Top 10 Toddler Toys for Christmas 2010

Here are my predictions for whats going to be the most requested toys from Santa in the Christmas of 2010. Buy gifts for the Toddler set, can sometimes seem like a thankless task. To young for the majority of things, but with a strong desire to be one of the big kids, toddlers can be a tricky bunch to get right. This is my list of hopefully foolproof Toddler gift ideas, Check out the other lists here:

Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Mack’s Road Trip

I love Duplo! It’s a guaranteed Toddler Pleaser.

Safer for little ones as it’s chunky and with no small parts, but with all the fun of Lego construction still intact.

This fun set includes most of the main players from the movie Lightning, Mack and Sheriff, Only Mater is missing from the party.

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Dancing Timmy

Timmy Time’s preschool hi jinks are probably my favourite part of my kids Cbeebies viewing (and I think they quite like it as well).

This cute Timmy doll is all dressed for a proper hip hop style dance off. With his Trainers, Baseball cap and gold medallion, he looks every bit the budding rap star ready to bust a move.

In fact he looks just like the sheep on the cover of his favourite album from the Timmy Can’t Dance episode.

Your Toddler will laugh and dance along, as Timmy dances to his two included music tracks.

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ZingZillas Big Zing Playset Another of my childrens Cbeebies faveoraites are the ZingZillas, Even more so after we got to see them live! I’m predicting that The Big Zing Playset will be one of the big sellers for the Toddler set this Christmas. Complete with all the essential components needed for the Big Zing, like the Beach Byrds, Moaning Stones and the all important Coconut Clock.

Each member of the band will even sing their line of the theme tune when you plug them into their space on the stage.

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All Around Chuggington Interactive Playset

Ok this is my last Cbeebies inspired choice I promise.

The All Around Chuggington interactive Railway is bound to be a sure fire hit with your young Chuggers.

The trainees recognise the environment around them such as knowing when they get to the fuel depot or saying hi when they pass Vee. They even sing a little Chuggington, just like the theme tune when the pass through the tunnel.

Pressing their funnel allows you to hear plenty of your chuggers famous phrases. The trainees even recognise each other and have fun conversations and games together.

They’re are a few different sets out at the moment, but this is the definitive Christmas gift for your young Chugginton fan.

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We Really Did It Dora

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dora the Explorer, Fisher Price have released a new dancing Dora doll for 2010.

Listen to Dora sing the all new ‘We Really Did It” song, which will be premiered in the newest Dora movie “Dora’s Birthday Adventure”.

Dora has 4 different modes of play

  • Teach me
  • “We Did It Dance”
  • Strike a pose
  • Say it 2 ways

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Handy Manny’s 2 in 1 Transforming Tool Truck

Still a firm favourite in the Toybuzz household, is last christmas’ Handy Manny Transforming Truck.

Although this one is from last year, I still think it not only makes a great present for the young Handy Manny fan, but also for any young pre-schooler who has a penchant for building and fiddling with things.

Pop open the bonnet and get to fixing the radiator, engine, Battery, Spark Plug and Air filter.

Pull Manny’s Workshop out of the back of the truck, and help Manny and the tools fix the Toaster, Clock, Camera and Fan.

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse World Playset Now another toy from a hit Playhouse Disney show, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This pared down version of the more expensive Clubhouse Playset incarnation, is without the lights and sounds of the original, but still features everything your toddler needs to have some great fun with Mickey and the gang. Mickey, Minnie and 12 accessories including the Mousekadoer are included. The playset features the seven distinct areas of the clubhouse from the TV show, like the garage, Mousekadoer room, Observation desk and Glove Balloon to name a few.

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Cars Piston Cup Garage Finally a garage made for Disney Pixar Cars fans!

Through the garage you can take a ride around the whole of Radiator Springs.

Visit Luigi’s Tyre shop, Fillmores Gas Station and then Lightning reaches the Winners enclosure and Helipad at the top of the garage.

Unfortunately the garage doesn’t actually come with any of the Diecast Cars, but i’m sure your little Cars fan will have plenty ready and waiting to take a trip around town.

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Fisher Price My Baby Walk and Giggle

More than just a pretty face, the Little Mommy My Baby Walk N Giggle doll has more than one trick up her sleeve, she’s got over 60 actually.

