Gormiti Magic Egg

“Gormiti- The invincable lords of nature” sounds quite menacing doesnt it, well don’t worry as they are only 2 inch’s tall!

Gormiti are small plastic monsters that come with a trading card game. Like Top Trumps compare your figures and however has the bigger number wins.

All the Gormiti have a tribe and they are all at war with each other, and it’s your job to collect them all in order to help in the fight to save the Gormiti’s homeland.

One of the latest developments on the island of Gorm are Gormiti Magic Egg’s. The Magic Egg’s dissolve in water, very much like the Ben 10 Alien Rocks. Once fully dissolved you are left with a new Gormiti figure to add to your collection. 

There are five different Magic Eggs to collect. Each containing an exclusive Gormiti Series 2 figure, that is only available with the Magic Eggs.

Here are the names of the figures that come with each egg.

  • Red                 Volcano     Bombos the Firepower
  • Dark Blue      Sea              Turtle the Seer
  • Light Blue     Air               Whirlwing the Tormentor
  • Green             Forest         The Patient Motionless
  • Brown            Earth           Eartheater


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Each Egg comes with one figure and the corresponding playing card.