LEGO Awesome Ideas Book – Review

As you must know by now, my boys absolutely love LEGO. Well we all do.

So when we were asked to review the new LEGO Awesome Ideas book from DK Books, we couldn’t say yes quick enough.

The LEGO Awesome Ideas book is a brilliant book packed full of so many crazy, exciting, imaginative ideas for things you could build with the LEGO you already have.

Most of the big ideas show you exactly what pieces you would need, and which sets those pieces could be found in. Theres also suggestions for alternative pieces you could use, if you didn’t have some of the very set specific pieces on hand.

However it’s not a step by step guide on how to build LEGO models, it’s more of a general “How about making this?” or “Hey we made this cool space station, how about giving it a go?”

The variety of things included astounded me. Yes theres the obvious  houses, space ships, cars and trains. Theres also crazy things that I would have never though were so easy to make like a box of LEGO chocolates, Bunsen Burner and Test tubes, and a bathroom shaving mirror.

After reading through the book for over an hour, the first thing Jacob decided to try his hand at was the Cream-Pie Catapult. We have lots of Creme-Pies from His favourite Joker and Krusty the clown mini-figures, so we started off with that.


I would definitely recommend this book for Lego fans. I think fans from around aged 8 and over would get the most from this book, as it’s not a step by step guide just a jumping off point into Lego Building. Possibly younger fans would get a bit frustrated, as some of the designs can get very intricate and detailed.

However even if your in the mood for building some LEGO, if your a fan it’s simply a great book to sit back and enjoy. The Designs are amazing, the ideas are brilliant, and I just love the whole look of the book.

I think as my children get older it’s a book that’s going to be used more and more.

©2015 The LEGO Group. Produced by Dorling Kindersley under licence from the LEGO Group.

Disclosure: We received this book from the Publishers in order to write a review. All opinions are our own. 

Lego Star Wars Force Friday

Never has getting up early before school been more worth it!

This morning our lovely postman rang the bell with a special delivery from Lego for us.

All in aid of Force Friday, the day when all the new Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens toys are released, which if you hadn’t already heard just happens to be today.

We received 2 brand new sets from the Lego Star Wars build able figures range. Theres 6 different buildable figures to choose from:

  • Jango Fett (RRP £14.99)
  • Clone Commander Cody (RRP £14.99)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (RRP £19.99)
  • Luke Skywalker (RRP £19.99)
  • Darth Vader (RRP £24.99)
  • General Grievous (RRP £29.99)

We were sent Obi-Wan and General Grievous, and were thrilled with them. General Grievous is arguable the best new character from the prequels, I mean he has 4 lightsabers, you can’t argue with that.

We didn’t have lots of time before school, so General Grievous is only half built so far (I’ll add a picture when he’s built). Thomas did however finish building Obi-Wan this morning, and he looks so cool.

He doesn’t look like he’s built out of Lego, it looks like a brilliant action figure or model. The way he stands up and holds his lightsaber is awesome. Plus he’s so flexible, you can put him in so many battle poses.  I especially like his wonderful flowing cape.

The boys didn’t have any trouble putting the sets together. It probably helps that they are both huge Lego Hero Factory fans, as the Star Wars buildable figures use a lot of the same pieces, and are built similarly.

Update: General Grievous is now finished!!

Heres a video of our special Force Friday delivery unboxing

As well as the buildable figures, there are 7 new The Force Awakens Vehicle sets –

  • Millennium Falcon (RRP £129.99)
  • Kylo Ren’s command shuttle (RRP £99.99)
  • First Order Transporter (RRP £79.99)
  • Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (RRP £69.99)
  • First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (RRP £59.99)
  • First Order Snowspeeder (RRP £39.99)
  • Rey’s Speeder (RRP £19.99)

Jacob has already asked me for Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle for christmas. He really wants a Kylo Ren mini figure, with that super cool cross lightsabre.

He’s also got his eye on Poe’s X-Wing Fighter, as he’s after one of the super cute BB-8 mini figures. Plus there seems to be a lot of projectiles included, which is always a plus for him.


Thanks so much to Lego for making our Force Friday super!





Lego Jokerland 76035 – Review

For the last few weeks we’ve been having tons of fun playing with the latest Lego set we were lucky enough to receive for review – Jokerland.