She sings and says over 60 fun sounds, phrases and songs.

Watch your little girl laugh and play mum with her new baby, as she goes from sitting, to standing, then walking and sitting down again all on her own. No help from Mummy required.

She comes with a blanket, bottle, dummy and toy doggy on a lead amongst many other accessories.

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Baby Annabell Battery Operated Scooter

This practically perfect Pink and purple Baby Annabell Scooter, will be your little girls dream machine when she spies it underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

With a sidecar attached just big enough for her Baby Annabell doll, the two of them will be able to travel on many adventures together in comfort.

As well as the space for Baby Anabelle, there’s also a storage compartment behind the drivers seat for those all important travelling knick knacks.

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Handy Manny Fix It Right Motorcycle Review

So Jacob’s birthday has come and gone, and we’ve had a good weekend to play and tinker with his big birthday present the Handy Manny Fix It Right Motorcycle.

I knew Jacob would absolutely love this toy, due to his reaction to the feature length cartoon ‘Handy Manny’s Motorcycle Adventure’. We have to watch this at least twice a day religiously! So when I saw this I knew it’d be a massive hit.

A the moment it’s not available in the UK, so I had to choose between ordering from Ebay or the US Disney Store direct. I choose to order through the Disney Store as I’d left it a little late and they offered priority shipping. However it would have been a lot cheaper to buy from Ebay, as it would have been shipped as a gift and I could have avoided customs charges.

Jacob’s face was a picture when he opened it up, “Manny Bike!” “Manny Bike!” he screeched excitedly. You can see from the picture that he is pleased as punch with his new toy.

The bike comes with a Felipe, Rusty and Manny figure all sporting a fetching motorcycle helmet, and Manny’s even got a leather bikers jacket complete with crossed spanners on the back.

You also get a petrol can, so you can re-enact the part in the cartoon where Manny runs out of petrol.

The Motorcycle has two different modes of play, there is a fix it mode and a build a chopper mode.

As with the other Manny build and fix toys you get a set of blueprints explaining what jobs need to be done. Obviously Jacob is too young to see the point of this, but my 4 year old immediately spotted that they were instructions and set about putting the parts on the bike.

In the Fix It Mode when you press the red button Manny and the tools set off, the engine roars and the headlamp lights up. On the second time of pressing you get the engine noise again. But on the third press the bike always brakes down. You hear the clattering of broken parts and then Manny says “uh-oh” and tells you what needs fixing.

His list of sayings is:

Oh No it sounds like we need to tune the engine

The shocks feel loose, let’s adjust the fork

Um maybe we should fix the tailpipe

Whoops that was a big bump, let’s adjust the Sidecar/Fork

Uh-oh we need gas, (and then again in spanish!)

Uh-oh I think we should replace the engine/Tailpipe

Um lets check the Sidecar

Oh-no let’s adjust the engine/Tailpipe/Sidecar

Um the bikes not driving straight, I think we should replace the fork

Let’s fix the engine

Uh-oh that sounds like a broken Tailpipe

There may be a few more but I think that’s most of them, as you can see Manny Say’s quite a lot of stuff.

The parts that you are able to adjust are the Sidecar, Tailpipe, Fork, Engine and wheel. You can also add gas into the gas tank.

Phillipe is used to fix the Sidecar, Engine and Fork. Rusty adjusts the Tailpipe and Wheel, although there is no electronic response from adjusting the wheel.

So it seems that Phillipe does most of the work, but I think that is intentional as it’s much easier for little hands to turn Phillipe than it is Rusty. My little boy has already mastered screwing with Phillipe, but I think Rusty the Wrench will take a little longer to get the hang of.

He may also just be two, but he already knows that you need to press the red button three times until the bike brakes down. He especially loves filling up with the little petrol can. There is a cubby hole in the sidecar to store the gas can, and he loves getting it out, hearing the filling up noise and putting it back in it’s place.

To be honest we have only been playing with the Fix It Mode and have left the pieces to complete the chopper in the drawer until Jacob is older. At the moment he is very happy with just fixing the bike, and doesn’t need the extra pieces. The build a chopper mode is essentially the same as fix it mode, however instead of Manny saying “lets fix the engine” he says “lets Switch out the Engine”.

