Top Ten Baby Toys for Christmas 2012

Well it’s that time of year again. Time for me to get rubbing at my crystal ball and start predicting what your little darlings would love to see Santa to leave for them underneath the Christmas Tree.

I’m up to my last list already, This time around it’s finally time for the Baby’s!

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As always the lists aren’t in any sort of order of importance, it’s just the top 10 things that I think will be most appreciated by the littlest of little ones Santa will visit for the very first time this year.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Dance And Play Puppy

Suitable for babies from 9 – 36 Months

When my youngest was just a little one, he had an earlier version of the Laugh and Learn Puppy which he loved so much.

That’s why I felt compelled to add the new Laugh and Learn Dance and Play Puppy to the list, as he’s the same cute puppy but a lot more livelier.

This loveable pup has two play modes, one educational and one which is plain singing and dancing (with a lot of wiggling)

With easy actions like clapping, and blowing kisses, the Dance & Play puppy encourages baby to play along and copy his actions.

Singing songs about ABC’s, Counting 1-10, Opposites, Manners, Parts of the body. He will keep your baby enthralled for hours.

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Lilliputiens Liz reversible Handbag

Suitable For Any Age

Lilliputiens simply has to be one of my favourite toy brands ever. I could have easily chosen a full top ten just from their range.

Which is probably the reason that this is not the only time they will pop up in this list.

This gorgeous little handbag is just the ticket to stop baby rummaging around your bag and trying to steal your keys and lipstick.

Letting baby have their very own Purse, Keys, Phone and compact mirror is a genius idea. Plus it looks super cute.

Also comes with the lovely Liz soft dolly, who sits inside the front pocket.

Lilliputiens products are designed by mums, with safety very much in mind. All pieces are non toxic and completely safe for all ages.

Lilliputiens Liz Reversible Handbag

Little Tikes Garden Activity Playset

 Recommended age 6 months+

Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t for outdoor play. It’s a babies playhouse, which helps to bring all the fun of the garden indoors.

Hours of giggles will be had by baby in this lovely little playhouse. Then unfold out the sides, and it becomes a two-sided play centre with all round fun.

Amongst the many bits and bobs that will keep baby occupied are the mirror, learning clock, ball shaker, moveable clickable bugs, Moveable lookout telescope, opening shutter windows, shapesorter mailbox, ball drop flowerpot, and a three language interactive telephone.

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Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

 Recommended age 6 months+

This one isn’t new exactly, it’s been around for over a year, but I still love this and have bought it several times as a gift for others.

Small babies will love simply lifting up the lid of the picnic basket and posting the food inside.

As they grow older  they will start to learn colours, numbers, shapes and much more, all from this friendly picnic basket.

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+ 1 others available from Entertainer


Scramble Bug

Recommended age 1-3 Years 

The Scramble Bug is unique in that in not only moves forward and backwards, but it also goes sideways, well anyways you want really. Full 360 degree fun.

This freedom of movement mean it’s the ideal first ride on for little ones, just starting to get to grips with pushing and steering themselves around.

Light and easy to carry, the Scramble Bug folds down for compact storage and transportation.

No assembly is required, just unfold out the legs and handle until it looks insect like and your done.

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 Fisher Price Apptivity Case

Recommended Age 6 – 36 months

All kids love playing with mummy and daddy’s gadgets, years gone past it was the TV remote that got most babies attention.

Nowadays though its mummys phone that baby wants to get their sticky mitts on, and who can blame them.

Full of lights, funny sounds, colourful graphics, lots of funny buttons to touch, expensive to replace. Everything a babies looking for in a toy

Well if you want to let little one have  a play around on your iPhone without the tears and tantrums (that’s your tears not theirs) then the Fisher Price Apptivity Case is your answer.

This sturdy case will prevent dribbles, drool, and unwanted calling and app purchasing.

Use with the free to download Laugh and Learn App from the App Store and your baby will be able to enjoy over 75 songs, tunes and phrases. Learning about shapes, letters, animals and numbers.

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 Vtech Tiny Touch Tablet

Recommended Age 6 – 36 months

Staying on the reclaiming gadgets theme. We have the Vtech Tiny Touch Tablet

Obviously styled to look like mummy’s and Daddy’s iPad or Android, the Tiny Touch tablet will probably not fool even the youngest of babies.

However hopefully it will give them something else to enjoy when the iPad is safely out of reach.

Press the light up buttons to hear happy songs, animal noises, abc’s and numbers.

Baby can also pretend to keep in touch with their friends by checking their messages and taking photos.

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Fisher-Price Stroll along walker with Baby’s 1st Doll

Recommended Age 9 months+

This is another product which has been in my top ten for a few years, but I still love it and think it’s a brilliant gift, so it’s going back on again this year.

Combining baby walker and your little girls first dolly and pushchair is a master stroke I think. Fisher Price have got this one exactly right.

The wide wheel base and sturdy handle makes sure that it’s easy for baby to push and move around.

The soft and huggable plush My First Doll fits perfectly in the stroller seat, and baby will love taking her for a walk. All the while honing her walking as she goes.