The Jokerland Lego set is totally, totally awesome. Possibly the best Lego set that i’ve seen.

Having a son who’s a Lego Batman fan he literally freaked out with joy when he saw it, and wanted to get straight to work putting it together.

We had tears when I said no as we were leaving that morning to go on a caravan holiday, however I explained that he had something amazing to come home to and he soon cheered up.

As soon as we got home he dived straight into the box, and set about building this mammoth set.

The Jokerland set comes in at a very substantial 1037 pieces,  in 8 different bags inside the box.

The set comes with 8 mini figures:

  • Batman with Super Jumper
  • Robin
  • Beast Boy
  • Starfire
  • Harley Quinn
  • Poison Ivy
  • The Penguin
  • The Joker
  • Plus two cool little guys – a Jokerbot and a tiny Penguin who holds dynamite.

The manual is a little strange as usually with the big sets you get 2 or 3 different manuals, but this one is a big fat phonebook of a manual with the whole build detailed in one. I think I actually prefer it like that as it makes it easier to keep tucked away for if we need to build it again.

The set is marked as an 8-14 age range, so I thought I may have to give my 7 year old Jacob a bit of help along the way. However he must be a master builder as he worked hard and built it all himself over the course of a weekend.

One tip that he has for a good Jokerland build is to use a base plate or two if you have some big enough,  to help keep everything together. We found that the Penguins Deadly Duckies falls apart really easily if not built on a solid plate. You obviously don’t have to, but it makes it easier.

Jokerland is made up of 4 distinct parts –

  • Penguin’s Deadly Duckies fairground ride
  • Harley Quinn’s Wheels of Fire Bike ride
  • Poison Ivy and the Carnivore Free Fall ride
  • Joker’s Jokerland Fun House

Penguin’s Deadly Duckies ride is Jacob’s favourite as he loves Penguin the most, and even laughs like him at times. The Duckies look really good, and you can spin the ride around by twisting a button at the back.

Jacob likes to load Batman and Robin into the ducks and then try to get them to be flung out by spinning the ride around as fast as he can. It’s definitely the Deadly Duckies then.

My pick for the best ride would be Poison Ivy’s Carnivore Free Fall. It’s one of those tall freefall rides that most of us have been on at the funfair, only made out of a man eating plant. Plus you can’t get off the ride as your handcuffed in place.

Harley Quinn on her Bike probably looks the most impressive of the rides, as it spans the whole length of Jokerland.

You can hang any of the mini figures onto the underneath of Harley’s bike , hanging precariously over the flaming garbage cans. Then It’s time to call Batman to save them in a daring escape.

A very clever piece of Lego engineering and imagination.

The main bulk of the set is taken up by Joker’s Funhouse Jokerland itself.

The entrance has warped joker smile mirrors on either side. Next up is a bow tie which you can make spin, then up again is a huge Joker head with moveable eyebrows and bowler hat.

Inside Jokers Mouth is a platform for his tongue which you can use as a spring to push Joker into the mouth, down the slide and into the Toxic Tank at the bottom. Or if he’s unlucky Joker can push Batman down the slide. Depends on what mood your in!

Lastly the Two other things you have are a shoot-o-matic cannon which shoots out cannon balls, dynamite, even custard pies.

However probably the best part of the whole set is getting an amazing looking Batmobile. It’s so awesome, and Jacob absolutely loves that he made a Lego Batmobile and that it looks so cool.

The Batmobile fires missiles out of the front and the back.

The front missiles are the long stick type, however the rear shoots out stud missiles.

The giant batwings on the back of the bat mobile make it look “beast” as Jacob says.

Another brilliant part of the set is all the little extras you get. Theres Batarangs, Dynamite, Cannon balls, custard pies, handcuffs and special handcuffs with cool locks on them.

The Jokerland set has been really well thought out, it’s so creative. There is so much play potential to be had with this set.

Some days Jacob has huge superhero battles, other days they are all friends and just go on the rides together. He has had so much fun and enjoyment out of the set already. He has been especially careful, much more so than usual to keep everything looking just like when it was built as it’s such a great set he wants to keep it built and together forever.

With an RRP of £89.99 it’s not a cheap set, but in our opinion it’s definitely worth the money for the amount of play potential it has. Simply having the amazing Batmobile and 8 different Mini figures makes it a must have set.