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I think when he’s a bit older he will probably enjoy swapping between the different parts, but at the moment he’s fine with just the one bike.

The toy Handy Manny that comes with the bike is a good size, but is smaller than the Lets get to Work Manny to give you an idea of size. Also as he is smaller, I assume he will fit nicely into the Handy Manny transforming Truck I’ve bought Jacob for Christmas.

As you can see from the pictures Jacob absolutely loves this toy, and it’s been played with constantly since he had it. As it wasn’t available here it was obviously expensive to get, so I’d say if your little one wanted it more for the bike rather than Manny maybe go for something more like this Postman Pat SDS Motorbike. If however like Jacob they are Handy Manny Mad, you can’t go wrong with this!

Little People Racing Ramps Garage

I’ve just finished the last of the present shopping in preperation for Jacob’s 2nd birthday next Friday. Don’t tell him but he’s having the Handy Manny Fix It Motorcycle and the Little People Racing Ramps Garage.

I was umming and ahhing over whether to get him a garage for his birthday, as he’s currently using his brothers old Little People Touch ‘n’ feel garage.  I thought it might be nice for him to have a new one as he really loves his toy cars.

However he made the decision for me as over the past month he’s gone about wrecking the old garage, so much now that I had to get him a new one.

So once we’ve had them all out and had a good play, and also once i’ve baked the requested Handy Manny birthday cake, i’ll get a full review of both of them written up.

Just have to go out and get a roll of birthday wrapping paper now, as the box for the garage is much bigger than I expected.

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Handy Manny’s Motorcycle adventure

This Saturday see the premiere of Handy Manny’s Motorcycle adventure at 09:25 on Playhouse Disney. Coming only 1 month after the U.S premiere, that’s not bad at all.

Jacob is still Handy Manny mad, so he’s already looking forward to it. It doesn’t help that Playhouse Disney show an advert for it every 20 minutes.

It’ll be good to see some new episodes because let’s face it, for anyone who has a Handy Manny fan they are getting slightly boring now (understatement of the year!). I know all the words to every episode off by heart now, sing along to all the little songs too. My sons think I’m crazy.

However it does throw up on problem, The Handy Manny Motorcycle toy!

Combining two of Jacobs most favourite things, Handy Manny and Motorbikes this is going to be a sure fire hit with him.

I’ve already got him the Let’s get to work Manny and Transforming Tool Truck for Christmas, so don’t want a total Manny overload. But it’s his birthday in December too, and he hasn’t got anything yet so I may well be tempted.

Have to see how the show goes down on Saturday first!

Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2009

Here are my picks for the top 10 toys that children everywhere will be wishing to find under the  Xmas tree in 2009.

Transformers Devestator

With six Transformers combining together to make this huge villain from the movie “Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen” .The Supreme Combiner Constructicon Devastator, to give it it’s full name is quite a beast of a present.

This Amazingly big boy’s toy would look mightily impressive sitting under the Christmas Tree.

Peppa Pig – Princess Peppa’s Royal Palace

Having no girls Peppa Pig doesn’t play a big role in my life. However judging from the reactions of friends little ones and girls at the local toddler group all dressed in their Peppa Pig T-shirts, she is big business.

This Beautiful palace playset folds out to reveal 7 rooms, ranging from kitchen, royal bedroom and even banqueting hall.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Dancer

Every one’s Favourite cartoon mouse is here, and he’s singing his signature “Hot Dog song”. Pre-schoolers are sure to squeal in delight, as Mickey dances the Hot Dog dance and tells a couple of jokes along the way.

Hot Diggety dog!

Rocky the Interactive Robot Dump Truck

This wise-cracking Italian stallion of a dump truck, will be just the thing for those budding Bob the Builders and Handy Manny’s.

With it’s vast array of cool moves and even cooler sayings, he’s bound to be a big Christmas hit!

Vtech Kiddizoom Pro Multimedia Camera

This new improved version of the Kiddizoom, comes with a 2 megapixel camera, 5 games and an inbuilt MP3 player.

Edit your photos on the viewfinder by adding fun effects and borders.

