Star Wars Force Link 2.0 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon with Han Solo Figure – Review

After all the fun of watching Solo – A Star Wars Story this week, we had incredible fun recreating all our favourite parts with the new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon from Hasbro.

First things first this toy is big. Its a big ship. So thats the first plus from the boys, when it comes to toys and vehicles its usually the bigger the better with my two.

Luckily even though its big theres hardly any assembly. Theres a few flaps and bits to clip on but not much. However there are a few fiddly stickers to negotiate.

Not having the best dexterity, and suffering from close up double vision at the moment my placement of the stickers was not great. I did my best and its not too bad. I really detest putting the fiddly stickers on toys. This is one job that I just wish would come already done.

Thankfully once the stickers and plastic flaps are attached your all ready to rumble, and I mean that literally. One of the big draws of the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is all the amazing lights, sounds and rumble effects you get whilst playing.

On lifting up the Millennium Falcon you get a realistic lift off noise, next whilst you whizz the ship around in the air you get whizzy flying sounds (honestly cooler than I made it sound). There are buttons on each side of the ship. The button on the left side will make blaster sounds, and lights down the ships side. Over on the right the button is a bit more complex,

  • First press sends the Millennium Falcon into Hyperdrive with lights and sounds
  • Second press activates the rumble pack, so you get accelerated lights and sounds plus rumble
  • Final third press makes you enter Hyperspeed, so more lights and sounds and then with a final flourish the blast panels at the back and the front fly off spectacularly.

As well as all the great lights and sounds, and the aforementioned surprise blast panels. Theres lots more to discover.

It comes with the Kessel version of the Han Solo Forcelink 2.0 action figure, which looks awesome in all black.

The front of the ship houses the removable escape craft with moveable cannons that Han can use to escape the bad guys. Theres also a secret smugglers hatch which houses a container of Coaxiam, that becomes visible when the blast panels blow away.

A massive part of the new Millennium Falcon is it’s Forcelink 2.0 connectivity via Bluetooth.

I didn’t personally have a chance to check the Forelink 2.0 out as it’s a separate add on but from what I’ve seen on Youtube it looks like a very cool addition. With the Forcelink 2.0 starter set you get the wearable Forcelink 2.0, and a Han Solo figure (different to the Han in this Millennium Falcon set as that one is the Kessel Han Solo)

When you scan over a Forcelink compatible action figure whilst wearing the Forcelink on your arm, the figure will activate authentic phrases and sounds from the movies. If you have multiple figures they can respond and interact with each other. When you use the Forcelink 2.0 App on your smartphone, you can level up the characters you own and unlock new phrases and sounds.

This all sounds really awesome and i’m sure kids everyone will get a real kick out of making Han and Chewie talk to each other, or getting Luke and Darth Vader to interact with sounds during an epic play session.

We have had some great fun playing with the brilliant Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, and highly recommend it to young Star Wars fans throughout the galaxy. Thanks so much to the Hasbro Toy Tribe for letting us review this product.

Unfortunately my camera has decided not to play and I couldn’t get any photos or video of us playing with our latest toy.

However another blogger from The Brick Castle who is also a member of the Hasbro Toy Tribe has kindly let me use her brilliant video review. So here it is:

Hearing Things – Review

Hearing Things is the new party game from Hasbro, and we’ve had a great time together trying it out for ourselves.

Following on from the amazing success of Pie Face and Speak Out, Hearing Things has a lot to live up to.

Hearing Things is a really simple concept for a game. Put on a pair of headphones and then try to guess what your partner is saying by reading their lips. Apparently the Whisper challenge is a big thing online and YouTube, so the kids were really excited to give the game a try.

The main element of the game is the special speech cancelling electronic headphones. Wearing them made me feel like when contestants go in the booth on Mr and Mrs and have to listen to music whilst their partner answers questions.

It’s not the same as that though, as these headphones are speech cancelling, not music playing or noise cancelling. What you get is a cacophony of different noises which bombard your brain, and make it harder to make out what your partner is saying so you are just reading their lips.

The headphones also have an inbuilt timer, which makes things easier. Press the start button and you get a very quick 60 seconds of gobbledygook with which to take your turn.

The game comes with one pair of the special headphones, and 150 cards with 600 phrases. Each player gets 60 seconds to wear the headphones and watch their partner reading out sentences from the cards. You get to keep the cards you correctly identify and the player with the most cards at the end is the winner.

The phrases on the cards are crazy too, so its not like you can easily guess what your partner is saying. You get things like ‘That jumper is too baggy’, or my favourite ‘Vegans do this carefully’.

Having two boisterous boys they do tend to have loud voices, so sometimes whilst playing we could indeed hear what was being said over the headphone noise, but we just had to tell them to whisper more and not be so loud and then it was fine.

