Maker

Play To Learn Pic ‘n’ Pop


Toy Story Collection Lots ‘o’ Huggin Bear

Games Top 12 Toys for Christmas

‘Best of British’ Board Game

Boogle Flash



Gator Golf

Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego Game

Jolly Octopus

Monopoly Revolution

Pig Goes Pop


Scrabble Trickster

Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It

Creative Play Top 12 Toys For Christmas

Bendaroos Creativity Centre

Lego City Airport

Lego City Cargo Truck

Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome

Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker

Harumika Designer Dress Form Set

Moon Dough Barn


Play-Doh Puppies Playset

Toy Story 3 Woody & Buzz to the Rescue

Zubber Jewellery Maker

Cool Toyz Top 12 Toys For Christmas

Air Hogs Lazer Zero Gravity

Air Hogs Vectron Wave


Barbie Video Girl

Battle Machines

Bladez Micro Helicopter

Bop It!


Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS

Paper Jamz Guitar

Technic Buggy


I had a great time at the show, and as you can imagine was in my element playing with all the new toys and gadgets, I also got loads of new ideas for toys to cover in the future. So be prepared for a Toybuzz deluge, as it’s look like Dream Toys is going to keep me busy all the way up until the big day itself!

Top 10 Toddler Toys for Christmas 2010

Here are my predictions for whats going to be the most requested toys from Santa in the Christmas of 2010. Buy gifts for the Toddler set, can sometimes seem like a thankless task. To young for the majority of things, but with a strong desire to be one of the big kids, toddlers can be a tricky bunch to get right. This is my list of hopefully foolproof Toddler gift ideas, Check out the other lists here:

Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Mack’s Road Trip

I love Duplo! It’s a guaranteed Toddler Pleaser.

Safer for little ones as it’s chunky and with no small parts, but with all the fun of Lego construction still intact.

This fun set includes most of the main players from the movie Lightning, Mack and Sheriff, Only Mater is missing from the party.

Dancing Timmy

Timmy Time’s preschool hi jinks are probably my favourite part of my kids Cbeebies viewing (and I think they quite like it as well).

This cute Timmy doll is all dressed for a proper hip hop style dance off. With his Trainers, Baseball cap and gold medallion, he looks every bit the budding rap star ready to bust a move.

In fact he looks just like the sheep on the cover of his favourite album from the Timmy Can’t Dance episode.

Your Toddler will laugh and dance along, as Timmy dances to his two included music tracks.

ZingZillas Big Zing Playset Another of my childrens Cbeebies faveoraites are the ZingZillas, Even more so after we got to see them live! I’m predicting that The Big Zing Playset will be one of the big sellers for the Toddler set this Christmas. Complete with all the essential components needed for the Big Zing, like the Beach Byrds, Moaning Stones and the all important Coconut Clock.

Each member of the band will even sing their line of the theme tune when you plug them into their space on the stage.

All Around Chuggington Interactive Playset

Ok this is my last Cbeebies inspired choice I promise.

The All Around Chuggington interactive Railway is bound to be a sure fire hit with your young Chuggers.

The trainees recognise the environment around them such as knowing when they get to the fuel depot or saying hi when they pass Vee. They even sing a little Chuggington, just like the theme tune when the pass through the tunnel.

Pressing their funnel allows you to hear plenty of your chuggers famous phrases. The trainees even recognise each other and have fun conversations and games together.

They’re are a few different sets out at the moment, but this is the definitive Christmas gift for your young Chugginton fan.

We Really Did It Dora

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dora the Explorer, Fisher Price have released a new dancing Dora doll for 2010.

Listen to Dora sing the all new ‘We Really Did It” song, which will be premiered in the newest Dora movie “Dora’s Birthday Adventure”.

Dora has 4 different modes of play

  • Teach me
  • “We Did It Dance”
  • Strike a pose
  • Say it 2 ways

Handy Manny’s 2 in 1 Transforming Tool Truck

Still a firm favourite in the Toybuzz household, is last christmas’ Handy Manny Transforming Truck.

Although this one is from last year, I still think it not only makes a great present for the young Handy Manny fan, but also for any young pre-schooler who has a penchant for building and fiddling with things.

Pop open the bonnet and get to fixing the radiator, engine, Battery, Spark Plug and Air filter.

Pull Manny’s Workshop out of the back of the truck, and help Manny and the tools fix the Toaster, Clock, Camera and Fan.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse World Playset Now another toy from a hit Playhouse Disney show, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This pared down version of the more expensive Clubhouse Playset incarnation, is without the lights and sounds of the original, but still features everything your toddler needs to have some great fun with Mickey and the gang. Mickey, Minnie and 12 accessories including the Mousekadoer are included. The playset features the seven distinct areas of the clubhouse from the TV show, like the garage, Mousekadoer room, Observation desk and Glove Balloon to name a few.

Cars Piston Cup Garage Finally a garage made for Disney Pixar Cars fans!

Through the garage you can take a ride around the whole of Radiator Springs.