A fun and practical present for budding David Bailey’s.

Handy Manny  Transforming 2 in 1 Tool Truck

This has to be the number one gift for Handy Manny fans this Christmas.

Have fun playing with Handy Manny’s red truck, and then unfold to reveal his workshop.

With five engine parts and even more household objects needing mending, there will always be something for your little one to fix.

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robot

The NXT 2.o is the new upgraded version of the massive hit Lego Mindstorms NXT.

As boy’s get older they can get harder to buy for. This is a brilliant present for a teenage boy, guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing and not just get discarded by boxing day. What boy (and dad) wouldn’t want to make there own robot!

You don’t have to be Steven Hawkings to build one either. It comes with instructions on how to build 4 different robots, the first of which can be built in only 30 minutes.

Barbie and The Three Musketeers Kitten Miette

This adorable little Kitten is from the new “Barbie and the Three Musketeers” Movie. She comes with a CD featuring music and stories from the film.

She also sings and dances along when you play the DVD of the film. The more you play and interact with Miette, the more she will play along with you.

Sylvanian Families Caravan and the Family Car

A great addition to your Sylvanian Families Collection, I only wish my mother hadn’t chucked out all of my original ones when I moved out.

This set comes with over 25 accessories such as 2 car seats for the little baby bunny’s, and a lovely picnic hamper which you can store in the boot of the car just like real life.

This set has everything you need for your Sylvanian Family friends to get a well deserved holiday.

Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar

Get your little popstar prepared for a life of X Factor auditions when their older, with the Pop Tunes guitar. The real difference with this toy guitar is it plays kidified versions of some genuinely classic songs, no row row your boat or Twinkle, Twinkle on this guitar.

Get ready to introduce your youngster to Queen and the Police, with this fun toy that even big rockers will enjoy.

And that ladies and Gentleman is the Toybuzz list of the top 10 toys for Christmas 2009. Happy shopping Santa!

Handy Manny Transforming 2 in 1 tool truck and Let’s get to work Handy Manny – Review

I thought I’d started shopping Christmas shopping really early this year when I ventured out to the high street this week, so was surprised to find my local Sainsburys already stocking shelves with Mince Pies and Crackers… oh well It was early for me anyway.

At only 21 months old Jacob already has his own toy favourites, and has had his eye on a Let’s get to work Handy Manny ever since he spied it from his pushchair up on the shelf in the Disney Store. So me and hubby had already decided to buy him that for Christmas, however when I went to pay for it looking at the back of the box it mentions Handy Manny’s Transforming Tool Truck. I was intrigued by this toy as I’d never seen it before, so decided to check it out and now I’m glad I did.

I’ve decided not to take the toys out of their boxes as they are my sons Christmas presents, however I’ve had a good look at them and a play around, so here goes with my reviews.

Lets Get To Work Handy Manny

This 13″ miniature version of every toddlers favorite handyman is a good likeness to the cartoon Manny, and is also voiced by wilmer valderrama so sounds exactly like the TV version.

embedded by Embedded Video

He Say’s 26 sentences in total, 20 when you press his belt buckle and another 6 when you place a tool in his gloved hand. I was slightly disappointed that Manny doesn’t recognise which tool you have placed in his hand, he just speaks a random sentence about a tool. Even if Manny says’s “Hmm, we need a tool that is good at tightening things” and you place Pat the hammer in his hand he will still say “That’s the right tool for the right job” even though it obviously isn’t, although at least your child won’t get frustrated if they get it wrong.

Here’s a list of the phrases Handy Manny says’s:

When Belt Buckle Pressed:
1.Hmm, we need a tool that knocks nails into place.
2.We can fix anything. (Spanish and English)
3.¡Vámonos!, tools! Come on.
4.Hmm, we need a tool that knocks nails into place.
5.There’s a tool for every job
6.Hmm, we need a tool that is good at tightening things.
7.Thanks for your help. Gracias.
8.Let’s work together.
9.Measure twice, cut once.
10.Let’s go to Kelly’s store. She always has what we need.
11.I couldn’t do this job without you.
12.Hmm, we need a tool that can cut things.
13.Righty tighty, lefty loosy
14.You break it, we fix it.
15.Hola, I’m Manny
16.There’s no job too big for us.
17.Hmm, we need a tool that can tighten screws.
18.Hmm, we need a tool that we can measure with
19.Measure twice, cut once.
20.We make a great team

When Belt Buckle Pressed:

1.Hmm, we need a tool that knocks nails into place.