Obviously it’s not something I would buy on a whim, but for a birthday or Christmas gift I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Thanks so much to the Lego Uk and The Lego Family Bloggers Panel for sending us this amazing set to review


Star Wars Day Bloggers Challenge

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

In the Toybuzz household we’ve been building up to Star Wars day for the last few weeks by watching all the movies each Sunday, culminating with Return of the Jedi tonight. Popcorn is ready and were good to go.

To celebrate the day we were sent a lovely Star Wars Lego Microfighters set, and issued a bloggers challenge of picturing our fighter in a new world, discovering a new planet.

We received a Snowspeeder, and Jacob set about building it straight away.

I absolutely love the Microfighters range as the sets are small enough for him to build in one go without getting frustrated, but your still left with an awesome sized vehicle to get hours of play out of afterwards.

We’ve previously purchased the Vulture Droid and Homing Spider Droid, so the Snowspeeder fitted into his collection perfectly, and once again the build engaged him without stressing him out, which is perfect.

Now our Snowspeeder is all built, he’s ready to fly off and find a new planet. Apparently he’s sick of the snow now and is looking for somewhere lush and mountainous.

First stop on his adventure and he seems to have stumbled onto some psychedelic craters. There seems to be debris from previous crashed spaceships here as well, so he flies off again sharpish before he gets trapped too.

But then oh no! He flies straight into an asteroid field. He’s gonna need some seriously skilful flying to get out of this one.

Luckily he survived the asteroids, but watch out it’s a trap!  He ends up getting himself tangled in some cargo nets, and he doesn’t look too happy about it.

Finally he’s made it, we’ve found the mountains. Well done plucky Snowspeeder pilot.

As you can see we had loads of fun with our new Lego Microfighters set.

May the fourth be with you everyone.

What’s inside our latest Lego Family Bloggers Box

LEGOBloggerBadge2012-13It’s that time again. Time for the Lego building madness to start taking over the floor and kitchen table.

Our latest Lego Family Blogger goody box has arrived for review, and boy were we spoiled yet again!

In our box this time we received:

Lego Hero Factory Rocka Crawler

Lego Ultra Agents Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown

The Lego Movie MetalBeard’s Duel

Lego City SUV with Watercraft

Mixels Series 3 : Wizwuz and Glurt


Our favourite of all the packs we received is the very cool Lego Agents set.

It’s probably one of our favourite Lego sets ever in fact. Its totally awesome according to Jacob.

The Helicopter alone is amazing, it’s big and chunky, perfect for flying around above you.

The good thing is that with all the cool parts and things attached it’s still more stable than a lot of other Lego models we’ve made before, and all the pieces tend to stay in place very well considering how fast Jacob whips it around the room.

Theres space inside the ‘copter for at least three mini figures, and there’s a hanging wire down from the back which two more can hold onto and hitch a lift on.

The back-end of the Helicopter has a deadly sting in the tail, with four balls of toxic waste stored. Ready to be dropped down on the Ultra Agents at any moment.

The second part of the set is the top-secret lab, which the Ultra Agents have been sent to protect. Inside the lab is the extremely powerful crystal that Toxikita is trying to steal. Theres also a set of those special mechanical arms that scientists use for their experiments, Jacob loves twiddling these around.

As well as the cool Lab and Helicopter you also get four minigfigures, Toxikita, Retox, Agent Curtis Bolt and Astor City Scientist.

It’s a very nicely put together set, and definitely one of our new firm favourites.

We also had great fun with the SUV and trailer carrying the water ski’s.

The Waterski’s easy come off the trailer, so the boys had great fun whizzing them around the floor and then loading them onto the trailer again.

I love the little life vests that the mini figures come with. Super cute little set.

And it wouldn’t be a Lego Bloggers box without some new Hero Factory for Jacob. Everyone knows how big a fan Jacob is and always sends him some.

Our latest Hero Factory acquisition is the Rocka Crawler. It’s a Hero factory built mech suit for Rocka to walk in. Helping him to fight the ‘invasion from below’ by climbing underneath the ground and stopping any obstacle in his way.

Investigate the cocoon for vital clues on how to fight the enemy, but beware that an evil jumper could hatch at any moment.

Jacob loves his new Rocka mini figure. Another awesome Hero Factory set for the collection.



