Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar

My little boy fell in love with this guitar when we saw it in the toyshop, and I knew I just had to buy it for Christmas. He just loves all musical instruments especially guitars and drum’s, and I didn’t really want to buy him a drum kit (he makes enough noise already!)

He plays with his brothers Wiggles guitar that he had for Christmas a few years ago, but it has it’s limitations. For one it doesn’t have much interactivity only a few buttons to press, and it also only plays 4 songs over and over. No matter how much he likes the Wiggles and I don’t mind them either in small doses, after listening to it for three years it starts to grate a little shall we say. So when we saw the  Little Tikes Pop Tunes Guitar I decided to get it, because I was impressed by the tunes it played and also that you can strum actual strings.

Instead of playing the usual childrens classics like Jingle bells, Twinkle Twinkle, or Ode to Joy, it plays songs that the parents wont actually mind listening too.

It plays: Message in a bottle by The Police

Crazy Little Thing called Love by Queen

Wild Thing by the Troggs

Love Shack by the B-52’s

All Star by Smashmouth

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When I saw the list I was impressed by the songs and how similar they actually sound to the real thing, it really sounds accurate for a kids toy. I was probably most surprised by seeing the Smashmouth song on there, but then realised that most kids would probably recognise that song more than the others as it’s on the Shrek soundtrack.

The strings are secured on tight and I think that they will withstand some punishment from the kids, they are not as flimsy as some other toys. They allow your child to strum along with the song adding their own unique touches, and also strum without the background music just making their own songs up.

The Big Rocker Guitar is part of the wider Little Tikes Pop Tunes range, which includes the Big Rocker Drum and also Big Rocker Keyboard. Little Tikes also have a Lil Rocker Pop Tunes Guitar which is aimed at 6 – 18 month year olds.

I’m very pleased with my purchase and can’t wait to see Jacob playing with it on Christmas day! I actually like it so much that I’ve included it on the Toybuzz list of Top Ten Christmas Toys 2009.

Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2009

Here are my picks for the top 10 toys that children everywhere will be wishing to find under the  Xmas tree in 2009.

Transformers Devestator

With six Transformers combining together to make this huge villain from the movie “Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen” .The Supreme Combiner Constructicon Devastator, to give it it’s full name is quite a beast of a present.

This Amazingly big boy’s toy would look mightily impressive sitting under the Christmas Tree.

Peppa Pig – Princess Peppa’s Royal Palace

Having no girls Peppa Pig doesn’t play a big role in my life. However judging from the reactions of friends little ones and girls at the local toddler group all dressed in their Peppa Pig T-shirts, she is big business.

This Beautiful palace playset folds out to reveal 7 rooms, ranging from kitchen, royal bedroom and even banqueting hall.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Dancer

Every one’s Favourite cartoon mouse is here, and he’s singing his signature “Hot Dog song”. Pre-schoolers are sure to squeal in delight, as Mickey dances the Hot Dog dance and tells a couple of jokes along the way.

Hot Diggety dog!

Rocky the Interactive Robot Dump Truck

This wise-cracking Italian stallion of a dump truck, will be just the thing for those budding Bob the Builders and Handy Manny’s.

With it’s vast array of cool moves and even cooler sayings, he’s bound to be a big Christmas hit!

Vtech Kiddizoom Pro Multimedia Camera

This new improved version of the Kiddizoom, comes with a 2 megapixel camera, 5 games and an inbuilt MP3 player.

Edit your photos on the viewfinder by adding fun effects and borders.

A fun and practical present for budding David Bailey’s.

Handy Manny  Transforming 2 in 1 Tool Truck

This has to be the number one gift for Handy Manny fans this Christmas.

Have fun playing with Handy Manny’s red truck, and then unfold to reveal his workshop.

With five engine parts and even more household objects needing mending, there will always be something for your little one to fix.

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robot

The NXT 2.o is the new upgraded version of the massive hit Lego Mindstorms NXT.

As boy’s get older they can get harder to buy for. This is a brilliant present for a teenage boy, guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing and not just get discarded by boxing day. What boy (and dad) wouldn’t want to make there own robot!

You don’t have to be Steven Hawkings to build one either. It comes with instructions on how to build 4 different robots, the first of which can be built in only 30 minutes.

Barbie and The Three Musketeers Kitten Miette

This adorable little Kitten is from the new “Barbie and the Three Musketeers” Movie. She comes with a CD featuring music and stories from the film.

She also sings and dances along when you play the DVD of the film. The more you play and interact with Miette, the more she will play along with you.

Sylvanian Families Caravan and the Family Car

A great addition to your Sylvanian Families Collection, I only wish my mother hadn’t chucked out all of my original ones when I moved out.

This set comes with over 25 accessories such as 2 car seats for the little baby bunny’s, and a lovely picnic hamper which you can store in the boot of the car just like real life.

This set has everything you need for your Sylvanian Family friends to get a well deserved holiday.

Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar

Get your little popstar prepared for a life of X Factor auditions when their older, with the Pop Tunes guitar. The real difference with this toy guitar is it plays kidified versions of some genuinely classic songs, no row row your boat or Twinkle, Twinkle on this guitar.

Get ready to introduce your youngster to Queen and the Police, with this fun toy that even big rockers will enjoy.

And that ladies and Gentleman is the Toybuzz list of the top 10 toys for Christmas 2009. Happy shopping Santa!

Little Tikes Fun Factory Easi-Store Play Table

Summers nearly here and the weathers changed for the better. It’s a great time for getting outside and playing in the sun. 

Kids are gonna love this sand and water table from Little Tikes, it’s guaranteed to keep the little ones busy in the garden for hours.

It’s got plenty of cogs, gears and funnels for your kids to pour water into, all children love pouring water into stuff it’s in their gene’s.

Comes with a few added extras too like a water scoop, rake, shovel and boat. A really nice extra is the small car ramp which runs down from the sand pit to the ground. 


You can be rest assured that your kids wont catch sunburn either, thanks to the sun shade canopy.

The drop down lid covers the set ready for tomorrow’s play. Keeping it safe from pets and rain. 

Toys R Us currently have the Fun Factory on sale reduced by £20.00 at £49.99 . This is a great summer garden toy and a great offer price too.

Go grab yourself a cool summer bargain!