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(some stores are selling the walker and doll as a set, some and selling them separately. Be sure to check before you buy)

Lilliputiens Little Doctor Set

Recommended Age 9 months+

Second outing for the Lilliputiens team on the list, but I just love this little doctors set so much it just had to be included.

This gorgeous mini doctors bag contains everything your young physician will need, even a little teddy bear patient to practice upon.

The brightly coloured bag has lovely plush versions of 7 essential doctor accessories including: Thermometer, Syringe, stethoscope, medicine pot, blood pressure pump, and a white apron.

Lilliputiens. Little doctors set.

Little People DC Superfriends Batcave

 Recommended Age 1 Year +

It’s never to early to get the kiddos into their superheroes, and with the excellent World of Little People DC Superfriends range they wont need much persuading.

Your baby will have fun for literally hours and hours with this two level playset for these chubby little superheores.

downstairs has an opening garage with door for storing the Batmobile. Upstairs has the landing pad for Robins helicopter.

The ramp down the side with lift off lever means Batman can jump into action and be on duty quick as a flash.

Includes Batman and Robin figures, Helicopter and Batmobile.

Batmobile makes fun sound effects when you push a figure down in the driver’s seat.

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Little People Racing Ramps Garage

I’ve just finished the last of the present shopping in preperation for Jacob’s 2nd birthday next Friday. Don’t tell him but he’s having the Handy Manny Fix It Motorcycle and the Little People Racing Ramps Garage.

I was umming and ahhing over whether to get him a garage for his birthday, as he’s currently using his brothers old Little People Touch ‘n’ feel garage.  I thought it might be nice for him to have a new one as he really loves his toy cars.

However he made the decision for me as over the past month he’s gone about wrecking the old garage, so much now that I had to get him a new one.

So once we’ve had them all out and had a good play, and also once i’ve baked the requested Handy Manny birthday cake, i’ll get a full review of both of them written up.

Just have to go out and get a roll of birthday wrapping paper now, as the box for the garage is much bigger than I expected.

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Fisher Price Little People Pop Up Garage Review


I requested that my mother buy this for Jacob (our youngest) for Christmas as I thought it would be something that him and Thomas could play with together.

After the madness of Christmas day (everyone ill, getting up at 3am, toys everywhere) I got it out the box and attempted to put it up on boxing day morning.

My first thoughts were considering this is supposed to be a pop up tent, why does it come with so many poles?

I found it very confusing to put together for some reason that I can’t explain. When it’s all put together it looks really simple, I can’t work out why I find it so hard to do. 

The instructions are simple enough to follow. Although there are 4 different lengths of poles, each with different number stickers on them. I didn’t see the stickers until I took it apart, I was just guessing by the length.

 I’ve put it up about 4 times since Boxing Day and looking at the stickers, but it still took my 10 minutes to do.

Once assembled the first thing that hit me was how flimsy it is. Any movement and it bends all over the place. Thomas tried to use the petrol pump which is Velcroed onto the garage, but when you pull it off the whole garage bends.

The packaging states it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and It comes with pegs to hold the corners down. Maybe the garage would be more sturdy when used outdoors with the pegs, but unfortunately I don’t have a garden suitable for  testing that out.

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I think the reason its so unstable is the canopy roof, to accommodate the car wash. As there’s a large gap between the main part of the garage and then the outside wall for the cars to pass through, it just makes the structure too unsteady. Which is a pity as it’s a really good idea but it doesn’t work.

It comes with a small box which you place in a pocket on the main garage. When pressed you get the sound of a truck honking it’s horn, my littlest loved this. He loved it so much he got inside the pocket and stole the sound box, and has placed it in a hidey hole only he knows about.

It’s remarkably easy to tidy away. Just take out all of the poles and then twist the main body inside itself, it sounds more difficult than it is. Saying that, the picture on the box has a neat and tidy package being placed underneath the bed. I don’t believe that the poles are inside this package as well, however small it folds up it needs to go back in its box with the poles.

I was disappointed with this product as I had high hopes for them both loving it and playing all day long. Unfortunately it just didn’t live up to me expectations and neither of my sons seem interested in it.

Little People hit the big 50!

Seems to big a big month for childhood toys reaching the 5o milestone, after Barbie on 9th March the 21st the Fisher Price Little People brand celebrating reaching 50 years old.

To celebrate this milestone, Fisher Price are updating their iconic Play family farm and School house.

The Little People 50th birthday Play ‘N’ Go farm and 50th birthday Play ‘N’ Go School will bring all those childhood memories flooding back. Both housed in a collectible take along tin they even have replicas of the original figures and accessories.

The school house also comes complete with what was for me as a little girl the best part, the magnetic chalk board roof.

As soon as I saw the School house in a toy shop this morning, I was telling my son’s “mummy had that, mummy had that” but they didn’t seem to interested in my childhood reminiscing. Hopefully my enthusiasm for the product will rub off on them when we play it together.

Although not complete replicas of the originals, they capture the spirit and feel of the toys perfectly. You and child can enjoy some good old toy nostalgia together and you can have a fun time reliving your childhood.

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