Visit Luigi’s Tyre shop, Fillmores Gas Station and then Lightning reaches the Winners enclosure and Helipad at the top of the garage.

Unfortunately the garage doesn’t actually come with any of the Diecast Cars, but i’m sure your little Cars fan will have plenty ready and waiting to take a trip around town.

Fisher Price My Baby Walk and Giggle

More than just a pretty face, the Little Mommy My Baby Walk N Giggle doll has more than one trick up her sleeve, she’s got over 60 actually.

She sings and says over 60 fun sounds, phrases and songs.

Watch your little girl laugh and play mum with her new baby, as she goes from sitting, to standing, then walking and sitting down again all on her own. No help from Mummy required.

She comes with a blanket, bottle, dummy and toy doggy on a lead amongst many other accessories.

Baby Annabell Battery Operated Scooter

This practically perfect Pink and purple Baby Annabell Scooter, will be your little girls dream machine when she spies it underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

With a sidecar attached just big enough for her Baby Annabell doll, the two of them will be able to travel on many adventures together in comfort.

As well as the space for Baby Anabelle, there’s also a storage compartment behind the drivers seat for those all important travelling knick knacks.

Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Cars

Was looking online this morning at the Toys R Us website, and like a hawk Jacob was peering over my shoulder. I’m sure he can sense toy a mile away.

Anyway whilst I was looking at the Lego we found some great Duplo sets from the movie Cars. As soon as he saw the Macks Road Trip set, he said “I want that for my birthday mummy!” Of course he does.

I wouldn’t actually mind buying him this set though as 1) It’s Lego which we all love, and 2) It’s Cars which he adores too.

There are 3 other sets available too Flo’s Cafe, Mater’s Yard and just Lightning McQueen on his own.

Macks Road Trip is the biggest and most expensive set (well it would be wouldn’t it) and comes with a Lego Lightning McQueen, Sheriff and Mack with his trailer. You also get some highway signs and a cactus to help bring your own mini Radiator Springs to life.

Strangely with Flo’s V8 Diner you don’t actually get Flo, it comes with Sally, Lightning and Doc Hudson. At least Maters Yard comes with a Mater! And also another Sheriff vehicle.

So really if you buy the 3 main sets you’ll get 2 Lightning’s and 2 Sheriffs along with the rest of the gang. For me that’s not two bad as I had two boys who are bound to argue about who gets to be Lightning McQueen, and at least if you’ve only got one child you’ll have a spare if the main attraction breaks or you lose pieces.

Jacob’s birthday is the start of December, so he’s got birthday and Christmas in the same month. So I’ll probably get him the Mater’s Yard for his Birthday ’cause everyone loves Mater don’t they, and then get him the big Mack for Christmas as i’m one of those parents who believes in leaving the big present for Christmas.

I don’t think Jacob’s Cars fascination will be coming to an end anytime soon either. Just read about Cars 2 coming out next summer!

Lego Star Wars

So just as my son has moved on from Scooby Doo, Ben 10, Spiderman, Pokemon, back into Ben 10, he’s now totally obsessed with Lego Star Wars!

It started out by us deciding to watch the Star Wars trilogy as our Sunday night family movie. We started with the original movies as I think the new ones are quite honestly a bit boring for younger kids, it’s all galactic senate and tax embargoes.We did watch the new ones afterwards but Thomas didn’t like them as much as the originals.

After we watched “A new hope” my hubby mentioned that we had the game Lego Star Wars in the cupboard, well Thomas jumped on it like a shot! He absolutely loves this video game. So now all the talk in the house is about Star Wars. Watching the films, playing the game, playing with the toys, wearing the t-shirts, everything is Star Wars, even down to only eating Star Wars spaghetti with his dinner.

I’ve come to the realisation that all of Thomas’ fad’s come out due to video games. Scooby Doo, Ben 10, Pokemon and Star Wars all started after playing the related games. The only exception to this is his Spider man love, and that was started by another kid in nursery he admired being into him, well there’s always an exception to the rule.

To Thomas the toys and figures he collects and plays with are only to prolong his video game experience, because when his time on the ps3 or Xbox is up he just goes and gets the toys and plays exactly the same game he was just playing on the TV.

This works well for both of us at the minute because I can sort of limit his time on the X-box and TV and instead of throwing a hissy fit he’s OK as he just gets the toys and Carry’s on where he left off. The only problem with that is he needs more toys to keep extending the game.

At the moment we only have some old Star Wars bendy figures which a friend gave to us ages ago as their son had grown out of Star Wars, so obviously Thomas is nagging to get the proper Lego Star Wars sets.

I don’t really mind buying him Lego though as it’s always something I’ve loved, I think Lego is a great toy. We currently have a big box of Lego Duplo and a large green base plate which both of my boys love using. We haven’t got any proper sized Lego yet but I’m sure we’ll remedy that soon, Thomas is 4 1/2 now so ready for real Lego I think.