We all had great fun playing this game together, we went in teams kids v parents but I can’t wait to get it out at big family gatherings and have bigger teams play against each other.

It’s definitely earned its place in our regular family game night rotation. Brilliant fun.

Angry Birds Go! Telepods Dual Launcher – Review

 Last week I caught my first glimpse of the new Angry Birds playlets from Hasbro – Angry Birds GO! Telepods at Dream Toys, and was really impressed.

I was then sent a review sample of the Dual Launcher set, so here’s mine and the boys thoughts after playing with it for a few days.

First of all I like the way that the sets are essentially 3 toys in one pack, as you can use all the components to play in different ways.

What Are Telepods?

Firstly the Telepods. Telepods are Hasbro’s newest gaming gadget. Using Telepod figures, you can beam them into your mobile games on your Androids and iPad’s. You do this by placing the Telepod’s figure on the transparent base and then over your devices camera. The app then reads the QR code on the underside of the figure and unlocks that character in your game.

As Angry Birds GO! isn’t actually released yet, but the Telepods sets are, you’ll need to download the Angry Birds Go! Countdown app to give your Telepods an early try out. We did just that and the boys watched excitedly as the Boomerang Bird figure appeared on the screen in his Shoemerang car. At the moment in the countdown app you can only upgrade your car’s and levels, so were all anticipating racing in the Shoemerang car as soon as the proper game launches.

The Telepod figure was easy to use, and instantly recognised by the app. No problems syncing or finding the figure. Very smoothly done.

The great thing about the Telepods range is that although you would think with all of this technical gadgetry they were only for use with your app’s, they are also great toys in their own right.

Angry Birds Go! Telepods Sets

Aside from the kart sets which are available, there are two Angry Birds Go! playsets available – Pig Rock Raceway and the Dual Launcher Racing Rivals.  Both are purchased separately, but if you do have the two you can join them up together to make a bigger playset.

Pig Rock Raceway comes with two karts plus the racetrack and a standard launcher. The Dual Launcher comes with a fancier Slingshot launcher but only one kart.

The Pig Rock Raceway comes with everything you need for an Angry Birds Go! kart race, the two rival karts and a 40 inch long track with finish line. The Dual Launcher only comes with the launcher and one kart, no track. However the great thing with the launcher is that you can use it with any of the other previous Hasbro Angry Birds sets you may have, like we did with the Angry Birds Star Wars sets from last year.

Using the Dual Launcher instead of the slingshot launchers was a lot of fun, and a great way to reinvigorate those old sets.  You can see how we set them up and used them on the short video below.

I think  you could use the blocks in the same way with the Pig Rock Raceway, building huge bridges over the racetrack and seeing if they could be knocked down as you race.

It’s a great way to get added value out of your sets, and means they are not simply fancy plastic figurines just for adding the character to the apps. They are worthy toys in their own right.

I can imagine that if your child wanted to collect the whole of the Telepods Angry Birds Go! Karts it could very get expensive, but I would feel happier in buying them the playsets.  You still get some of the karts, but if you have extra blocks and characters from old sets your children will get lots more use from them.

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of the Angry Birds Go! Telepods Dual Launcher in order to write an honest review.

Star Wars The Black Series Figures Launching soon

Friday 19th July Hasbro are releasing their latest set of Star Wars figures –  Star Wars The Black Series.

Aimed at the serious fans and collectors The Black Series promises to have the highest level of articulation and detail available.

The series will be launched at a very special Star Wars event at Toys R Us, Brent Cross. Taking place at 7:30pm on the 19th July.

This European launch event allows fans to buy one of just 1138 STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES 3.75” Figures and 1138 STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES 6” Figures, which will be exclusively labelled as ‘First Day of Issue’.

A limited edition Black Series backing card will also be available at the event, which fans can have signed by the actor JEREMY BULLOCH who played BOBA FETT in the original trilogy!

Members from the 501st Garrison will also be in attendance, plus there will be prizes for the best Star Wars costumes.

It looks like an event not to be missed for Star Wars fans. So if your nearby and have an excitable young padawan or two I’d definitely go check it out.


Furby Boom

Yesterday I got a very intriguing email, simply containing this image and the words OH-KAH-TEE!!!

Obviously it’s a trailer for Furby Boom but apart from that your guess is as good as mine.

Is it a new Furby, or possibly a video game or App.

With a name like Boom I’m thinking it could be Music orientated.

I’m also thinking the colours must have some significance. I love the colour scheme, but can’t gain any insight from them.

The egg reminds me of a faberge egg, although what that means i’m not sure.

I thought the OH-KAH-TEE!!! might give me a clue, but checking with the Furbish Dictionary it just means OMG

So in conclusion I’m well and truly stumped as to what Furby Boom will be. Intrigued but stumped!

