Zhu Zhu Pets : Quest for Zhu – Review

Yesterday whilst my oldest was in school me and Jacob sat down and enjoyed the new Zhu Zhu Pets movie – Quest for Zhu. If truth be told I didn’t think Thomas would be too interested, so that’s why we watched it on our own. However after seeing it I think I’ll be sitting down and watching it tonight with both of them as Thomas is a sucker for a good story and he will love this.

The film is all about last years toy of the year the Zhu Zhu Pets. It stars everyone’s favourite Zhu Zhu Hamster Pipsqueak, we’ll she’s my favourite anyway as she’s the one that I have. In the movie Pipsqueak gets into an argument with her owner Katie and not realising how good she has it wishes she could be somewhere else where she is more appreciated. Pipsqueak’s shooting star appears and magically transports her to the other side of the Zhuniverse, where she meets some other Zhu Zhu pets Mr Squiggles, Chuck and Num Nums. All the hamsters seem to be searching for something, so when Stinker the Skunk tells the gang about the palace of Zhu where the mysterious Zhu Fu can make all their dreams come true they set off on an adventure.

After travelling through the Amazhun jungle, and snow-capped mountain ranges they finally get to the palace of Zhu. Unfortunately for them the adventure is only just beginning as they find out Zhu Fu and the other hamsters have been captured by the evil Mehzula. Will Pipsqueak ever make it back home to Katie?

There are some great musical numbers in the movie which had my little one up and dancing around, I especially like the ‘No Place like Here’ song which I’ve added as a treat for you at the bottom of this post. Check out the song, it’s very catchy. Also be sure to check out Zhu Zhu Pets : Quest for Zhu it’s a great film for all the family.

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Zhu Zhu Pets : Quest for Zhu Trailer

This is the music video from the film



Zhu-Zhu Pets Big City Playset

You might remember me mentioning a few days ago Toys R us running a Batman promotion, well me and the family went down so the boys could have their photos taken with Batman, and I went browsing the aisles looking for some new and interesting toys to feature on Toybuzz.

Well something did catch my eye, the Zhu Zhu Pets Big City Playset. It’s a Toys R Us exclusive, so this is probably why I haven’t come across it before.

At first the £99.99 price tag might seem daunting, but when you consider this against the cost of buying all of the pieces separately it suddenly seems like quite a good deal.

In the Giant Hamster City box you’ll find A :

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Exercise Wheel
  • Car and Garage
  • Hamster Ball
  • Tunnels connecting all the various room together
  • and finally two Zhu Zhu pets to start off your collection

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I’m probably a bit behind with all of the new Zhu Zhu pets, as I haven’t really been part of the whole Go Go / Zhu Zhu craze. However I did notice a lot of new furry characters I hadn’t seen before lining the shelves. ¬†Apart from the new Kung Zu range of warrior hamsters for the boys, the new Zhu Zhu Pets Rock Star’s definitely got my attention. With their striking Punky hairstyles, and ever so cool names plucked direct from some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrity children, the Rock Stars are a welcome addition to the Zhu Zhu pets line.

There’s also the Woody Wagon and Skateboard to consider, Large range of adorable hamster outfits, and don’t forget the Zhu Zhu Pets and Kung Zu Nintendo DS games.

It looks like the Go Go pets/ Zhu Zhu craze has a lot longer life than I at first gave it credit for, and that these insanely cute furry creatures will be around for a lot more Christmas’s to come.

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Kung Zhu Hamsters

Remember all the fuss about Go Go / Zu Zu Pet Hamsters? Well be prepared to live through it all again this Christmas, But this time the boys want a piece of the action!

Obviously Mr Squiggles, Pipsqueak and co from last year were too fluffy and lovely for most boys to want anything to do with them, so they’ve now been transformed into battle hardened warriors in the hope that the lads will take to them more.

And by golly do you know what I think it’s going to work. It’s got everything that an 8 year old boy could want in a toy. Mindless Collecting…check, Requiring special equipment arena with countless add on parts…check, Goodies and Baddies fighting against each other in two teams for no apparent reason…check, Turning harmless furry creatures into mindless battling machines…check, and of course every good franchise needs a Computer game too…check, well looks like they got everything covered then.

As you can probably tell I’m not totally enamoured with the Kung Zhu Hamsters, but to be honest it’s not me they’re aimed at are they. The marketing is certainly working as I just showed Thomas the advert and asked his opinion, “Kung Zhu, Yes I want that ” was his reply, and there was me thinking he wouldn’t even know what they were.

I think there is some sort of story behind the Hamsters, something to do with the card of Zhu but I’m not really sure.

Along with the Hamsters and Battle Arena, theres a whole host of Battle Armour, Vehicles, Training zones and Base Stations to collect too.

I’m really not sure I like the idea of cute furry hamsters having Ninja style knives and riding round in tanks, so I think it’s gonna take a lot of persuading for Santa to leave this under the tree for Thomas.

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Go Go Pets

Please Hubby if your reading this, please please buy me a Mr Squiggles Hamster for Christmas! I’ve just fallen in love with him, he’s much too cute for the kids. He’s just for Me,Me,ME!

Forgive me for getting a bit carried away but these furry balls of love are just soooo cute, especially Mr Squiggles, his cute little squeaks.

I think that Go Go Pet hamsters are one of the best ideas ever. You get the joy of loving and caring for a little pet, and none of the smelly dirty stuff.

All of the accessories that you can get for your pampered pets are amazing too. You can make your furry friends happy with some conventional Hamster toys like a Hamster ball and Wheel, or you can go for the outrageous gifts of Car and surf board. Seeing that little toy hamster driving round in the car is hilarious.

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One of my favourite extras is the accessory pack which is a carrying bag and blanket. Your little girl will feel just like Paris Hilton carrying their beloved pet around in it’s bowling style carry bag, and wrapping it up tightly in it’s blanket.

For me Go Go pet’s are great for both boy’s and girls, the boys will love all the funny tricks they do like skateboarding and the girls will just love taking care of them and giving them a good home.

So please Hubby..Santa…Anyone, please can I have a Mr Squiggles for Christmas.