Thanks so much to Lego for another wonderful Lego Family Bloggers Box

Look inside our latest Lego bloggers box – Review

It’s summertime, school holidays are looming ever closer, and with a broken foot still in a walking brace I’m dreading keeping the kids entertained.

As if by magic our latest Lego family blogger panel package arrived in the post. Phew!

The boys both teared into the boxes owwing and ahhhing at everything inside. They were really pleased with the sets they were chosen:

70143 Legends of Chima – Sir Fangar’s Saber-tooth walker

70160 Ultra Agents – Ultra Agents vs Adam Acid

60033 – Lego City – Arctic Ice Crawler

41514 + 41515 Lego Mixels Series 2 Jawg and Kraw


As I said the boys love all the sets, but they were especially excited to get one of the new Legends of Chima models.

70143 Legends of Chima – Sir Fangar’s Saber-tooth walker

It’s a brilliant model, and looks mighty impressive when put together.

I built this one for them whilst Thomas went about building the Arctic Crawler with Jacob. It wasn’t too hard, but tricky in a few places.

It took about an hour from start to finish.

The set comes with three minifigures – Sir Fangar, Stealthor and Gorzan

Each figure comes with a huge weapon for fighting. Gorzan’s is so huge he also comes with an ice block to help him stand up when holding it. Jacob just loves their massive swords.

The Sabre Walker is awesome. Big but not huge, it looks so menacing with its huge teeth and fangs. The front even opens up and down like a real mouth.

The shields on the side shoot out projectile diamond missiles. Which the kids obviously loved.

Jacob thinks the coolest part however is Stealthor on his motorbike. He certainly lives up to his name as he sneaks out of the back of the walker when you turn the cogs.

Another brilliant Chima set.


Next up the Lego City Arctic Ice Crawler.

The boys did a great job building this together on their own, and had a good laugh doing so.

The arctic explorer minifigure looks so funny with his furry hooded coat, I love it!

The ice crawler is a great little model, with big tracked wheels either side and a very cool working winch on the back.

Jacob’s been loving using the hook to pick up parcels, figures, and basically just dragging anything he can hook up around the room.

With an RRP of just £9.99 it’s a lovely little set and has lots of scope for some really creative play. Highly recommended if not just for the snug as a bug minifig.

Another new range we tested out was the new Ultra Agents in the form of Ultra Agents vs Adam Acid.

Ultra Agents is a brand new original Lego theme, full of missions and battles.

This one might not look exactly as it should in the photo, because no sooner had i turned my back to get the camera Jacob has already been making modifications.

He just couldn’t help himself as he was having so much fun blasting those bad guys.

He says that the agents guns are the best thing about this set. They really fire, and a long way too.

He also thinks that the Ultra Agents looks a bit like him, so he’s making up games with Agent Jacob saving the day.

Another fun set with so much play value.

Lastly those crazy zany Mixels.

I really like the little Mixels bag’s as the sets are really simple to put together, and don’t take long to build but they are so effective.

They are just crazy.

Again the play value is fantastic, as your kids can really let their imagination run wild with these crazy critters.

At £2.99 a model the Mixels are perfect pocket-money value. A great way to get some interesting Lego pieces for your own builds too.




Thanks so much Lego for another brilliantly chosen bloggers box, and some perfect summer holiday fun.

Latest Lego Bloggers Box – Review

Last week saw the much awaited delivery of our brand new Lego Bloggers box for review, and boy were we in for a treat yet again.

This time around for review were:

  • 70131 Lego Chima Rogon’s Rock Flinger
  • 440161 Lego Hero Factory Jaw Beast Vs Stormer
  • 44020 Lego Hero Factory Flyer Beast Vs Breez
  • 42027 Lego Technic Desert Racer
  • 70802 The Lego Movie Bad Cop’s Pursuit

A brilliant box full of variety I think you’ll agree.

Being at home at the moment laid up with a broken foot has one big advantage – Plenty of time to build Lego (with and without the kids!) So all of the models are now made and have been fully tested to their limits.

First out of the box was the Lego Technic Desert Racer. Jacob was so excited about this one, so we put this one together first.