Anyone else have any ideas what this could mean?

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Tour

Calling all Transformers Fans! Heres your chance to meet Optimus Prime in person, well in truck form anyway!

The Optimus Prime Truck will be touring around various UK events this summer to help promote the new Transformers Prime Beast Hunters range.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters is the third season of the Transformers Prime cartoon series, and sees the Transformers not only having to deal with the ever-present Autobots.

Now a new enemy in the form of dragon like Predacons are causing trouble. The main problem being the leader of the Predacons – Predaking.

All fans who attend the Transformers Prime UK Tour will get the opportunity to check out the new range of Beast Hunters toys. View the new series on the big screen, and get a unique photo taken with Optimus Prime and the Beast Hunters against a green screen.

The OPTIMUS PRIME truck and TRANSFORMERS Station will be at the following events this Summer:

Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh: 20th-23rd June

Fairford Airshow, Swindon: 20th-21st July

Sunderland Airshow: 27th-28th July

Bristol Airshow: 8th-11th August

Lollibop, London: 16th-18th August

Bournemouth Show: 29th August-1st September


Amazing opportunities in the Toy Trust Charity Auction

So as you’ve guessed I’m a big kid at heart. I’d still rather be at home playing with my Barbie Ferrari than actually driving one.

Well if you feel the same, have I got news for you. The Toy Trust have put together an amazing opportunity to grab some money can’t buy style Toy related experiences, whilst helping to raise much-needed funds for children’s charities.

All of these once in a lifetime products and experiences have been donated by the toy companies, and 100% of the money raised will go directly to the Toy Trust and the children’s charities it supports.

Heres a list of the amazing things on offer in this truly awesome auction:

  • Signed set of ‘One Direction’ dolls
  • A ‘Moshi Day’ with Moshi Founder Michael Acton Smith at Moshi Towers
  • A Disney Store Private Shopping Spree with £200 to spend and a personal shopper
  • The first ever solid sterling silver ‘Lalaloopsy Jewels Sparkles’
  • A magical Barbie® visit to your home or school
  • Two Limited Edition sets of Character Building Super Rare Doctor Who Figures (Series 1&2)
  • Disney Pocahontas “Just Around the River Bend” Limited Edition print
  • A fantastic family day out at the brand new Thomas Land – The World of Thomas & Friends
  • A limited edition Barbie® Collector William & Catherine Royal Wedding™ gift set
  • Signed Set of ‘JLS’ dolls
  • Your chance to win a LEGO® mosaic of you and your family
  • Signed Set of ‘Little Mix’ dolls
  • A Plasticine model making workshop with an Aardman model maker.
  • Signed set of ‘The Wanted’ dolls
  • Sindy® collector items – 2 Denim Dazzle/Fantastic Jeans ‘My First Sindy’ dolls
  • Furby – THE Toy for Christmas – Six Furbys (1 in every colour)
  • Transformers Optimus Prime Truck – Yours for a Day!
  • The ultimate personalised ‘My Monopoly’ Game
  • An exclusive Nerf Sports Firevision Range (Item currently not available in the UK)

I’m sure you’ll agree that some of the things on offer are just out of this world. I mean – Optimus Prime coming to your house! That would be the ultimate for me. Or going to Moshi Towers, that would be amazing. Plus it’s all for a very good cause.

The auction runs on Ebay from 9am Wednesday 21st November up until 9am November 30th, and can be found at

Monopoly Cityville – Review

Following on from my Hungry Hungry Herd board game review last week, now we have another classic Hasbro/Zynga mashup Monopoly Cityville.

Monopoly is one of those evergreen franchises that can seemingly be rejigged again and again, and still maintain its original appeal.

It’s all part of the range of games that Hasbro and Zynga have collaborated on together, combining classic Hasbro games with the digital hits of Zynga. Included in the range are Draw Something, Words with Friends, Hungry Hungry Herd and Monopoly Cityville.

I’m not really an avid collector, but even I have over 5 versions of Monopoly in the house at this moment (6 if you count the Monopoly Millionaire upstairs that Thomas’ is getting for Christmas).

Even so it was with great excitement that we sat down as a family to play yet another version, this one however is quite a lot different from other variations we’ve played, in a good way definitely.

For a start the first thing you notice about the board is all of the coloured arrows protruding from the property spaces. This is you don’t place the houses/hotels (I’ll call them that for the moment) on the actual property space as usual, no. This time you place them as the arrows direct, and watch as a mini city is built before your eyes. Rather than having rows of houses, the property is spread out amongst illustrations on the board of houses and businesses, making it seem much more like a real community, with real buildings being built. I like the design, and how it looks a lot.