2.We can fix anything. (in Spanish and English)

3.¡Vámonos!, tools! Come on.

4.Hmm, we need a tool that knocks nails into place.

5.There’s a tool for every job

6.Hmm, we need a tool that is good at tightening things.

7.Thanks for your help. Gracias.

8.Let’s work together.

9.Measure twice, cut once.

10.Let’s go to Kelly’s store. She always has what we need.

11.I couldn’t do this job without you.

12.Hmm, we need a tool that can cut things.

13.Righty tighty, lefty loosy

14.You break it, we fix it.

15.Hola, I’m Manny

16.There’s no job too big for us.

17.Hmm, we need a tool that can tighten screws.

18.Hmm, we need a tool that we can measure with

19.Measure twice, cut once.

20.We make a great team

When a Tool is placed in Manny’s hand

1.That’s just the tool we need.

2.That is the perfect tool for the job.

3.Great idea. Let’s use that tool.

4.Every tool has a special job to do.

5.That tool is just right.

6. That’s the right tool for the right job.

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The things I like about this Handy Manny doll is that even though it’s hard plastic, it doesn’t look plasticky if you know what I mean and is still cute enough for kids to cuddle up to.

It also comes with all of the tools from the show (apart from Flicker) so your child will be able to play out the TV show at home with all of the characters. The tools are also hard plastic and a nice size, not too small for little ones to play with. Being made of plastic also makes Manny look very durable, he looks as if he would survive getting knocked around a bit.

The tools can either be stored in Manny’s famous red toolbox, or they can clip onto Manny’s tool belt.

Handy Manny 2 in 1 Transforming Tool Truck

I wasn’t intending to get truck, to be honest before I saw it on the back of the Handy Manny box I’d never even heard of it but once I saw it I knew I had to have it for Jacob. He loves Handy Manny and he loves all types of vehicles, it was just a match made in heaven.

I would definitely say you need to get this toy delivered as it’s quite heavy and bulky, it’s more awkward than anything to carry. I bought it and carried it to the bus and really wish I hadn’t, and there was no way I could have carried anything else at the same time.

The best thing is that the Let’s get to Work Handy Manny fit’s into the cab of the truck, so you can push Manny around in his truck. I think if you received the truck as a present and didn’t get the doll, your child would be a bit disappointed, you’d just be left with a big space and no one to drive. It also makes it difficult as the doll has a big picture of the truck on the back, so that’s the next thing your little one will want when they see it. In my opinion you need both the truck and the doll if you have a really big Handy Manny fan in your house.

There is so much going on with this truck it’s just great, I can’t wait till Christmas to play with it myself! The set comes with Rusty the Wrench, Felipe the Phillips head screwdriver, Squeeze the Pliers and Dusty the saw. I find it strange that it doesn’t come with the other tools, and really don’t understand why not as it is an expensive present and you would expect the full set. However I’m not to worried as you get all seven tools with the doll, so that’s another reason to get the two toys together.

When not being used a Manny’s truck you can unfold the sides out and it magically becomes Manny’s workshop. Inside the Workshop you will find a clock, fan, toaster and camera all waiting to be fixed by the tools. There is also Manny’s telephone, where familiar customers will call up and ask you to fix things eg..”Hi it’s Mr Lopart here, por favor can you fix my fan”. There are so many voices and phrases will this toy that it’s impossible for my to list them all (ok not impossible but it would take me to long!)

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You can also lift up the hood on Manny’s truck and fix the engine when it breaks down, “we need to tune the engine” “gracias you fixed the engine”. The radiator,air filter, battery and spark plug all can be repaired. I liked the fact that this toy has the tools voices too as well as Manny’s, and they are exactly like the cartoon.

Unlike the Let’s get to work Manny with this toy you do need to select the correct tool for the job. When the right tool is chosen, the fix it right song will play along as you repair. A special Handy Manny button will give your child extra clues and helping hints guiding them towards the correct tool for the job.