We’ve never had a Lego Technic set before, and I was afraid it would be complicated and fiddly, but lucky it wasn’t and was really easy actually. Being a bit wary of Lego Technic’s and the age rating of 7-14, I took on this build myself initially.

Once I was into it and realised that it was nowhere as difficult as I’d initially assumed we all got stuck in and finished it together. The finished product took us just over 30 minutes to complete. Then we were all set to Off Road!

The boys think there desert racer is super cool. The huge tyres, big exhaust pipes, and decals make this one awesome ride. They just love it and have been having a blast making ramps and watching it sail over them at top speed.

It has a pull back action which makes it go really fast. Faster than you’d imagine. Theres also a working winch on the front for pulling it out of danger, or for using it to drag the Lego men along like Jacob does.

Onto The Lego Movie set – Bad Cop’s Pursuit. I think I must be the only person who hasn’t managed to see The Lego Movie yet. The boys have both been 3 times with grandparents and friends, so mum and dad have been left out so far. I was hoping to take them myself, but thanks to this pesky broken foot, i’ll have to wait for the dvd now. Definitely will be getting the DVD though, as soon as it’s released.

The kids both love The Lego Movie so were really excited to play out one of the best scenes with their new Lego set.

With an RRP of £24.99 you get a fair amount of Lego for your money. Theres 2 police mini figures, One of our Hero Emmet, 2 police crocodiles with snapping jaws, a flying police car, and a buildable bridge which you can pull out a lever to collapse.

Again this was a very simple build, and only took around 30 minutes tops. That was with my help, but I think Thomas would have ben able to do it unassisted in about an hour.

The fun aspect of having Emmet hanging off the collapsing bridge with the snapping police crocs waiting underneath has so much play potential. The boys and I have come up with loads of different scenarios for the Bad cop’s and Emmet to get into. This is a great set for a young Lego lover with an active imagination.

Chima is next on the menu, with Lego Legends of Chima – Rogon’s Rock Flinger

This set see’s the Rhino tribe rolling off-road in their rock flinger after the Sparcon (a creepy spider type mini figure) who’s stolen their precious Chi.

The Rock Flinger is an extra special vehicle. Incredibly looking like a wheeled reinforced Rhino.

The massive wheels are excellent for any terrain. Jacob has been having great fun driving it around the garden now the rain has let off for a bit.

The special move that gives the Rock Flinger its name is hidden underneath the two top panels. Lift them up and out pops the rock flingers catapult arm. When loaded up with the included rock, you’ll wow as it launches across the room.

A great set for Chima fans.

Last but not least is Jacob’s favourite Lego range – Hero Factory.

Were so lucky that the Lovely people at Lego know us so well, as each Lego Bloggers Box is personalised for each Blogger, and each box always contains some Hero Factory for Jacob!

Lego always comes up with great story arcs for each new Hero Factory series, we especially loved last years Brain Attack.

This time around its ‘Invasion from Below’. Gigantic monsters rising out of the cracks of a massive earthquake send the Hero Factory into action.

The new sets feature small mini figure sized Hero Factory heroes for the first time, portraying how massive these monsters from below really are. The Hero Factory look puny in comparison.

It’s a great new addition to the Hero Factory story. Jacob just loved his new miniature Hero Factory figures. It’s great that he can now play with Stormer and pals in his normal Lego sets too.

As well as playing with the monsters, he’s had lots of fun building headquarters and vehicles for the Hero Factory now that they are normal mini figure size.

A brilliant new way to play with Hero Factory, and a great update to the series. Jacob’s verdict was “Totally Awesome!”

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Lego for enabling us to review these new products as part of the Lego Family Bloggers Panel. 



Lego Mixels – Review

As were lucky members of the Lego Family Bloggers panel we recently were sent another new Lego product to review – The new Lego Mixels

A collaboration between both Lego and Cartoon Network.  Lego Mixels are both a new range of pocket-money Lego toys which will be released in 3 series throughout the year, and also a series of short cartoons over on Cartoon Network.

Mixels are strange little characters who like to mix things up at every opportunity. There are nine unique characters to collect in series one, which make up three different tribes of Mixels.

Infernites, Cragsters and Electroids are the tribes, and Flain, Seismo and Zaptor were the three Mixels we received for review.