Now to the houses/ hotels. In Monopoly Cityville you actually have 4 different options that you can buy and build:

Houses – Which are the traditional red, although a different shape and size than usual

Businesses – Which are blue

Community Buildings – Which are Yellow

and Skyscrapers – Which are silver coloured

The winner of the game is the first player to own four Skyscrapers.

You need to have already built 3 others buildings on that card before you can add a Skyscraper, but you can choose whatever mix of houses/community buildings/business’s that you like.  The only difference between the buildings is through the outcome of the Visitor Centre cards, like the traditional chance cards. Some Visitor Centre cards will affect Community buildings, some businesses, some Skyscrapers, with things like pollution tax for businesses, or upgrade your community centre buildings cards.

As well as the visitor centre cards there are Mystery Gift cards which add value to the rent that you can collect for a property.

Another difference in Monopoly Cityville is that the houses/buildings you purchase are built on top of each other, rather than side by side, so it really looks like the game with all the different levels of buildings and skyscrapers.

For me playing with younger children, the ability to be able to build on your property card without having to own the full set was a bonus. I’m always mediating Monopoly arguments between the boys over the swapping of cards to make sets, so this element was a welcome one for us. It meant that we could all have the fun of building straight away.  It also made the game move along quicker, which was a bonus. However much I love Monopoly, sometimes it can get to a stalemate and go on forever. This version seemed to necessitate more buying,selling and mortgaging than other incarnations I have played, so something was always happening.

As you’d expect the property names have all been changed, and being Cityville they are now all stores or buildings like the Firehouse and Cinema. The boys were in a race to see how could buy the Pink set properties first, as they both wanted the Video Game and Toy Store. Me – I was happiest when I landed on the Diamond Boutique.

Again as with the Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd game, as a bonus for mums and dads it comes with a digital gift. This time it’s 85 City Cash for use in Cityville. A very welcome gift, if you play the online game, and it makes getting the Monopoly CityVille Board Game well worth it.

If Cityville is your game, then you’ll really enjoy all the references spread throughout like the player tokens, and the images on the money, but you certainly don’t have to be a Cityville addict to enjoy Cityville Monopoly. None of our family had ever played, and we just enjoyed playing a different version of one of our favourite games.

Well worth adding to your collection if you’re a Monopoly fan.








Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd – Review

I really love it when a cultural phenomenon comes along and manages to transcend all ages, as it means that me, hubby and the boys can all enjoy some family time together without one of us being bored to death.

For our family its Angry Birds, Super Mario Bros, and Regular Show. We all absolutely love these and I really cherish our family enjoying them together.

Well with this in mind Hasbro and Zynga have teamed together to bring some of Zynga most famous and best-loved online games out of Mummy and Daddy’s computer monitor and onto the kitchen table for all the family to play in board game form.

Words with Friends, Draw Something, Cityville and Farmville have all been given the  Hasbro/Zynga Mashup treatment, and the results are family fun all round.

We were lucky enough to be sent Monopoly Cityville and Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd to review, and we’ve had a blast with these new games. You can look forward to the Monoply Cityville review coming out later this week, so let’s get to reviewing Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd.

As you’ve probably already guessed Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd is an updating of that classic Hasbro game Hungry Hungry Hippos. A game which never seems to get old, but looks good for its little Farmville makeover.

The Hippos are replaced with A Snacking Sheep, Chomping Cow, Munching Pig and a Gobbling Horse. The marbles are now coloured coded, and each animal has its own prefered “food”.

The Horse likes Orange Pumpkins, Pig’s go for Red Apples, Snacking Sheep prefer Purple Grapes, and the cow is partial to Yellow Corn.

Once all the players have sorted out the food into their chosen animals preference, you let the food free by pressing down on the marble launcher.

Once all the food is in the middle area, it’s 3,2,1 go – Every animal needs to gobble up as much food as they can.

The winner is the animal who at the end has chomped the most food, regardless of what colour it is.

The game board itself is simple to put together, but each animal has to be added at the beginning and dismantled at the end of every game.

It’s a bit of a kerfuffle getting the animals on and off each time. I’m not sure if it’s because the game is brand new. I’m hoping after a while the plastic wont be as stiff and it will get easier.

One thing I do like about the board is the marble storage underneath. The screw top pot which holds all the marbles safe in between plays is a great idea, as my boys often knock over the games boxes while playing and watch the pieces fly across the floor, never quite managing to pick everyone back up.  The Marble storage underneath totally eliminates that problem, Genius!

A nice bonus that Hasbro and Zynga have thrown in for us parents and older children is the code to redeem 50 Farm Cash on Farmville which is included in every box. That’s great value if you’re a regular Farmville player, and there’s always something cool to spend your Farm Cash on.

Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd is a great game for really young players, and although they might not get the Farmville reference, it makes things a bit more fun for Mum and Dad joining in.

Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd is out now exclusively at Argos with an RRP of £19.99

Look back later this week for my review of Monopoly Cityville