A nice touch is the set of blueprint’s you get, explaining how to carry out each of the repairs.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas just to give my baby these two toy’s, I know he’s just going to be thrilled. I think that they are both really lovely toy’s and the Handy Manny fan in your life is sure to love them.

Handy Manny Toolbox Including Flicker!!

Looking at the stat’s for toybuzz, one of the most searched for things is Handy Manny and more importantly Flicker! When are the Disney Store going to start stocking toolboxes with Flicker I hear you all ask.

Well your prayers may now be answered as I’ve found some of aforementioned toy-boxes on Amazon, complete with our beloved Flicker.

Parents up and down the country breathe a collective sigh of relief, and the little ones get what they really wanted from Father Christmas…result!

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Handy Manny

Playhouse Disney has always been a firm favourite in our house, with Mickey and pals and Tigger and Pooh helping Mummy to get five minutes of peace in the day for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

No sooner had Handy Manny popped up on the channel he became Jacob’s best friend.

For the uninitiated Handy Manny is a friendly Mexican handyman who lives in the idyllic neighbourhood of Shetrock Hills. Helping Manny with his various daily call outs are his box of talking tools.

Turner a Flathead screwdriver and Phillipe the Phillips head screwdriver have  lots of ongoing banter about who’s the best, Squeeze the young pair of pliers, Stretch the tape measure, Rusty the paranoid wrench, Dusty the saw and Pat the accident prone hammer and occasionally Flicker the flashlight each help Manny in there own special way.

For anyone really taking too much notice, Felipe is not in the above picture because when I found him in the toy box and went to take the picture he was covered in chocolate and had his eyes hanging by a thin thread (don’t ask me what he’d been doing) so I took the photo without him.

Regular characters in the show amongst others are Mrs Portio, Abuelito (Manny’s Granddad), Mayor Rosa and Coach Johnson. They regularly ring Manny needing help with their various DIY problems. Manny always answers the phone with his trademark greeting “Hello Handy Manny’s repair shop, You break it, We fix it, this is Manny”.

Two other prominent regular characters are Mr Lopart who runs the Sweetshop next door to Manny and Kelly who owns the Hardware store. Mr Lopart is the hapless neighbour who always thinks he can do everything himself, and always comes in cropper in one way or the other. Together with his Cat Fluffy they provide a lot of the comic relief in the show.

Kelly’s hardware store is a regular haunt of Manny’s as he always has to pop in to get supplies on the way to a job. The running joke with Kelly’s is that she always has what Manny and the tools need for the job, no matter how bizarre. She just always seems to have a light canopy in her handbag or a 100 year old pipe valve in a box somewhere.

My son Jacob’s favourite part of the show is the special song which Manny and the tools sing while jumping into their toolbox before heading out for a job. The word of the song go like this

“Hop up, jump in – come on let’s go!,

Hop up, jump in – si vamonos, (translation: let’s go)

Hop up, jump in – don’t move too slow (keep up!),

Let’s get to work, muy rapido!” (translation: Very quickly)

Jacob also loves the the fix it song which the tools always sing once there ready to finish the repair which goes

“Let’s get going and fix it right

Twist and turn, make it tight

Trabajamos juntos (translated: We work together)

we work together now

Cut it, measure it, tap it flat

Bend and twist, just like that

Each of us has a special job

We work together – todos juntos  (translation: all together)

We can fix it right!”

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Last Christmas when Jacob was going to be one, there wasn’t very much Handy Manny merchandise out there. I did manage to find a lovely plush toolbox, it was really great for his age as it’s soft and he loves carrying it around when the show is on.

This year however seems to be a bit different, Handy Manny is big business and the stores seem to have started stocking Manny toys big time. Looking round the stores today I found a Handy Manny dress up costume, talking toolbox (which sings the hop up, jump in song and the tool’s dance) party hats and plates, books, jigsaws, even a new V-Smile game for the V-Tech system. Whatever you can think of, it’s out there.

Manny is now big business and I fully expect him to be a huge, huge seller this Christmas, and now he’s going to feature highly on my boy’s lists to Santa.