We don’t have the luxury of Cartoon Network anymore since we had to let go of the Sky subscription, but we’ve been able to watch loads of Mixels clips on Youtube on the Lego channel. Theres a Lego Mixels playlist on there if you want to take a look.

The cartoons have the Cartoon Network sense of humour totally down to a tee, and I can see them fitting in with the channel perfectly. My boys love Cartoon Network’s wacky shows like The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time, so they took to the Mixels zaniness straight away.

At £3 a pack the Lego Mixels figures are brilliant value. Plus they are like no Lego figures we have seen before. Each figure is truly unique, and have such a distinctive look. Seismo is definitely my favourite stylistically of the Mixels, so I was extra happy to get one of his figures.

Jacob hasn’t stopped fiddling and making new models since the sets arrived. He loves the new elements like eyes and teeth which you now have to use. Thomas is more like me and likes to keep the models looking as the instructions say, which is great, but if your little one loves getting creative with their Lego they will really love Lego Mixels, as everything is geared towards mixing things up.




75023 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar – Review

Last week we received the most amazing box of goodies from the lovely Lego Family Blogger Panel, which was simply overflowing with blocky goodness. It’s going to keep us busy for a long time I think.

In fact the box was so big I’ve had to bring out a set at a time as there is so much, so the reviews will keep on coming over the next month.

Firstly I wanted to write a quick review of the first item we picked out the box, the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

It’s been a real treat for the boys getting a new little Lego model or mini figure every morning. I had to set up a rota of opening to end any arguments.

So far we’ve got R5-F7, an Endor Rebel Trooper,and a medical droid I think? Plus lots of little ships.

The ones were really waiting for however are the Little Boba Fett and the Santa Jango Fett. Were also excited about getting a Geonosian, as we haven’t got one of those yet.

I like the way that the box flaps open, so it’s stable when standing. Plus it acts as a little playmate for displaying all your new Lego models.

Lego is always going to go down well with the kids, and a new Lego model everyday is even better. A brilliant gift that keeps on giving all month.

Plus as it’s already the 9th of December you should be able to find the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar for a discount now, so it’s an even better deal.

Disclosure: Thanks to the Lego for sending this out to us as part of our participation in our Lego Family Blogger Panel 


Lego Batman The Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite – Review

On Friday the Toybuzz house was overrun with Bat Fans, Lego Batman Fans to be exact!

Having received the Lego Batman film on DVD to review, we decided to hold a little screening party with the boys and a few of their school friends.

First order of the day after arriving with the over excited group after school was to get them to calm down with a bit of Lego Batman 2 on the Xbox whilst I tried to get tea ready.

The boys all enjoyed my handiwork with the Batman masks I’d made earlier.

After food had been finished we had a bit of Lego Batman fun in the kitchen with some colouring pages I’d managed to find a and print out.  All coloured in with our Lego felt tips of course :)








Jacob’s not really a big fan of colouring pages, so he made his own picture using some spare stickers out of a Lego Batman sticker book we had. Afterwards he drew a picture of his own of Batman flying over Gotham City.








Finally then it was time to settle down and watch the movie – But not before cakes!

I did plan on making the cakes myself, but time was against me and so I had to buy some store bakery muffins (terrible mother I know) and just make the Batman cupcake wrappers to put them in. Kids obviously were none the wiser and wolfed them down whilst enjoying the film.

Now down to the important bit, all about Lego Batman the Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite.

The movie is all about Joker and Lex Luthor teaming up to take over the world, with Batman and the rest of Justice League out to stop them.

If you’ve played the Lego Batman 2 game, then you’ll already know the plot of the movie as it’s featured as the cut scenes throughout the game. You don’t get the full picture with the cut scenes though, and this movie fills in all the gaps for you, and adds loads of extra bits.

Even though id sat through the boys playing the game and had seen the cut scenes before, it much more enjoyable and exciting to watch them all together in this way.

The boys all enjoyed the movie. When polled they all voted for the part when Batman and Robin go to Jokers lair and he sets up a ton of dynamite which blows to then reveal Jokers face. They all laughed a lot at that.

Everyone agreed that the movie was really good fun, and I think that the low price of the dvd makes it an excellent buy to keep the kids happy during the Half Term.

Lego Batman the Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite is out now 28th October on DVD and Blu Ray exclusively from Tesco.

£5 for DVD, and £7 for Blu-Ray version.