Sticking to my promise I made at the beginning of the year however I will not be buying Thomas his coveted Boxes willy nilly, he has to earn them. We’re trying to get to grips with night time potty training at the minute, so that’s the rewards for going 20 days with a dry nappy. But if he can’t keep it in all night, he’ll just have to wait until October for his birthday until he gets his intergalactic Lego friends.

And so begun the nappy wars have!

Lego Duplo Police Station Review

The Lego Duplo Police Station is the perfect toy for mischievous little toddlers, they will love chasing the bad guy in the van and even playing the bad guy!

As soon as Thomas saw the box, he jumped up and down over the fact it had a jail. He just loves making traps for his toy figures and then locking them up. So this set is just perfect for him.

On opening the box we found the instruction sheet, within minutes the Station was built and being played with.

Thomas’ favourite part of the whole set was the toilet. He thinks it’s hilarious that the robber can sit on the toilet. Boy’s and their toilet humour!

Jacob was instantly drawn to the police van, with it’s flashing lights and siren. A nice feature is that the back of the van lifts open and you can see a set of benches on each side, The figures don’t sit on these but it just looks realistic. Not that I would really know about those sorts of things,  I just watch too much of The Bill.

We all liked the fact that the police van can drive through the arch in the station, and drop off the robber into the jail. We also used the gap as the van’s parking space.

They both enjoyed dropping the figures through the hole in the roof, although Thomas did get a bit frustrated with it. The grill sits precariously on top of the gap, the slightest movement makes it fall inwards into the cell. The grills on the windows and doors are both hinged and able to swing back and forth easily. I think the grill would have benefited from the same design, we just took the grill off in the end and it was fine.


It has two figures, a robber, a police officer and a dog. I presume the dog is supposed to be a police dog. However in our house he changes allegiance regularly, helping the robber out of jail when the officers not looking. Also included is a briefcase and mobile phone.

The pieces are the perfect size for small hands, Jacob isn’t the recommended 2 years old yet but had a great time sticking the bricks together. The only pieces that might not be suitable would be the case and phone, so I took care to make sure he didn’t have those pieces.

Thomas has also incorporated some of his other toys into the fun, he has been using the jail to capture his Scooby Doo monster villains. As the sides of  the jail cell are left open larger  figures can be placed inside without the structure falling apart. It also means little hands can get right inside as well.

One point I will mention is that you can only make the police station with this set, there’s not enough bricks to make anything else. You have to make the Station as instructed, there’s no extra bricks for any variation. That would be my only minor niggle.

In my opinion this set is perfect for toddlers aged 2 – 4 years old. I also reviewed the Duplo Polar Zoo and think that would be a better buy  for smaller ones aged 1 upwards.

For the amount of things you get with this set I think it’s excellent value for money and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. The only problem is the included catalogue of all the other Legoville toys, Thomas already has a list of what to get next!

Lego Duplo Polar Zoo Review

Fancy owning your own penguin enclosure? Well now you can! Complete with 2 penguins and 2 polar bears the Duplo Polar Zoo is perfect for budding David Attenboroughs.

Whilst playing with the zoo keeper you can feed the animals with the included fish, or even use it to tempt the penguins to do tricks and jump through the hoop.

I was a bit concerned that the Polar Zoo might be a bit boring on it’s own, without the bigger sets like the Big City Zoo or Feeding Zoo and the additional animals they have. I am happy to admit that my fears were unfounded.

As soon as the box was opened Jacob was diving inside, trying to find the animals. He particuarly likes the penguins and spends ages studying them.

I was surprised that the set didn’t come with any instructions on how to put it all together. It can be made several different ways and I love that there’s a bit of variety. It was easy enough to copy the pictures from the cover of the box, but what happens when you want to put the Duplo in a new container?


The part that garnered most enthusiasm was the tube slide, which you can use to send the penguins sliding down the shoot. Toddlers love putting objects into things and seeing the consequences, so the slide was a big hit. Jacob even made the Zoo keeper take part, chucking her down the slide even with the fish in her hand.

The animals and fun slide make this a lovely set for smaller children, I would say from 12 months onwards. There are no small pieces in this set that I would consider a hazard if fully supervised. All the bricks are chunky and easily clipped together and taken apart, even by the smallest of hands.

I would definitely recommend this set to the parent of any young would be zoologist.

Another entertaining Duplo set I also reviwed was the Lego Duplo Police Station, also highly recommended.

New Duplo blog off the blocks


A new blog has just been started with the aim of promoting Duplo toys to parents.

It’s in it’s early days but shows signs of being a very useful resource when your looking to buy some Lego Duplo for your little ones.

There’s some interesting facts about Duplo, and reviews by parents of some Duplo products. Not forgetting there are some lovely photos of toddlers enjoying their little Lego.

There’s even a chance to get involved with the reviewing yourself. The blog is looking for parents feedback, so just fill in the form and you may be sent some Duplo toys for you and your toddler to give the once over.

I was kindly sent two sets of Duplo to review, the Polar Zoo and Police Station. I will be reviewing them later on in the week once Thomas and Jacob have had a chance to get to grips with them.